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Config File - Assigning F1~F4 b uttons

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I would like to have the F1~ F4 buttons jump me to the Events, Direction, Divider & Length screens (directly with just a single button press, instead of pressing MENU + GP buttons)

I edited the HWConfig file (see BOLDFACED below), saved and restarted, but the F buttons now do nothing.  Is it possible to do what I want?  If so what am I doing wrong?

thanks for any help, Andrew

# Following button functions are usually assigned to Fx

# buttons, or to dedicated (labeled) buttons

# In Wilba's frontpanel layout:

# F1 is located at SR M3 Pin 3

# F2 is located at SR M2 Pin 2

# F3 is located at SR M2 Pin 3
# F4 is located at SR M1 Pin 2

# and there are dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste/Clear/Utility/StepView

#                    SR  Pin

EVENTS              M3   3

DIRECTION           M2   2

DIVIDER             M2   3

LENGTH              M1   2


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Hi Andrew,

these button assignments don't exist, you should get an error message while the file is read (btw.: no need to reset the device, the file will be parsed automatically after upload).

You could assign F1..F4 to BUTTON_DIRECT_BOOKMARK1 .. 4 instead.
Please do this assignment at the prepared placeholders (which are assigned to 0 0 by default), otherwise they could overwrite your change.

Once done, edit the MBSEQ_BM.V4 file: set for

Slot1: +Page EVENTS
Slot2: +Page DIRECTION
Slot3: +Page DIVIDER
Slot4: +Page LENGTH

In these slots, also change the remaining "+" parameters to "-" (so that the values won't be taken over when you are pressing a bookmark button)

Best Regards, Thorsten.

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