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backwards parts.


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Hello I know it an old topic but I am new to this. I just put together my first module and started with the IIC module for my MBSEQ 3.2  All is good but I had a question about the capasitors direction. I am using the smash tv board first edition. In the diagram on smashtv there is one 15 pf cap facing one way and right next to it is another 15 pf cap facing the other way. Right below that there is a 100 nf cap that I am not sure which way it should go. The one that is directly to the right of the crystal. How can I determine which way a cap goes everytime? Also about the leds on the IIC board can they go in either way. I remember reading a post about which part of the led is positive and which is negative but I can't seem to find it now. I attached a gif of which ones I am talking about.



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