Sync Unit AU (plugin generates dinsync over audio)

By rvooh in Miscellaneous,
Everyone who has tried to synchronise old Roland dinsync gear with computers must have noticed you get a really sloppy synchronisation. It has driven me (and many others) crazy over the years. Even with the best software, midi hardware and dinsync converters, the results are 'sloppy' compared to hardware clock. Tests have shown it cannot work reliably, ever, with 10ms deviations measured. I've been researching pc to hardware syncronisation methods over the past few months and now I have released the first version of an Audio Unit plugin. For now you need a MOTU soundcard and a dinsync slave device, but other methods of syncronisation are being implemented. A diy electronics project is being developped and will hopefully be ready before the end of September. It will allow you to use any computer audio output and get dinsync from it, fully latency compensated by the DAW. Other sync options will be available as soon as I've written a gui for it. Think FSK tape sync (korg kms-30), pulsed tape sync (mpc electronics uk - sync track), 48pqnn korg dinsync, etc... you name it, it can probably be synced. If anyone would like to test, I uploaded Sync Unit AU version 0.5 yesterday. It doesn't have a gui and only does Roland din sync for now. Seems to work fine in Logic 8 and Ableton Live 8. Haven't tested with anything else yet. It's already very usable, and sounds very tight. ---------------------------------- Sync Unit AU 0.5 by rv0 Download it here ---------------------------------- Please read the release notes before causing damage. Future features will include shuffle modes. Windows VSTi and maybe RTAS should follow when the AU is finished. See attached image for a mockup of the GUI in development: I'm really curious about user experiences with this software.
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