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SammichSID 24LC512 store one bank each?


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I am troubleshooting an issue on my sammichSID; basically I see that all the 24LC512 memory chips are installed; there are 5 of them.

When using the SS, I can see bank A, B, C and D, but E, F and G give me the "no bank" message on display. I am curious how does the memory on the SS works, with these chips.

Is each chip hosting a bank? In which case I should see banks A through E; but the last bank seems to be D. Do I have to initialize again the chips, or maybe some went bad? Thanks

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Check this out, specifically:

  • Five “BankStick” slots, so you can store 4 banks of 128 patches, plus 128 “Ensembles” (engine and patch configurations)
So what you're seeing is correct - A through D are normal banks and G is the ensemble bank (and yep each chip equates to one bank). I can confirm this is how it's working on my sammichSID as well.
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