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Questions about using STM32F4 for v1.4


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Hi all, 

After having previously built an MB-6582, I thought I'd have a go at building a midibox FM.

Following TK's build guide on ucapps, I've built the OPL3, DIN, DOUT, and CORE modules using PCBs ordered from Modular Addict. For the core, I thought it would be fine to use the newer STM32F4 module because it is mentioned as a more modern alternative to the PIC-based one. However, only after finding out more about it (my mistake), I'm now unsure if that was the right choice. I don't want to try to replicate Sauraen's 2.1 version because it looks far too ambitious for me and I need to rely on something fairly well documented and straightforward. My coding skills are very basic, and I just want to use the control surface of TK's 1.4 version. 

Is it possible to build the 1.4 version using the STM32F4 without writing or changing a lot of code myself? Or would I be better off using an LPC17 or a PIC-based core instead? I already have some spare PIC18F4685s, but I suppose if I use an LPC17 then I won't have to add a midi IO module later. Is that correct?

I appreciate any advice. :-)


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Hi Theo,

The classic MIDIbox FM 1.x is only available for the older 8bit core and written in pure PIC assembly and thus not super easily portable to the new STM32F4s. @Sauraen did a great job of porting, but his version is the only one known to work on modern cores. In short: you need an old core, sorry! :)

Many greets,

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Hi Peter,

Thanks for the clarification! Yes, Sauraen's project looks amazing, but unfortunately well beyond my current skills. Would it be fine then to use one of the PIC18F4685 chips that I have left over from my MB-SID build? I suppose I could save the STM32F4 module for a different project, or sell it for that matter. No big deal. 



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