MIDIbox SEQ V4 - Construction Photo Tutorial

By Hawkeye in MIDIbox SEQ,
Hola, after getting infected with the MB spirit, it is time for another realtime photo-documented feed of a new project, this time a custom MIDIbox SEQ V4 :-). The last photo tutorial (MB-6582 Control Surface with partslist is available (and still waits for a move to the SID section by nILS :-))). This MB SEQ variant will include a lot of custom tinkering and therefore has much more room for mistakes and utter failure. If this happens, I expect compassion and tears from you, fellow MBers ^^. What to expect? We will build a MB SEQ Core in-a-box (retrofitted to a Commodore 1541-II case), a breakout-box Control Surface in a slim, thin and wide aluminium box which can be mounted directly below your master keyboard to minimize hand movements when switching between sequencer and keyboard action. Aiming for VFDs, an integrated AOUT-NG module for Control-Voltage output, duo-color flat-head rectangular step LEDs, a drilled LED matrix bpm indicator, nice Wilba-CS-style keycaps and switches, push-accelerated step encoders and an external BLM. Every step will be photo-documented. I will provide a full parts list and links to parts sellers, where possible. People interested in building a SEQ from this tutorial may need to adapt a few things... they may not want to use the VFDs or the commodore floppy case for the base unit, but these parts can be substituted. For anyone interested in building a SEQV4 more quickly, I would totally recommend using Wilbas PCB - it is straightforward and saves time and money. In other words: only use this approach if you have space constraints and like the idea of a slim breakout-box CS or wish for a personal customized control surface layout. Thanks to everyone who made this possible, of course especially TK. and Wilba, who have done a terrific job in realizing wishes, adding requested features to the MBSeq-Software within a week, sending out tech documentation within less than an hour and answering dumb questions... the support here is more awesome than Chuck Norris doing push-ups :-). Also thanks to SmashTV for providing parts in fantastic quality and Seppoman for the AOUT_NG module. Ah, and not to forget nILS ... :-). As usual, I am interested in your comments on the way - note though, that they might get deleted afterwards, if this project turns out to be working in the end :-). Lets go and have fun! Hawkeye
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