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  1. I added some enhancements into the firmware to support RGB LED Ring Patterns: Usage example can be found here: Best Regards, Thorsten.  
  2. Unexpected label behaviour

    Problem was, that earlier versions didn't support labels with more than 40 characters, and the corresponding error message caused the crash. The error message is working now, and I've increased the max label size to 128 characters: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  3. Unexpected encoder behaviour

    This issue should now be fixed in Best Regards, Thorsten.
  4. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    Unfortunately I can't check this so easily, because I would have to unmount the frontpanel PCB - but I don't think that such a typo would indicate a bootleg. The PCB color looks identical to the original one. Best Regards, Thorsten.  
  5. Unexpected label behaviour

    This should work... will check this tomorrow. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  6. Unexpected encoder behaviour

    It's related to the NRPN optimization which only sends out 99/98 when necessary - the SysEx stream based NRPNs bypasses it, therefore the problem. I will think about a solution which can handle this configuration properly... Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @lukas412 I remember that I got increased noise when the module is supplied from MBSEQ, therefore I jumpered it so that it's supplied from the 4ms pod PSU Best Regards, Thorsten.
  8. Change Main Encoder Function

    Hi Pavel, yes, this should be possible. In you've to define a new CS_MENU_BUTTON function, and program what you need. It has to be registered as a DIN_ENTRY in your setup_*.asm file Best Regards, Thorsten. 
  9. I got some PCBs - hurray! :-) And while testing them, I found a bug in the WS2812 driver, which falsified the colours, and also influenced the colours of other LEDs - a very stupid one! Here an updated version: Best Regards, Thorsten.
  10. WS2812 driver problem

    Found the bug - fixed! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  11. Save and recall sysex strings

    Here the example: NGC: NGR: Since in the NGR script the new "range" feature is used, you've to try it with the latest MBNG version Best Regards, Thorsten.
  12. Save and recall sysex strings

    I think that this could be somehow solved by using ^dump in combination with sysex_pos for individual dummy events which collect the characters - the characters then have to be print out conditionally, e.g. based on another dummy event which stores the selected channel. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  13. Save and recall sysex strings

    Hi Chris, you could just define multiple EVENT_RECEIVERs, listening to incoming SysEx, matching on certain bytes which indicate which channel is addressed, and then store the value into ^val E.g.: EVENT_RECEIVER id= 1 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x11 0x22 0x33 0x00 ^val" EVENT_RECEIVER id= 2 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x11 0x22 0x33 0x01 ^val" EVENT_RECEIVER id= 3 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x11 0x22 0x33 0x02 ^val" EVENT_RECEIVER id= 4 type=SysEx stream="0xf0 0x11 0x22 0x33 0x03 ^val" In a NGR script you can access the received values with (id)RECEIVER:1 ... (id)RECEIVER:4 Which means for your NGR script: if you switch to another channel, just take the corresponding value from the receiver and display it. Best Regards, Thorsten.
  14. There is a trick which might help here: a SysEx stream can also send "common" events, which means: we can just put all CCs into a single String. Example: EVENT_ENC id=1 hw_id=1 label="@(2:1:1)Attk " enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F if_equal=0x01 type=SysEx stream="0xbb 99 0 98 23 96 1" EVENT_ENC id=1 hw_id=1 label="@(2:1:1)Attk " enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F if_equal=0x7f type=SysEx stream="0xbb 99 0 98 23 97 127" Best Regards, Thorsten.
  15. An example setup for this use case can be found here: # send CC#96 if value is incremented EVENT_ENC id=2000 hw_id=2000 enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F if_equal=0x01 type=CC cc=96 lcd_pos=1:1:2 label="Enc INC" # send CC#97 if value is decremented EVENT_ENC id=2001 hw_id=2000 enc_mode=Inc01_Dec7F if_equal=0x7f type=CC cc=97 lcd_pos=1:1:2 label="Enc DEC" Best Regards, Thorsten.