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  1. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Welcome to the forums! Two suggestions/remarks: a) take photos of the end connectors of the original cable, there is a mark on every IDC connector, marking "pin 1". It is usally an arrow. When building a clone cable, make sure you replicate it in a way, that the orientation of the new connectors is identical, with the connector "arrow" marks being on the identical wire strands. b) unfortunately, cable length can be an issue. We ran into a cable length problem with an OLED recently, that was triggered by just adding 20cm of ribbon wire length. Yes, we would not have believed it earlier on :). So, if it still does not work after step a), try to reduce your cable length and see when it works. Good luck, Peter
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks for your interest! Happy August! Time flies, when there is a lot to do! :) We are working on it! While orders are not yet being accepted (stocklevel is virtually set to 0, even if nearly everything is in stock), you can already check out a preview of the new shop at midiphy.com - there are very few items yet visible, and we will add more items and documentation in the coming weeks. We hopefully can start selling the PCBs mentioned in the video tutorial quite soon (they are validated and working), but we need to test-build and validate the new/changed PCBs, before we can sell them. Yes, John from MA stated, that he wanted to resell all boards! Probably, shipping will be quite a bit cheaper, when you directly order from him in the states! As far as the last discussion went, he might not stock every "essential" part, just the PCBs. A good thing is, Andy worked hard and we have the next PCB fab run inbound, so all new/altered PCBs should arrive in the next two weeks or so. Yaaay! :) If they work out, all V4+ PCBs should be final and be in stock in hopefully sufficient quantity! Many greets, Peter
  3. sky above austria..,

    Nice one! Will have to take you up on that, when there is a litle bit more time, the synths are getting too dusty lately! :) Many greets, Peter
  4. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Phatline: midiphy is the name for the euro MIDIbox shop, officially blessed by TK. :). The shop might also stock up other quality MIDIbox user projects, like Bruno's awesome MBTIA. The focus is on quality over quantity, so we won't stock everything there is, but we want to document everything, that is stocked in the shop as thoroughly as possible, so that it becomes viable for MIDIbox beginners to build. @AntichambreThanks, Bruno! Still working on the shop, but we should be able to send out the first core-based PCBs in August (basically all PCBs that were covered in the first tutorial). Enjoy the summertime! :) Many greets, Peter
  5. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Really great job on the SMT hot air soldering tutorial, Smithy - this is indeed a really nice and inexpensive alternative to the classic fine-tip soldering approach! Also, thank you all very much for the praise of the first part of the build video tutorial!   Will start with the second (and final) part of the tutorial, once the release version case and the final UI PCBs are in! :) Many greets, Peter
  6. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Progress is being made! After quite some hours of video documenting (6 hours of input video material, over 60 GB), here is the first part of the promised extensive video build tutorial (edited down to 2 hours). Many thanks to Smithy and Andy for watching the video up front and for providing corrections/recommendations (added as subtitles or later on in the ERRATA section of the youtube description text) where necessary.   We will add a second (and final) similar video tutorial for the rest of the build (User Interface PCBs and case installation), once the case and final PCBs are ready. Adrian and Andy are working hard to finalize those: the case needs to be a tiny bit optimized for the 3U Rack installation option and Andy is preparing the updated JOG PCB (which will be called JA) for the last-minute TPD addition. Thank you both! Will keep you updated, when you can obtain the PCBs, that are referenced in the above build tutorial. If you want to build a SEQv4+, you could start with these, while the rest is being finalized. Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter  
  7. Another SEQ V4 in the world

    Congratulations, looking good! :) Many greets, Peter
  8. Problems uploading images

    Are you using JPGs? Can you try to reduce the file size (say < 1mb, e.g. by reducing jpg quality). This might help. Many greets, Peter
  9. Excellent job and good video documentation! Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter
  10. Standalone_TPD.jpeg

