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I am starting the second phase of my dual manual organ project based on the GSI Gemini module. The first board is already started up (based on NG) which is used for scanning of 2 manuals and sending the info to midi info to channels 1-4 depending on the input bits connected to DIO port.

Now I will design and build the second PCB based on the St32F4 develop.kit. I will connect button and led groups to the board via DIOMATRIX and Pots via AINSER64 boards. The board will control the first module via DIO port(Midi mapping, BiM, Octave -2 to +2).

It should store 256 bank/presets. After selection of bank/preset the board will adjust the stored DIO bits and send Midi CC and PCH information based on the stored values/or actual status of the Buttons/pots. The Banks/presets should be stored on the SD card.

The button and pot functions are explained in the enclosed excel file.

My 1st question is: can I use NG, SEQ.....for programming of the explained functions or it is better to program it directly in Midibox?

Thank you in advance!




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