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Massive bump..

Could this be a job for midibox? I guess more info on the communication protocol would be in order eh?

I'd be interested... maybe Sasha would too with his Juno 60 refurb.

I've got a stupid amount of DCB connectors too, for anyone who is interested.



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Had a quick look at the specs... seems like a pair of unidirectional serial busses... If I were doing this, I'd be making the DCB-facing hardware a small PIC, and use it as IIC_MIDI, so the whole DCB thing would be transparent to the midibox core.

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Dear Midiboxer,

I tried to send "DCB string" (keycode 0xfe,data 0xa4 note on C2, 0xff end of the string) trough MIDI out in my JUNO60.

Like DCB protocole is 31250 hz communication ( same as MIDI BAUDrate ) i hoped that my Juno 60 played some note, but nothing happend.

I believe that the clock signal have to be send too, i'm right?

I reed this Wikipedia article about DCB protocole here

and i dont understand what's the "Busy Data"

Is there aénybody how could explain how interfacing DCB protocole with MIOS8 core

Thank you


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