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MBNG Newbie trouble!


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Hi everyone!

This is my first post and my first MB project, so I will begin with introducing myself and my project then I will get into my probably simple questions. I was looking for a control surface to use in my home studio that would work with Pro Tools and found that the Avid S3 sells for about $5,000 (USD)! After I stopped laughing/crying, (like always) I looked into DIY options. First I thought of the Arduino solution, but I am awful with programming (no patience for it). I then found midibox and it seemed like the perfect fit! I am experienced with soldering and electronics (from back in the analog days), so I ordered components (Mouser) and PCBs (Modular Addict) and constructed the enclosure.

So, long story even longer, here is my goals for the control surface (very simple and basic):

  • 9 channels (probably will expand in the future)
  • Each channel will have:
    • 1 fader (non-motorized for now)
    • 3 buttons (select, record, solo)
    • 3 LEDs (one for each button to indicate toggle state)
    • 1 rotary encoder (not sure for what yet)
  • VU meter for each channel via OLED modules
  • 2 LCD displays (2x40)

Keeping very simple for my first build, but I am sure that once this is done, I am going to find quite a few more functions that I want to add.

Here is the hardware that I am using:

  • 1-STM32F4 core
  • 1-AINSER64
  • 2-DINx4
  • 1-DOUTx4

It is also based on the MBNG project by TK.

So, now that that is out of the way, I have been having some trouble that I am sure it is just me making things harder than they are. I uploaded the MBNG files to the core. I have studied the user manual and wiki very intensively for the past few weeks, but I am not having any luck with any function that I try to program! I started with the "First Steps" section of the user manual (skipped the LCD "hello world" because I don't have my LCDs yet). I put in the code exactly as it is stated, but my button on D0 doesn't send any MIDI message (according to MIOS Studio). Here is the code that I put into "Hello.ngc":


LCD "%CHello World!"

EVENT_BUTTON id=1  type=NoteOn key=36

I have also tried to get the LED on the DOUT pin D7 to come on when the button next to it is pushed with this:

EVENT_BUTTON id=1  fwd_id=LED:1  type=NoteOn key=36 range=0:127  button_mode=Toggle

Once again no light and no MIDI event in MIOS Studio.

I know that I am probably missing something very basic and I apologize if this question has already been answered a million times, but every thing that I found so far on the forum or wiki has not seemed to make any difference.

Also wanted to add that since I am new to forums in general (I'm an old timer), I am sure that I am missing some pertinent information that you guys need to see what is going on, so please let me know and I will do my best to help you help me!

Thank you for all your help!


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Obviously you have access to the core and NG files, so the first step seem fine.

What say the debug mode ?

edit: I just read again your post... you say your .NGC is called "Hello"

without specific "load" command (you'll see later) MBNG at start-up ONLY load config files called DEFAULT.NGC and DEFAULT.NGR

just rename your .NGC




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Thanks for the reply, Zam! I tried renaming the .ngc like you suggested, but no luck. Sorry for my ignorance, but how do I get to debug mode? I tried typing "set debug mode on" and it seemed to work, but without a LCD, where do I see it? Once again, I am very new to programming so I'm sorry for asking such basic questions! I really appreciate the help!

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