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PIC 6voice retro chip

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Respect everybody herejavascript:void(0);

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Here i found some toy, theme PIC sound, but 25,- bucks inside US. Since time saw here some toying with sidsound? from Thorsten, please where is the topic.

Comments wilkommen, pom eastside PRAHA ???javascript:void(0);


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Since time saw here some toying with sidsound?

it's been mentioned a few times in the SpeakJet thread:


the voice sounds a lot poorer than the speakJet, but it's synth capabilites are somewhat better.

since the connection and the serial transmission mode is similar to the speakJet, it should be easily connectable and usable with an adapted IIC_SpeakJet_Module. However, as the commands are quite different from the SJ, one first has to port the kII speakJet driver application to the SoundGin command set.

I planned to do that somewhen (I already have a soundGin here), but I want to complete kII first (still got to do some stuff with the synth section); so it's definitely not something I would wait for ;D ...

but everyone's free to start porting the application :)



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