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CV1 - ControlVoltage-ENV, LFO, MSQ and Sampler


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Since i have a couple of LPC17 here around... and there is a project where i only need one CV... i thougt making a small little box, with custom code...

well lets try...


I saw on the LPC17 shematic:

J5A-DAC.thumb.png.fb682c1ef84e3c605486cfefff8328a9.pngThat on J5A - A3   a  DAC   is aviable @ I assume 0-3.3V?

for CV I need  a  level shifter to get 0-5V  (Analog) >>> I assume OP-AMP will do the job

I will use some pins from the DIO-MATRIX as GATES, so i need no Logical Level-Shift -  (0V and 5V)






Most of UI  and the GATES is done by DIO-Matrix:





Features (very minimalistic)

a ADR and a midiclock-synced-LFO   mixed  to one CV-Output,

5 Real Encoders (4 Menue Encoders, 1 Menue-Encoder  to cycle thru the Pages)

4 Virtuel Encoders on 4 Menu-Pages (= 16 V-Encoders),

4 LEDs to indicate Menue-pages,

4 Encoders / 2 Displays   SHOW ing / DO ing:

Page 0:

0.A / 10 Switch = curve type
1.D / 11 Switch = curve type

2.R / 12 Switch = curve type
3.+-/ 13 Switch = long/short time

Display 1: Scope: ADR - Curve
Display 2: Scope: Mixed real CV  ADR+LFO

Page 1:

0.Rate / 10 Switch = ...
1.Wave / 11 Switch = ...

2.x/4 / 12 Switch = ...
3.+-  / 13 Switch = ...

Display 1: Scope: LFO - Curve
Display 2: Scope: Mixed real CV  ADR+LFO


0.LENGTH / 10 Switch = Activate Motionsequencer
1. / 11 Switch = 

2.x/4 / 12 Switch = 
3.BPM / 13 Switch = Activate internal MidiClock

Display 1: MSQ-Length-Progress Bar  +   Length in Steps
Display 2: Tact System   BPM   and  MasterLoop Progress-Bar

Page 3:

0.Load Preset Nr / 10 Switch = DO
1.Save Preset Nr / 11 Switch = DO

2.Letter         / 12 Switch = Small-Big-Letter
3.Cursor-Position/ 13 Switch = clear Name

Display 1: Preset NR
Display 2: Preset Name


Page 4:

0.set  MidiCH / 10 Switch = single Channel/all Channels
1.set  CV-Trigger-Note / 11 Switch = single note/all notes (automatic assigned to Gate 1)

2.set  Gate2-Trigger-Note / 12 Switch = single note/all notes
3.set  Gate3-Trigger-Note / 13 Switch = single note/all notes

Display 1: Midi Monitor - showing Notes-Nr. and MidiChannel     
Display 2: Midi Monitor - showing Notes-Nr. and MidiChannel

Panel-Layout  -  and in real world:











the case is also "very" diy ;)  see the thru Welt-point...




@ the moment waiting for M1.6 Screws (a wire holds the displays at the moment)... searching for Level-Shifters....



before compiling the first code i have to set my environment variables from STM32F4:



to LPC1769 (linux... sudo nemo.... etc/environment... restart linux... have fun doing coding....)



(the SSD1306 is a "universal")

since there was already a mios application in the FLASH, i uplodadet with MiosStudio the actual Bootloader

In Mios-Studio - there is the Terminal - where i typed help, and set following:



and i noticed that   i mounted my G-LCDs 180° wrong...  so i choose the ROTATED VARIANT, now its all right... these are all commands:

set usb_name CV
set lcd_type GLCD_SSD1306_ROTATED
set lcd_num_x 2
et lcd_num_y 1
set lcd_width 128
set lcd_height 64

how ever, num xy and width height will be later overwritten in the app itself....:

    #define APP_LCD_NUM_Y 1
    #define APP_LCD_NUM_X 2
    #define APP_LCD_WIDTH 128
    #define APP_LCD_HEIGHT 64
    #define APP_LCD_LINE_OFFSET 0
    #define APP_LCD_COLOUR_DEPTH 1


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currently working on a eurorack version - with DIPCORE as a brain...  will be modular in a midibox of way ;)



plan is to use for every filter, or amp or efx or mixer.... to use one off this "motherboards", to do basic stuff like "lfo, env1 env2, motionsequencer, cv mixing" - and then for every filter or whatever to make a decided "beside panel" ( cv-matrix, or simple encoders with displays to show and save the values --- memory modular...)



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  • Phatline changed the title to CV1 - ControlVoltage-ENV, LFO, MSQ and Sampler
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yes i too like the look... bright 7layer Multiplex "Birke" - Adam hall Rack parts...

the 2x 4A/15V Trafo is enough - there will be a second   Rectifyer/Voltage-Reg   for the the Top-Part of the bag.

this is the Desktop part of the "Box/Bag..." which handles all performance Tasks (BLM, Loopa, Faders - all the control-Midibox things) --- so the 5V draw is heavy... and +-12V is almost not existent...

the Standing/behind part of the Box, will be the analog-wire-intensiv part > signal... which will draw almost nothing of the 5V, but +-12 heavy...

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Just wanted to chime in with Hawkeye here. This looks like a really useful module! Of course as we all know - the risk with eurorack is modulitis - just need to add another O&C for utility functions, the new shine module from Mutable or 4ms or Make Noise or what have you...


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i am far away from modulitis ;) --- almost no money, no modules except the one i create on my own... or the use of seppomans midibox ssm modules.


CV1 for me is a "memory-modular", where not the the cables are memorized - but the Values of the VCAs/potentiometers, I play mostley with other Musicans (guitarists, bassists, conga-player....) and they play songs - short songs... the 3 minutes the songs takes - takes me to set all potentiometers to the right position... and so on.

in order for that i want to create modules which paremeters, are all cv, controllable, and, which i can interrconnect with a CV-Module with a ribbon cable on the  back..... (a analog cymbal, has several mixers, bpf, and vca stages, and a tunable osc for example, for me this is a unit which i want to control with the CV1.) so the cable salat is reduced. a 2xAIN is providet by CV1 which i can route internal to the DACs. (which makes it a "bit" less analog...).

i also thought about use a master CV1 Remote which controll UI-Less receivers (except of a focus button...) - which itself get a color when the get remoted (a rgb led on the receiver and sender) - for example haveing only one Joystick but 10x CV1s... or only one Envelope follower but 10 CV1s... (transfair via Pitchbend or sysex...)


how ever for me the main point is to create save and recall songs and sounds... --- and not to have built a case for each device - a frontpanel is enough - and that is the biggest Plus. for me building a complete case was always a time consuming or never started project. example: Triggermatrix.thumb.jpg.fe03dc6f824ef246f4cde5b6a1afb051.jpg


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