MB-6582 Base PCB Errors

By Wilba in MIDIbox User Projects,
I hate to create a topic like this, but it's the truth! People found errors on the PCB before I did because I have NO TIME to pick up the iron and solder the base PCB myself and find them first. Damn. 1. I failed to connect the B+ pin of the LCD port (J15) to +5v. Since it wasn't connected in the schematic, it didn't show up as a missing track in the layout.  >:(  This should just mean that the backlight doesn't light up, but I will have to validate this won't kill your LCD. You will have to connect the B+ pin (pin 9) to +5v (pin 12). 2. The C64 power socket works with my C64 PSU but not with some other peoples. See here: Bridging across those pins should solve the problem.
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