Probems using Midio128 V3 File Player

By kpete in MIDIfication,
Hi All, This is my first post to the group. I have used the Midio128 V2 for some time and it works great. With the advent of the new V3 that also supports the Midi Player I thought that I would venture into building up a CORE_LPC17 and see now it works. I have the hardware built up with the display, SD card and the 6 button “Control Surface†which all seems to be working. But I can't seem to get the unit to play my Midi files. When I try to play a song I get a “file MM001.MID is invalid†error displayed on the Mios Studio panel. This error gets repeated for all of the .MID files that are on the SD card with the exception of the file name which is changed for each file. These files play back on my MDF2 filler without problems. I was wondering if this error is because of the Midi files being a type 0 file. I am using the Midio128 V3.007 app. Pete Knobloch
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