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  1. dipCoreF4.002.jpg

    no problem, had strange behaviour on the gallery lately too. we might need a forums software upgrade soon! :) will try to fix it! Many greets, Peter
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    As promised, new photo session images for your consumption! :) The first image shows the installed blanking plate, that covers the holes that are necessary for rackmount mode, The second image shows the new "shade of blue", exactly as we wanted, it came out very nicely from the paint shop, thanks Adrian! The final image image shows everything in action with a new, maybe more eye-friendly color scheme. The activity matrix in this picture is currently in "TPD emulation" mode. There might be more modes later on, if we are allowed to add them to the firmware ;-). Hope you like it, we definitely do! :) Many greets, Peter  
  3. And the final SEQ v4+ case! :)

    From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    This one uses a left-hand jog and activity matrix configuration, with green/red ("emerald green") color scheme! :) Enjoy and many greets! Peter
  4. From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    ... now with labels, in the final shade of blue! :) Many greets and enjoy! Peter
  5. Unified midiphy SEQ v4+ case backside

    From the album Hawkeyes MB stuff

    including labels and an installed blinding plate, that covers the lower case options, that are available for optional rackmount mode. Fantastic work again by Hallik Engineering! Enjoy! :) Many greets, Peter
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @Rio blm8x8: minimal bitmask changes for the midiphy frontpanel matias switch superflux backlighting, conditional logic not active for a standard v4 tpd: added additional mode for slightly different midiphy frontpanel mini led matrices, conditional logic is not active for a standard v4 (+ optional external tpd) Many greets, Peter
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @Rio no worries, it was only a "minimal invasive" patch that, as Andy said, would not touch or affect any non-midiphy SEQ v4+ variants. We visited TK today, thus the subversion commit comment "for personal discussion", which also had a smiley behind it. I tested the patch on my side thoroughly and expected it to be accepted by TK., but if it would not have been, it would have "cost" only a single subversion commit number to rollback. Many greets, Peter
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    As a small update to everyone interested - the new v4+ user interface hardware kit as been handed over to TK. today by Andy and myself. He had a look at a completed v4+ (pictures soon!), and will validate the UI boards once again from his side, we want to be sure, that all works nicely before sending out the new kit to users. I will start filming the construction video tutorial of the UI boards by next week. It will take a while until the tutorial is ready, but we will get there. Meanwhile, Adrian should be able to start production in bigger quantities, as the case looks really good! Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter
  9. Starting MB6582 build

    @the_duckchild Thanks, and which kind of color change LEDs are you thinking of, would you have a product link? The MB6582 only supports single color LEDs everywhere, but you can use different colors of LEDs in different sections of the frontpanel, although many people prefer to stay with a single color. If the "color changers" only require two pins and then internally do the color changing, then they could work, if they are standard 3mm LEDs, although your build would probably be blinking madness :) Many greets, Peter
  10. [solved] Midi Router not routing buses

    Hi there, great build! I am not 100% sure, but I think, internal busses can not be used for MIDI Routing. Even if the interfaces are "there", i have not done it before and am not sure, if it is supported, TK. knows more! Afaik busses are only used for Transposition, Arps and Jamming and always effect internal other tracks only. I'd be pleased if someone would correct me, if i am wrong! But: what you can do is have a look at FX -> Duplication, this should fit your needs perfectly! I've used it successfully to send out same notes to two samplers on different ports, and you can also edit what is sent, to which port should be duplicated and how many channels should be active during duplication. This can be used for nice effects, like sending alternating notes to different synths and such :) Many greets, Peter
  11. CEM3379 Stereo VCF assembled board

    Nice one, and welcome back, Schrabikus! Many greets, Peter
  12. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    Looking good! :) Just out of curiosity, how many CC samples can you store on a track (resolution)? Will you support more inputs than one CC per track? I've recently found some unused memory on the LoopA and was thinking of limited CV support, too. But it will be a single CC per track only at limited resolution. So yours will be the dedicated machine for it, for clean filtersweeps and such, no competition there, no worries! :) Many greets, Peter  
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @jingo thanks for your interest, there are qualified builders around, maybe someone will contact you. We will have to get shipping of all parts including the case going first. But here is the good news: Adrian shipped the final/release version of the lefthand jog/JA case with printed labels to Germany, so we'd expect to be able to provide you with new images of the final unit next week. So we can compare if it came out like the label photoshop mockup provided earlier :). The next phase is a final "fit-test", to see if everything can be installed nicely, then Adrian can ramp up the production. If all looks good (which is expcted), the v4+ could be under your Xmas trees, we should be able to ship everything essential for the v4+ in November. Many greets, Peter 
  14. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Looking good! :)
  15. Hi and welcome! If you require normal audio output (not mp3, which is a digitally encoded format) in conjunction with synchronized MIDI note output, any DAW should be able to do it. The VSTs/VSTis would convert internal MIDI to audio ("through jack") and you could also have a plain "MIDI track" outputting the associated MIDI notes to any USB MIDI interface. What will also work in the MIDIbox context is to use a MIDIbox sequencer, output MIDI notes to any MIDI OUT, attach a synthesizer to that port via MIDI, grab its audio from its audio output port and the associated MIDI data from its MIDI THRU port. Have fun and many greets! Peter