Twinnie's Garage Sale!!

By Twin-X in Fleamarket,
So i am out of money actually But the true reason for the selling is i cannot manage myself to finish stuff. So im going to sell a lot of stuff. The money is needed becuase i broke up with the girl after 12 years of happines. And now she left with all the money. (i got the house actually ;) ) Anyway since i am single it seems i have less spare time. However some projects are lying here collecting dust for more then 8 years. So that is no excuse. I need to clean up and i need to do it fast :) So watch this topic as more stuff will be added. 1 rule though!!! You get no support from me. So you buy it as is!! You need to fix build or trouble shoot the stuff yourself. I really have no time for it! First item. A fully build TR-9090 some drums make a normal sound but some don't so it needs fixing trouble shooting. The transistors etc are the original tr-909 parts and not the ones from the partlist. You get a bag of spare transitors diodes etc to fix things. Selling price €350,- + Shipping SOLD 2nd Item. A ML-303 V5 99% Built fully working but needs to be redone with pots and cabling. Also the AT distortion needs to be build in nicely. Also original BA-662 and transistors were used in this machine. Selling price €250,- + Shipping SOLD 3rd Item. A ML-303 V6 96% built. I got the TB sound out of it and the drum sound. However something is terribly wrong with the sequncer part i cannot get it to work becuase i am stupid. This needs a specialist to fix it. I can hook you up to the acidcode forum. You will get all schem's and docs that go with this. original BA-662 and transistors installed. Will add an ac adapter. Selling Pirce €300,- + shipping. 4th Item 1176LN Peak limiter pcb's (picture of casing commin up really nice silkscreened casing) and VU meters. To be build. per set (i got 2 sets.) Price per set €100,- + Shipping SOLD 5th Item Forsell Optical Compressor Limiter with Discrete amp packs 2 Sets available. Price per set €60,- + Shipping (sorry but the amp sets are expensive) 6th item gm 5x5x5 pcb's 7th item Ultra Core 8th item 4x8580 Sid Chips SOLD 9th item 1x6581 Sid Chip SOLD 10th item GSSL4000 compressor half built (main board almost done) with 19" engraved enclosure and big ass meter and sidechain pcb. €175 + shipping RESERVED More items to come!
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