My SEQV4 - Finished electronics !!!

By Lamouette in MIDIbox SEQ,
Hello,   I´m building my SEQV4, but i have some questions to finish it and for my knowledge.(I´ll use this thread to ask all my questions)   First   I have some question about the power supply for the SEQV4   i live in canada actually but maybe i´ll back to France one day. So i want to built stuff with adaptable power supply everywhere.   I´m building SEQV4 with AOUT module, and in the future i will power a BLM so i think i will need a special PSU.   but i´m lost between AC/DC, different voltage, etc...   I would to use an internal PSU (with only an cable i connect on the SEQ, not a wall adaptator)   I find this : (i read in a post that i need 5v and 12V for AOUT and SEQ)   It´s an external psu, but maybe i could adapt it to become an internal (i find it expensive but maybe that´s the price ?   I also find this :   My link   It is internal, and really compact, so maybe it´s better for me, but more expensive !   Do you think it will work ?   That´s all for the first question ! Bye
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