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There is no point.... other than people on trig with an will know who is a midiboxer. Just trying to get the word out. So are you on trig? Do you know what it is?

I did not create the trig group to compete with this forum. Just simply so midiboxers on trig can join... so try trig.com...  It´s better if there is a group so you can find other midiboxers.

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As always, please ensure that ownership of stuff with TK's name (midibox) is made available to him :)

Seeing as I have said this a few times recently, I should explain that a few years back, another community I was a part of had a member who basically stole the name. Not intentionally, but he passed ownership of a site like that to a friend, who took it to a different audience. Basically killed the community.

I think this community is too large, strong, and old, to have that kind of thing happen, but still, it's probably for the best.

I always wanted to photoshop the weet-bix box and make it say midi-bix or something :D

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