    Yes, really well done! It is always great to see a new TPD in the wild and this one is a beauty! :) Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter
  11. Thanks for your interest, Mike! Originally, i did not want to add every suggestion to the codebase, especially to avoid code spaghetti and to keep this unit streamlined from a software perspective, but i really like the proposal to be able to remote control it! Currently, all hands are full with the shop start and v4+ documentation finalization, but i can add the requested features, when there is time (autumn/wintertime). You could also try, the current LoopA is fully checked in to the subversion repository (apps/sequencers/LoopA). With the new run of v4+ boards, we are also stocking up LoopA boards, we could make them available sooner (planned was after the documentation), so if you are content to build without extensive video documentation yet (after the v4+ i know it takes a lot of time, so that will probably happen in autumn), you could have the boards relatively quick. Andy already wrote a short text docu on how to build them, it should be no problem for you! Many greets, Peter
  12. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Of course: 44.5cm width (+ side screwheads, 1 or 2 millimeters on each side) 14 cm depth (front to midi ports) 8 cm height (standing on the table, incl. rubber feet) without the encoder knobs. With encoder knobs, i'd say currently 9.5cm height, it should go down to 9.3cm - read below. In conclusion: the case is really compact (for its contents!), we had to do some optimizations to have the waveshare MCU board fit in there, especially we need low-profile female headers on the wCore PCB. But these are available and unproblematic, now all works out. Do you have the Heidenreich case measurements for comparison? I'd be interested! Regarding the encoder knobs: we will probably suggest to Adrian to counter-sink them "into the frontpanel", i.e. have bigger cutouts, like another famous sequencer out there :). This has to do with them not scratching the frontpanel when pushing them down, and optimizing height for another few millimeters. Have a great weekend, y'all! Many greets, Peter  
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks for the nice words, Andy, Bruno and slo! @lacuna regarding your questions: Encoders: Alps STEC 12 with push button - these are really high quality and super-reliable. Used them in my first SEQ built somewhen in 2011 and abused them a lot in the last years - they are still like new, my absolute favourite encoders, nearly unbreakable. Smaller (illuminated) buttons: MEC switches, as the Matias main switches, these are also high-quality and rated for a lot of key actions before they will give up. These MEC switches allow to access secondary, utility and certain menu functions, also start/stop/pause/record and the mode wheel on the right-hand (jog wheel) side are triggered by the illuminated MECs. It will all get clearer, once we have the key labels ready, which will also be posted to this thread, when ready. Regarding the preordering question: there will be availability updates right in this thread, we plan to provide this for quite a while, as it has just been too much work for everyone to not do that, so you could get parts whenever available and it is convenient for you. John from Modular Addict said, that he would want to sell the v4+, core and auxiliary PCBs in the U.S., if you are not from Europe and want quicker and cheaper shipping. @slo regarding your idea to have a list of official builders - great idea, maybe not to be discussed in depth in this thread, but it sure would be an option for people wanting a unit and not being able to build it. Additionally, we really strive to bring the "i can't build it barrier" down and make an extensive video documentation of the whole process (my biggest video project so far), so maybe more people can be pulled back into the fun of DIY, that would be at least my personal hope and motivation! Many greets, Peter
  14. WTB: SEQ v4

    If you like its looks or usability better, go for the V4, absolutely! Regarding the V4+: only the case is smaller, the important control elements are even bigger (high quality Matias switches) and the workflow has been optimized, but this is highly subjective! The case can be smaller, as it has just been developed for the V4+. And it contains only quite integrated PCBs, everything from the Core to the MIDI8 board just takes up a little bit less room than the predecessor, while offering the same functionality. You can find first informations here (a long read, case pictures in the end!): and there will be a new thread regarding the V4+ including "real pictures" of the finalized proto unit in a few days here in the forums. Many greets, Peter
  15. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    Thanks guys, your praise is highly appreciated! But, i must pass it on: all the kudos (again) go to Andy, aka Latigid on and of course TK., who both did the grunt work! Andy designed all PCBs, communicated with suppliers (often in China) to get difficult-to-obtain parts, communicated with Adrian regarding the case, created all Wiki entries and Thorsten built the very first working unit and created specialized software for the all-new additional "selection row" of the V4+, which among other things allows for direct track selection (and multiple-track selection). I just built and documented the second proto unit, slipped in a last-minute-idea, which Andy instantly implemented without being grumpy and without asking further questions! Amazing! So, on my part, all was very easy, when standing on the shoulders of giants! :) As Andy's "new frontpanel idea" now is a reality, he said, that he would soon open up a new official "SEQ V4+" forum thread, containing a few pictures of the cased proto unit (with every module/PCB in, and it all works, yay! :)), that will contain updates regarding availability, form and function and special software features of the V4+. This new thread can then also be used to ask any questions about the V4+ you may have (build process or software features). I am still finalizing the first part of the video build tutorial, which will also be featured in that thread. As a personal conclusion, after building the V4+, it is my opinion, that while it is probably primarily targeted toward immediate/advanced DIYers, everyone willing to hold a soldering iron with a fine tip (wide-pitch SMT parts only) can build it, if he/she has enough patience. Have a great day and many greets! Peter