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4x8 Illuminated button PCB


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I've designed this PCB in KiCAD to hold 4x8 Omron B3W-9000 illuminated switches, as well as integrated DINX4 and DOUTX4.

Price vary quite a bit depending on the distributor, but in the EU I found them at ~2€ each here. The quality seems really quite good, and you can insert a printed transparent label to indicate function.


I've used completely separate lines for SI/SO, SC1/SC2 and RC1/RC2 as I understand this is the recommend way to reliably chain modules together in series, in order to not to mess up the timings. Can someone more knowledgeable than me please confirm this, and point out any potential mistakes before I send the files for production ?

I'll put everything on github when I've built the pcb and confirmed everything works as intended.






883797059.png?v=101220.1017380262_1.jpg?width=640&height=480&wat=1&wat_url=_tme-wrk_%2Ftme_new.png&wat_scale=100p&ci_sign=f3bb0877208c76e4f4f3a8561062786e520d7a1cB3W-9000-G1G Omron Electronics Inc-EMC Div | SW1035-ND DigiKey Electronics


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