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  1. Hi! The normal process for this is to first build and document a project, show it to TK. and show you're willing to support it over the years - then he can decide if you can get approval to market it. Last time we spoke with him, he reiterated that any commercial use will need that approval from him - thus general LGPL/MIT/Apache licenses will not be applicable. This does not mean you cannot fork or develop on the existing code base for personal or forum usecases - anything ESP32 sounds super fun! Best regards, Peter
  2. Hawkeye

    midiphy MatriX :)

    Thanks a lot, J! :) Many greets, Peter
  3. Over 11 years after the first implementation, here's the newest variant which still fully supports the epic 16x16+X BLM protocol (and supports all existing MIDIbox SEQ v4): Best regards and enjoy! Peter
  4. The new version now is finally available! Check this thread: Best regards, Peter
  5. Thanks, Andy! Just to add a few more informations: all existing SEQ v4 are supported, as the BLM protocol is implemented. And here is a bit more tech detail: 289 (17x17) RGB-backlit and light|shielded mechanical keys with custom keycaps for optimal light dispersion. Full-color 128x128 high-end OLED display running at 60Hz for info and graphical sequence/clip previewing. Extra sliders and buttons for parameter entry and additional functions. Two bidirectional MIDI ports and a dedicated button to switch between them. Dedicated navigation joystick for
  6. @UnUnUniumthanks for your kind words - and your SEQ v4+ looks great - cheers to #46! :) Best regards, Peter
  7. @UnUnUnium should be no problem, modding is great! No physical changes either on the PCBs or case were made which changed anything about the MEC switches. I've not tried that mod, so i can't tell you if the parts are correct. Best regards and have fun building! Peter
  8. That's a great plan, J! :) Game of Life should be doable! Every MatriX customer gets a free wish! ;-) Necessary restrictions in the small print: only code work, only if it can be done in reasonable time and only if others would enjoy it as well. A minesweeper clone (imagine that, with physical mechanical keyboard buttons!) was also requested and i am really tempted! :) Many greets, Peter
  9. Yes! Tetris was requested quite often! Technically it should be easy to implement, but there might be trademark problems... Many greets! Peter
  10. With a lot of hacking, it might, i heard there are even C64 doom versions! :) Many greets, Peter
  11. Thanks Dave, also for this fantastic sequencing demo from you! Glad to see a LoopA used properly, how it was intented to be used: Best regards and have a happy weekend! Peter
  12. @Smithy as a note, we only sell the latest, matching revisions in the shop - the shown V1.0 is a "Neaderthal" :) one from the beta-test days, the first revision of the SEQ v4+ :). I hope Andy can tell you a bit more about it, otherwise we can just send you a new version. Best regards, Peter
  13. @silverlight2004 Thanks a lot for the suggestions, Dave! The dynamic memory allocation feature is on the to-do list (but it's not easy to implement...) Multi MIDI channels per track/clip unfortunately most likely cannot be supported, as the whole architecture of LoopA is based on having a single MIDI OUT or a single instrument per track - basically all code relies on that. Supporting notes with potentially different MIDI channels within a single clip would both consume more memory (which is quite maxed out already) and would make it super difficult to visualize what is going on
  14. Great job! Have a nice weekend! Many greets, Peter
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