Inexpensive solution for illuminated buttons

By TK. in Parts Archive,
What do you guys think about following inexpensive solution for a giant 16x16 Duo-LED Button matrix? :) I got this inspiration from the Flame Six-in-a-Row project, the creator Per Salzwedel was very helpful and gave me the construction details. Self-adhesive "3M elastic buffers" (rubber feets) are used as button caps. Costs: ca. 0.06 EUR pp. if we organize a bulk order. Buttons are "TASTER 3301", available at Reichelt for 0.11 EUR pp. Single-color LEDs are "SLK 5MM RT", available at Reichelt for 0.07 EUR pp. For Duo-color (red/green) "LED 5 RG-3" could be used (0.15 EUR pp.), but this one has only a diffuse cap. Does anybody know where to get them with transparent cap? In addition - and this is the trick! - some kind of transparent silicon mat (german: "transluzente Silikonplatte") is required (2x240x500 mm for ca. 7 EUR) to give a perfect tactile feel like if the button would be directly under the cap. So, estimated costs (w/o PCBs and Case/Frontpanel) for a 4x16 BLM: ca. 20 EUR, 8x16 BLM: 40 EUR, 16x16 BLM: 80 EUR Best Regards, Thorsten.
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