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  1. Hi Matt, great to hear that your LoopA works now and sorry for the late reply, there's a lot going on at the moment :). Basically the LoopA has now maxed-out memory for everything (i see no chance for multiple UNDO levels) and it has been quite complex to fit every feature in 192kB RAM. I've added your requests on the development wishlist, but we're currently and still working hard to finally release the MatriX, so can't promise any direct LoopA code work in the immediate future. You can save a lot of power, by using the new "OLED off" screensaver mode i think present since v.2
  2. @flyweight hopefully there's no need to be disappointed - when you use the SEQ v4/v4+ with long pattern lengths (e.g. 256 steps instead of 16) and a clock divider set up to play back the individual steps quickly, this is very close to unquantized recording. If unquantized recording is your top item, i would recommend to additionally add a LoopA to your sequencer setup - it is optimized for that, but can't do a lot of things the bigger v4/v4+ can do. Our "dream" sequencer setup would be one v4/v4+, one LoopA and one MatriX (BLM) connected to both, for 16 tracks of step-sequencing plus 6 tracks
  3. @cit very well done - cheers to #40! Many greets, Peter
  4. @doc007 It's coming in early 2021 - sorry, in these times everything takes longer than before and longer than anticipated - here's a super-short teaser video for you (you can watch it also without a facebook account): https://www.facebook.com/257188091723567/videos/867640500697077 Best regards and have a happy 2021! :) Peter
  5. @SimonSays regarding the firmware question - v4.097 is the current beta firmware release (which is stable!), the current official release is v4.096 - no need to change anything, but of course hoping for an official v4.097 release soon! :) Best regards and have a good new year 2021! Peter
  6. Thanks @talon and @Karg - hope you enjoy your LoopAs! :) Talon, currently you can modulate the dampening only manually in the FX screen, but using the left SELECT encoder you can switch through tracks quickly while the dampening command is active and then you could use the right DATA encoder to change the dampening values quickly and "live" per track - is that good enough? If not, and if external dampening control would be nice, it might be possible to add external CC control for the dampening values of the six tracks, but it's a longer shot, the next firmware release will mostly con
  7. And, its out! :) LoopA firmware version 2.08 with a lot of new features has just been released - highlights: - Autoloop recording (dynamic length clips, BPM detection) - Session naming - Undo, Redo, clip playback inversion - Scene map - graphical active clip matrix overview - Global direct track selection: push and hold upper-row keys - Transposition of forwarded notes (via TRACK Fwd) - Fine-granular note position adjustments now supported in note editor
  8. We're super happy to announce, that Loopop tested the LoopA! :) The new v2.08 firmware (as shown in this review) with many new features will also be released soon :). Best regards! Peter
  9. @srmaietta LoopA has a different, non-step-sequencer approach - its code was mostly written to extend the features of the SEQ v4+, so unquantized polyphonic recording would be easily possible. It also adds a few other things, like the beatloop mode, named user instruments, high-resolution CC recording/editing/generation and graphical noteroll views, while it also can't do a lot of things its bigger brother does easily - so they compliment each other nicely :). Best regards, Peter
  10. Thanks for your report, @m00dawg It seems the captcha security checks were broken - changed the captcha type from keycaptcha to recaptcha v2 and i think it should be better now. Many greets, Peter
  11. Thanks @m00dawg and @Karg! Have a great weekend! Best regards, Peter
  12. Thanks, @monokinetic and @Phatline! The display will be a full-RGB OLED, that is similar to the 1306, but larger and in full color, so, this will give us the colorspace for e.g. an exact graphical representation of the state of all BLM keys, and of course quite a few more things :). The navigator joystick and the yet invisible X/Y sliders below the joystick in this photo can be used for transmitting CC data in the normal SEQ v4+ BLM context and will be used for advanced clip editing features when connected to a LoopA! :) Have a good weekend and best regards! Peter
  13. @Roy, @srmaietta and @slo - please report this in the main SEQ V4 release and feedback thread, so TK. will better see it - if 3 people confirm it in there, all the better :). THANKS! :) Best regards, Peter
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