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  1. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Thanks for pointing that out - have to ask Adrian, but it would make sense to also label the lower (blue) section of the case for consistency - the port names should be futureproof, we have 4 IN/OUT directly on the core and 4 OUT via IIC - it won't change in the future, even if there would be a newer core installed at some point in time. Many greets, Peter
  2. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Thanks, all kudos go to Adrian - he has done a fantastic job on this one - the painting really is excellent and we have an internal set of PCB holders, that will easily mount the combined LeMEC/Plate (encoder / backlit matias switches) PCBs and the Jogwheel boards. I have not built the docu version yet, but am confident, that it will work out really nicely. Methinks there will be no space problems like some other cases had, but it is a quite compact and portable case, i was positively surprised, when the package arrived! Also, it is a prototype, we still need to add the "Beat LED" , and of course the label texts - as far as i would guess, it should be possible to label the backside ports on the "white portion" of the SEQ (the bent frontpanel), so this should work out. Also, the blue color might change slightly - we are aiming for RAL color 5023 - if you google "RAL 5023", you can preview it. Adrian is still working on the 19" rack mount kit, that can be screwed on instead of the blue "sidewalls". The bottom of the case has holes that can be used to change the port orientation (backwards-facing in rackmount orientation) - also these holes should be able to be "blindfolded" with blanking plates for certain Irish people! ;-) Many greets! Peter
  3. MBSEQ V4 build with MIDI, CV and DIGITAL OUT

    Outstanding work, congrats! Am always delighted to see new TPDs in use around the world :) Many greets! Peter
  4. @tedysuwarnady did you even read the questions asked and suggestions made, that might help you to solve the problem? Sorry, but for myself it makes no sense to continue to support this effort.    
  5. Thanks for creating a separate topic! Two questions: * Do you see any debug outputs in the MIOS Studio console, when starting up MBNG? * After MBNG has started (even with the display looking bad), can you enter any commands in the MIOS Studio console? E.g. typing "help" should show you a summary of available commands. These two questions should allow us to determine, if MBNG is running properly or is having problems at startup. If the app is not running, please double-check that you are using the correct STM32F4 hex from the midibox_ng.zip package that you downloaded from ucapps. You can also try to put default.ngc and default.ngl in the root directory of the sd-card. These files are provided in the cfg/default directory of the midibox_ng.zip. When the default.ngc is loaded, it should log that in the MIOS Studio console. Good luck! Peter
  6. I apologize for my mistake I am a new and english midibox user with this bad I like that I have to say before him that I have built stm32f4 based following my post with the picture to build midio 128 as in this picture, and this is my test forum: 



  7. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    Ah, what an unexpected topic! :-D Key features for myself in "dream mode" (so it might sound unrealistic, but we are dreaming, right?) would be: * 32 INs / OUTs to attach all synths and gear to a single base unit with direct MIDI wires. * In other words: one router, that aggregates all MIDI equipment directly and speaks to everything, also different controlling MIDIboxes, e.g. an MBSEQ, a LoopA, multiple MBNG controllers. * As multiple devices need multiple different routing setups, i'd love to see "additive routing", so that not only the whole route set can be exchanged, but only the routes for certain devices can be exchanged, while the rest stays the same. I.e., I might want to change routes for one attached ProgrammA, but leave all other routes (i.e. to/from the SEQ) as they were, so i'd just want to switch out a subset of routes. * And something we already spoke about in that rather long mail thread, let's call it "known device names" :) * Potentially a filter (i.e. to filter MIDI beat clock from a single input port) or a even a loop detector to avoid deadlocks * Sysex routing (i.e. be able to route sysex streams, that don't have a CHN from one port to multiple ports but not to all ports - important for the MIDIbox NG) * If possible, a more detailed MIDI packet protocol inspector and "flow graph" display. Yes, its bling, but you'd expect that from me! :) And it might help to see what is going on inside the box! :) Many greets! Peter
  8. Help with configuration.

    @tedysuwarnady sorry, it does not work like this - we cannot understand your questions (the language) and always asking for pcb files in multiple, also some very old threads will only put you on the ignore list of many users here! The MBNG as well as the SCS is excellently documented on ucapps.de - have you read the documentation there? Many people have successfully built it and have no problems whatsoever. If you have problems, please describe exactly what you have done, that you have followed the instructions on ucapps.de and where you have experienced an unsolvable problem. Please always double-check the language before posting, so that we can actually understand where the problem is, only then we can help you! In short: * If you have troubleshooting questions, please do post in the "testing/troubleshooting" section of the forum * Please open a new thread there for each new and valid problem with a meaningful title * Please refrain from asking for PCB files in random threads Thanks and have a great weekend!
  9. LoopA in Action

    @jojjelito Thanks, J! :) You now only need a Moroder-Mustache, have it play back some italian synthpop loops on one of your analogs and it should perfectly fit the cliché! :-D
  10. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    ...or the photos were made from the first "legit" PCBs used for cloning... :)    
  11. Defining microtonal/custom scales?

    Regarding the feature, of course TK. needs to answer to it, but methinks, that the SEQv4 internal note storage is organized as classic MIDI notes (0-127). Thus, allowing for microtonality would require a few extensive changes to the SEQ... I.e. to allow to enter microtonal notes (using the encoders or a microtonal capable input device), the datastructures would need to be upgraded or a new "microtonal" tracktype be implemented, as well as the note data display and the playback engine (sending pitchbends with the notes) would need to be modified. TK. can tell you more, but i guess it would be quite some work. All of this is just an uneducated guess though! :) Many greets, Peter
  12. Issue with Sign-up and Contact forms, not working

    Thanks for the confirmation! Regarding the "Contact Us" form - hmmm, i tried it and it says "message sent to administrators", it seems to work if you are logged in as a user (without captcha) as well as a non-logged in user (captcha needs to be solved). Many greets, Peter
  13. Sammich kits on eBay -- legit or bootleg?

    These are probably fakes/clones, there have not been official kits available for a while now. Many greets, Peter
  14. Sammich SID MIDI Keyboard problems

    Hm, it might be velocity related (keyboard sending velocity 48, the virtual keyboard sends 100): * which patch are you using on the SammichSID - can you try the init patch? * can you push a key "read hard" on the Photon? Which velocity do you get then? * can you remap the Photon velocity curve? Many greets and have a great sunday! Peter
  15. Nice job and great video documentation, well done! Many greets, Peter