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Threshold calibration for Ainser64 module


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Hi Here,

I have an instrument to midify, and no way to use switch for imputs since I have analog sensors.

By the way, this is a question of wiring and I don't need to have velocity changing according on the analog value of the sensor. By the way, If i could have a theshold  to set from which value the note start to be considered On in combinaison of ainser64 module, could be a really good thing because my sensors are optical and need to me indovidually calibrated !
At the moment I was just wondering if it's possible to do that with the ainser64 module or not.


Best Regards,


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AINSER modules have pinrange option which is basically used to add dead band at start and end of a pot. It can be considered as a threshold if you set value high.

MAP definitions can also be used to achieve threshold functions.

There is sensor mode too, but not used to it, so you have to look by yourself




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I'd like to join in here!

I'm still looking for a way to midify an instrument using MIDIbox. May I ask you which sensors do you use @zaordsword? And is there a way to include a velocity calculation using AINSER64? It's quite easy to set a Note-On Trigger using MAPs. But the electronic would need a second "point" to calculate the resulting velocity. Any ideas?

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