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[FS] Midibox Seq 4 Modded

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Hi, I am selling my Midibox Seq 4.

Documentation and pictures here. (The yellow, green and blue buttons are now all black) 

Unlike the usual Seq 4 Model, this one doesn´t have the side panel, but it has 4 additional buttons on each side of the big data wheel. Also instead of step leds it has red and green illuminated encoder (green = activated, red = current step). The casing is a self-made wooden case, here is how it was made.

It is usb-powered and works very well.

I´m asking 450,00 € for this unit, plus suitable shipment to wherever it has to be sent. 


issues with the unit:

The 15th encoder only lights up in green, the red led inside seems to be broken. But this encoder is available at many electronic stores (e.g. here)

4 Midiconnectors as well as an on/off switch are built in, but are not working. The wiring for those has to be redone, if needed  (I didn´t :-) ).


Please pm me for any questions.

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Ok, so far nothing happened here. I will lower the price to 300,00 € plus shipment. Alternative offers are always welcome.

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