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ModularAddict is off for a while, anywhere else to source the pcbs for the time being?

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hi, was just into placing an order for the seq V4 pcbs but the modularAddict site is of no help at the moment, was wondering if there are any other sources for this boards, or whether there are any gerber files around. the nearest i came in today*s search is this guy*s development of the project (http://ksir-diy.blogspot.com/2016/07/seq-v4.html), was wondering if anyone here is willing to share some more light as i am pretty sure there are others with same issues as mine these days. Yes, i would prefer the Wilba frontpanel as i got a bit familiar with it while caressing a friends* midibox; Thank you

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@unnu_ if we can't convince you to get a new SEQ v4+ :), maybe you'd be interested in my second SEQ v4? It may need a bit of TLC, as far as i know, i.e. two buttons are not working properly, as i glued the switchcaps on for stability and might have gotten a bit of glue into two switches, disabling them, but i should have switch spares, which i would add. It comes in a very flat form factor with two yellow OLEDs and in a self-designed case, with a 16x8 duo color TPD section, but now without batteries. I think it can be properly USB powered.

If you are looking for an assembled Wilba control surface PCB and a core and maybe a few spares like a TPD module, it might be an option? I'd sell it for purchase parts costs (300€? Original costs were, i think 120€ acrylic (from Formulor) + case , 60€ OLEDs, 40€ Core, 70€ Control Surface PCB + Parts, 20€ TPD PCB + parts) + worldwide shipping (for rates, see midiphy.com). I should have another MIDI I/O extender PCB from SmashTV, i'd throw that in too, then you could have 4 MIDI INs and 4 MIDI OUTs, but would slightly need to mod the case (i.e. add them on the left side) for it.

If you don't want it, no problem! I would offer it in the marketplace at some point in time :). It's sad, if it just sits around and does not get used :).

Many greets,

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On 8/18/2020 at 3:07 PM, jemtone31 said:

Hi...I'm am also in need of the STM32F4 CORE board and am upset modular addict is down. Located in states I am...anyone know where or how to acquire???  Thanx Danka,


+1 Looking to get a couple of modules too, but hope those guys are OK and only on holiday :happy:.  The brd files for the newer stuff aren't available but at least the older ones are if it comes to that.

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On 9/15/2020 at 0:38 PM, JohnnieBee said:

Just noticed that the MA website - with a new shiny look - is back up. Appears that everything MIDIbox is in stock. Happy building!

Ahhhhh.... Now I can finally satisfy my solder fume addiction with some new MB6582 PCBs :-)


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