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hi im from indonesia


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Hi aquira

You can buy all the parts online and probably locally, and if smash cannot ship there, you can download board layouts and have them etched (or DIY).

Being from Indo shouldn't be a problem, I order stuff that gets shipped from Hong Kong and Singapore and China, all the time, and you're closer than me :)

Hope that helps!

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hi, finally some one answer me,  :)

im actualy live in Bali,(known for its tourism), and the dj comunity here quite growing lately, i do live pa. though i use some controller, im not happy with it.

my DJ's friends, are not familiar with these things, i decided to do an effort in helping the comunity to keep the music grow.

any way, do you know where can i found all the components in china/singapore or maybe here in indonesia? links?

the hardest to find probably The Pics, IC's, encoders, mot.faders and lcd's


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Yeh I am :) I'm from Perth but live in Melbourne now. There's a few of us Aussies around here... I think I can safely say that we'd all rather be in Bali right now :)

For international readers, Bali is to Australia, as Ibiza is to the UK, and Cancun is to the USA... Mmmmm, beaches.

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yeah ;D, bali needs more aussie to keep the lights on after 12. where all you guys been??

ive been to melbourne, st yarra..about aweek

yah, bali is australia... 8)

so. how many boxes have u finished,

after reading3 i think i really2 need help from all you guys.

some of em way over my head.

but i really love these things. might need a few more weeks before start my own proj.

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Yeh I think Aussies got freaked by the bombings. It's pretty daft really.

I built an oldschool midibox+ and a couple of synths with a mate, started on a mb64 but lost it, and I've got 2 FM's, 2 8xSIDs (or maybe an 8x and a 16xSID with v2) a SEQv3 and my own project on the way...

I've been hanging around here on and off for a long time, and I work with computers, so it's becaming more natural for me, but nonetheless it can be pretty full on. If you read and read and read and read and read you'll get the hang of it :)

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if it can happen in usa, it can happen in the rest of the world,

i feel sory, and >:(


youve been allover the place, regarding midiboxes.

If you read and read and read and read and read you'll get the hang of it

i thought so :), i just sort things out now,

i just need some more info about burning IC's, IC's , and especialy PCB, here they have a really2 low quality board,i dont think i want to make it by myself

i've forgot how to make one,  ;D

it was in junior high school. ???

i think i just buy from smash tv

and save my hair ;D

do you make your own pcb's ?

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