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  1. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    Yes, all PCBs are final, filming of the tutorial video is starting and we are waiting for a final case from Adrian for validation! :) If there are no delays, we hope to be able to have it in shop for the christmas season :) Many greets, Peter
  2. Armed mode at startup

    @Synthfox currently ARM is automatically enabled after booting the LoopA - but this can be added as a configuration option for the next release, should be no problem, i've added it to the ToDo-List. Best regards, Peter
  3. midiphy SEQ v4+

    It has been nearly two years already since the SEQ v4+ became available: to celebrate (and to integrate the newest L4 keycaps, the newly developed light|shields and the rack mount kit), here's the new 2020 facelift version: :-) Enjoy and have a nice weekend! Peter
  4. @Smithy Kapton tape should also work great! The encoders are slightly "greasy/oily" - that's how ALPS delivers them - if you have problems that tape does not stick properly to the flat part of the encoder shaft, you could try to clean the flat part of the d-shaft with a wipe first, then attach a tiny bit of tape there - it should usually stick long enough just to push the knob on - and then it's secure! :) Many greets, Peter
  5. SEQ V4 (V1) CS-pcb trouble

    Hi, hm, i've not worked with Wilbas CS PCB for a while :), but could you check if you would not need to connect it to J8/J9 instead of J10a? Many greets, Peter
  6. LoopA v2.07 has been released with these new features: * CC Recording, transformation and generation * Selective track progression (vs full scene progresion) * Support for 30 different time signatures * Polymetric and polyrhythmic sequence support * Classic step recording mode * Note velocity dampening effect (also as a footswitch action) Download here: https://www.midiphy.com/en/loopa-v2/ Massive thanks to all beta testers, who helped with this one! :) We've also created a demo video of the essential features of the LoopA - and how these could be used in your creative workflow - this has been requested a few times, so here you go: @silverlight2004: that's fantastic to hear, hope you'll enjoy it! :) Best regards, Peter
  7. Rotary encoder backlighting made easy!

    @d0pefish, that's a great job! Looks really perfectly built and i love the golden color scheme and the custom backlight PCB solution! Very well done! Many greets, Peter
  8. Hi Roel, they should be available in the shop soon :). Printing these requires a very precise dual extruder 3d printer - note, that these shields go fully around all protrusions of the Matias switches, while being slim enough at the top to allow the key to travel "below them". Due to the amount of effort involved developing them and capital bound on the printer, we were not planning on releasing the files, capitalism at its worst! :-). Still, the individual sales price really won't be high, it will be around 50 cents a piece or 7,50€ for a LoopA conversion.   The light|shields will also be available in a different variant, with a highly flexible material offering the same level of light isolation, that allows converting desoldered Matias keys without removing the L4 keycaps (which might break them, if one is not careful). Many greets! Peter  
  9. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @MicLue Great work, looks very good! Cheers to official SEQ v4+ number #35! Enjoy! Best regards! Peter
  10. @unnu_ if we can't convince you to get a new SEQ v4+ :), maybe you'd be interested in my second SEQ v4? It may need a bit of TLC, as far as i know, i.e. two buttons are not working properly, as i glued the switchcaps on for stability and might have gotten a bit of glue into two switches, disabling them, but i should have switch spares, which i would add. It comes in a very flat form factor with two yellow OLEDs and in a self-designed case, with a 16x8 duo color TPD section, but now without batteries. I think it can be properly USB powered. If you are looking for an assembled Wilba control surface PCB and a core and maybe a few spares like a TPD module, it might be an option? I'd sell it for purchase parts costs (300€? Original costs were, i think 120€ acrylic (from Formulor) + case , 60€ OLEDs, 40€ Core, 70€ Control Surface PCB + Parts, 20€ TPD PCB + parts) + worldwide shipping (for rates, see midiphy.com). I should have another MIDI I/O extender PCB from SmashTV, i'd throw that in too, then you could have 4 MIDI INs and 4 MIDI OUTs, but would slightly need to mod the case (i.e. add them on the left side) for it. If you don't want it, no problem! I would offer it in the marketplace at some point in time :). It's sad, if it just sits around and does not get used :). Many greets, Peter
  11. @silverlight2004 Thanks for your kind words! I've added your feature requests to the code roadmap - we hope to bring out v2.07 soon! With the new CC functions being relatively complex, there has been a constant feedback flow from the early beta testers (thank you, you know who you are!), resulting in a few more release candidates than planned for, but all is good - that version should really be final soon with just some minor things to add before publishing. Afterwards, we'll focus on the MatriX/BLM launch, but after that, there should be time for a next round of LoopA development. As we had one more request for at least Aftertouch/Pitchbend and Program Change requests (at sequencer start), there should be a high likelihood at least these features will be implemented medium term. And i like the "one-shot-clip-launch" idea, too - it would basically result in an auto-muted track after that clip has been played back once. The major problem is not the code, but how to find space in logical locations in the UI for those functions, as most pages are already full :). Would you think it would be ok to fire "one-shots" with a key combination like pressed SELECT encoder while unmuting a clip? Or maybe with a pressed "one-shot" footswitch command, while clips are unmuted? Because i currently don't know, if we have the configuration space in the clip screen to set this variable permanently for it. Will think about it! Best regards to Bali! :) @Smithy: cheers, well done! Also very cool, that you'll upgrade to the metal case version LoopA! :) Many greets! Peter
  12. LoopA timelapse built

    Looks very cool as timelapse/stop motion video - well done! Many greets! Peter
  13. @Phatline good job! It's always nice to see how a LoopA is created! :) Many greets, Peter
  14. @Phatline very good! I am not an electrical engineer, but am now almost convinced something was floating - once you connected the MIDI OUTs to other synths, GND might have crawled onto the case ground, then into the modded switch (screwed to the metal case), from there back into JPA0 and left the MCU in bootloader hold mode, when a cable was plugged into an OUT during bootup. Cheers and have fun! (If it works now, no need to destroy a perfectly good cable, the poor thing! :)) Many greets, Peter
  15. Cool idea with the mod to add an external bootloader hold switch on JPA0! For it to work, you'd need to install R101/R102 as well. Because that's not standard and we had not tested it, i have the itching feeling, that somehow the LoopA could get stuck in Bootloader hold mode for any reason, when a MIDI OUT cable is plugged in (and connected to a synth/ground) during power up. The behaviour with it starting fine without a MIDI OUT cable installed just looks like it. @latigid on - without R101/102 installed and the external switch maybe connected to case ground and that maybe connected to MIDI OUT ground, do you believe there might be something floating, locking the MCU in bootloader hold at startup? @Phatline, could you just try to install those two resistors to see if it helps? Or temporarily remove the switch? It's a long shot :) If that does not help, if possible, please proceed with the other suggestions/tests, i'd be particularly interested in power draw and if your 5V rail is good (something like 4.75V or so is ok). Many greets, Peter