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    Retiring at 40 (I wish)

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  1. Beste Twin-X,

    Weet u wat er met RS7000.org is gebeurd? Is er nog ergens een kopie van het forum/server om eventueel nieuw leven in te blazen?



  2. Iedereen bedankt voor de felicitaties. Volgend jaar 40 dan maar ff feessie bouwen toch :)

    1. EsotericLabs


      Hiep hiep hoera. Midibox begint na de 40!

    2. technobreath


      At least then the kids start to get a bit older, and you can kick them out of the baby room and have some friggin space for working with it :P. Contrats Twin-X!

  3. I have no clue what you are talking about as you do not provide an example. And i do not know how to interpertate your post as it does not looks like constructive feedback but more like a complaint that you do not agree with this update. I could be wrong thinking this so could you please be so kind to elaborate?
  4. Everyone a happy new year!!!!

    1. technobreath


      merry christmas comes first.

  5. Sta je dan! Bij de Esso midden op de A7. Tank leeg en portomonee laten liggen op je bureau :( #kansloosfiguurdiejef

    1. Antix


      some days you have to stay in your bed or ...leave your office later

  6. Hehe ik mag eindelijk naar bed van mijn werkgever :P

    1. Shuriken


      Lol, that facebook integration works great. But i guess you will have to post in english now ;)

      Slaap lekker

  7. Facebook integration works now!! Go to your profile and link it to your FB account for easy login.

  8. I agree. And Doug, If you have issues bringing the forum back why don't you have me take a look at it? Greetz, Jef
  9. Nope i sold everyting your too late. Sorry.
  10. What his birthday again? That must be the 7th time since i am here. :hairy: Hppy bday TK!!!
  11. Hahaha true ;) Anyway i have the picture of the housing for the LN. Also you get an extra bonus as i believe i have found a pair of input transformers that can be used for this. however i have no clue about the pin out is on the se things. Guess you have to measure. I also am unsure from who when or wherever i bought those. Save's you some extra cash on this one!! So let me know if the deal is on and send me your email on a pm then i can invoice you with paypal. p.s. You can also buy my mpc 4000 :rolleyes: much better then your broken 2500 :whistle:
  12. Nope now i have to do shopping grocery's, cook my meals, vacuum the house, iron my shirts etc etc. Not saying she did all of this but i notice since she is away she did the biggest part of it. Respect!
  13. Yes i have the firmware and the bootloader.
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