[FS] MBSeq4 kit - incl. Heindrich case (price drop)

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I've had this hoarded as a back up in case my seq went down. Now I want a V4+, so here's a good time for you to get an entire kit to build a seq V4....


MBSeq4 CS PCB + SmashTV full parts kit (PM me for exact contents)
Beast panel (with minor defect, hence cheaper PM for details)
Plastic LCD windows x 2 (super handy)
Heindrich case (rare as hen's teeth ;))

Not willing to separate I'm afraid.

Asking price = 400 euros  price reduction to 325 Euros, buyer pays shipping.

Also available:

OPL3 and 2x DAC chip set 15 euro
MBCV 1 from sonicwarrior 10 euro

PIC Burner + cable - 15 euro

I'm located in Prague, the Czech Republic. Prefer bank transfer, but can do Paypal if you pay fees. IM me if you're interested in anything.

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Price drop

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Adding some photos. As you can see, PCB is still in airtight shrink wrap, all kit components in sealed bags (packed by smashtv himself!!), Heindrich case sealed in plastic, LCD windows in nice tissue paper and unscratched! So everything is basically as new and ready to build, just add LCDs and your CORE and MIDI PCBs and you have a complete unit :)




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Bump for the price drop to 325 Euros, that's a bargain!

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