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  1. Giveway for TK, last bits, take them please !

    Up, take the last bits please !
  2. Hello, no more time to DIY ! Midibox Stuff for GIVEWAY/TK : All this stuff is to give, just pay for the shipping, and please give something to TK as payment !
  3. GM5x5x5

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  4. DSC00076 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  5. DSC00075 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  6. DSC00073 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  7. DSC00072 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  8. DSC00069 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  9. DSC00068 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  10. DSC00067 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  11. DSC00066 (Copier).JPG

    From the album Lamouette - Midibox

  12. WTB : MB 6582 WINDOW

    Hello, i have still one in a box, not sure if it is the good one for hole dimensions : 82,5x31, is it the good one ?
  13. TPD Euro - EuroTPD

    Love the squared led matrix !
  14. SEQV4 : Adding leds to gate out

    Ok, all is working like it should be i haven't connected everything yet. One questions. I use a TPD and the CV/GATE/CLOCK/TRIGGER side by side. TPD is connected and powered by the SEQ PSU, which is a PSU with no connection to ground. (i will have to connect the CORE_STM32F4 ground to it) I use my eurorack power supply to power the AOUT_NG, Only the +12V/GND/-12V If i understand correctly, on the AOUT, the GND will be different from 5V and +12/-12V.   Can it be a source of problems like ground loops ? Is there a problem about removing the +5V and GND from the J1 connector on the AOUT_NG and power it with the eurorack PSU ?   By writing this expect another problem, GATE/CLOCK/TRIGGER, come from a DOUT, which have is proper ground so anywat i will get a ground loop ?   Thanks for your asnwer ! EDIT : (another thinking) I have a SEQV4 PSU which provide +12/-12V so i can power everything from it, but, same problem, i will have ground loops between my eurorack PSU,adn the SEQ PSU, when i will connect a jack between CV/GATE/CLOCK/TRIGGER jack's and an input of my modular ?