External control of steps

By monokinetic in MIDIbox SEQ,
So I've been thinking about how I want to integrate MBSeqV4 further into my analogue modular synth workflow and I would like to ask if it would (theoreticaly) be possible to have an external analogue input to control which step of a track is playing. In other words, you could input a ramp wave into the AIN and that would control which step of a track is output. 0v = 1st step, 5v = last step. Things get interesting when you input other waves :D What started me thinking about this is the Milton sequencer from Peter Grenader, which provides for voltage control of the step (see http://web.archive.org/web/20110708110112/http://www.buzzclick-music.com/about_milton.html for more detailled description if you're interested)   Secondly, would it be possible to do a similar thing with DINs i.e. have DIN control the clock stepping a track? This would probably require a second DIN for reset as well to make things gel well with analogue sequencers....   I realise this is all a bit outside of the inteded use case for MBSeqV4, but am interested if I should persue this idea with the current code or start something new :)   David
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