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  1. @Karg Thanks a lot! Good idea, and it's already been requested and is on the list! :) Regarding the expected time line: a) first, there will be a LoopA software update coming relatively soon (before this holiday season), which will add a few new features that have been requested and which will make the LoopA a lot better at recording previously-unknown loop lengths. This is possible on some other MIDI loopers and also on audio loopers, so it should be nice to have it :). This feature also has limited BPM autodetection, so you could just play in a sequence in the new "autoloop" mode,
  2. Congratulations, @Roy! Very well done and looks fantastic next to your modular! Best regards and hope you enjoy it! Peter
  3. That's all right - for the software it is a SEQ v4+, if it has a STM32F4 with 1MB of flash memory - it just can't use the extended UI features of the midiphy SEQ v4+, primarily the secondary selection row and the TPD/Activity Matrix - using the Wilba hardware config file should work fine.
  4. The Wayback Machine is great for retrieving old site data, have a look: https://web.archive.org/web/*/http://ucapps.de/mios32_download.html I've spotted multiple snapshots and could even download a few old sequencer versions - not all are necessarily stored on their servers, but then you can just choose another snapshot from another date. Good luck! Best regards, Peter
  5. Great job! That's not a common genre for this sequencer, but it is definitely a high quality production! Glad that you´re making good use of your SEQ v4+! Best regards, Peter
  6. No problem, moved to the troubleshooting forum. Please make sure the card is formatted with FAT32, that it is no XC (eXtended Capacity Card) and that the card itself is good. I've had damaged SD Cards that formatted well under windows (with the quick format basic windows formatter), but then could not be written on. If the SEQ v4 can create directories, i would agree it does not look like a hardware problem -> recommend to exchange the card for another one, e.g. an 8GB or 16GB Sandisk Ultra (SDHC) which are available for 5-8€ or so. It's also recommended to use a tool like SDFo
  7. @Eamoex that's very cool - regarding Morphing, it's a transformation function that splits any track into two halves and allows seamless morphing between those two. For example you could record two sequences, one on steps 1..16, one on steps 17-32 - and with the morph function "fade" between them, but it's a real morphing, not like volume fading in a mixer - i.e at a morph value of 50%, you'd get an average note between the first and the second sequence. Cool when e.g. force-to-scale is on. In the big user manual over at ucapps.de: http://ucapps.de/midibox_seq_manual_m.html you can find a sli
  8. That's fantastic! Great use of the two devices! I think it's really hard to create DnB with common sequencers - but you managed to do it, but of course on the other hand, you have some awesome sequencers available! :) Many greets, Peter
  9. @Phatline yes, we can do that - currently finalizing the MatriX, but after its launch, the LoopA will get an update anyways to be able to connect to it - we've also collected a few other items on the extension wishlist by other users by now, so there will be a v2.08 after the MatriX launch :). Just to make sure i understood it right: * add a new config setting in SETUP screen - "transmit PC after load" (on/off, off by default to not break behaviour for existing users) * if this setting is enabled and after a session has loaded, transmit program change MIDI messages with the loaded
  10. Hawkeye

    MB6582 Fan

    If you're using 8580 or 6582 SIDs: heatsinks and maybe some passive ventilation holes in the case bottom will be sufficient - using this setup since 10 years now without any problems! :). If you are using 6581 SIDs, that's a different story though, as they run hotter. Many greets and have fun with your MB6582! :) Best regards, Peter
  11. @rvooh thanks for the explanation - just thinking about an easy-to-implement solution for this - i'd be interested in it as well, as another LoopA user had reported a similar problem - the MIDI-clock-synced LFOs of a synth would have a bit of "stuttering" when starting or stopping the sequencer engine, as the synth needed a few clock ticks to synchronize itself and went out-of-sync directly after the MIDI stop, leading to problems with any lfo-synced echo effects. How about this proposal - i think it might help both of you, while it would not change the workflow for all other LoopA users:
  12. @rvooh no problem! Just out of interest: what would be keeping you from having the LoopA (or the SEQ v4/v4+) generate a clock all the time and just enable the tracks when you want them to play? Best regards, Peter
  13. Thanks for your interest in the LoopA, @rvooh! Comparable to the SEQ v4/v4+, also for the LoopA the sequencer engine needs to be running to create a proper MIDI clock. But it is very simple to have the sequencer running and not playing back any recorded clips. You could either mute all tracks in the mute screen (6 button presses), or have an empty scene that just contains no clip data - to then perform a "synced" switch to the first scene containing note data you'd just turn the upper-left encoder once to jump to the first scene. You can also assign a footswitch pedal for this task,
  14. Hi Karg, no problem, as you said, there is both a router and a separate live forwarding function built into the LoopA: * the MIDI Router should transparently route program changes. These are the 0xC0-0xCF MIDI packets followed by a program number byte, they should be visible in LoopAs MIDI Monitor screen. * "live forwarding", as configured on the track page will only forward Note On/Note Off and CC messages, this is basically to avoid confusion, i.e. if you have a main synth as a master keyboard, changing a patch there should not be forwarded to another synth via this "live" fac
  15. @Antichambre no worries, no harm done! A specialized crimp tool is also very good idea - everything that makes cables better! If you don't have a crimp tool with replaceable insets, at least the wirescanner can test the built cables reliably... In the early days of building MB6582 display cables, i tested every pin 1:1 with a digital multimeter and with that time-consuming method probably still missed out shorts to neighboring wires! :) Best regards and have a good weekend! Peter
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