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Midifying a Baldwin 635 - success!


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Just as the title says.  I have been working on this project since 2013, as my time, skills and finances would allow.

Things have been screwed down in place (today!) and hopefully I won't have to touch the electronics now for a long time.

Just a quick overview of what was done:  4x8 matrix on the pedalboard, 8x8 matrix for each manual, tab stops, thumb pistons and toe studs.  I added some extra buttons where the transposer used to be on a 2x8 matrix.  The indicator lamps were replaced by blue LEDS.  I used the LPC17 core with 3 DIN and 3 DOUT  boards.  Now that I have finished one organ, part of me wants to start another...

So now I have a very practical instrument, which sees daily use as my practice instrument.  Many thanks to all who created and then shared the midibox project.

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