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Roll with Incrementing or Decrementing Step Distance

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Is it possible to make a roll with a decrementing or incrementing distance between steps? It appears you can do it with Midi Echo, but I'd like something that I can use just for specific steps, with different settings per roll. 

Midi echo method that I think does this: " Ticks: defines the gradual change of the delay between each repeat between 0..200% " I would like the distance between steps to be able to grow or shrink with each repeat of the roll. It could be represented with a negative or positive percentage increase per repeat. It might work to use the Roll2 notation, e.g. 2x48+5 or 2x48-2, the + and - numbers at the end showing the increment / decrement

This is a feature I've always wanted in a sequencer, and they never seem to be able to do it. The usual way I accomplish it, I can only do with samples, by reducing or increasing the length of the loop on an envelope. I'd love to be able to do it with rolls to use with a drum synth. 

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