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  1. MBSeq4 kit sold today!
  2. Darn, I was hoping to do the same. Shame to hear it's not working with the updated firmware. I don't have any Launchpads, yet. But as a matter of interest I had a quick look at the code. At a guess, this line here: seqregex = re.compile("MIDIbox SEQ V4:MIDIbox SEQ V4 MIDI ([1-4]) [0-9]") Needs to be updated for the new v4+ firmware. Have you tried editing it to: seqregex = re.compile("MIDIbox SEQ V4+:MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI ([1-4]) [0-9]") i.e. just add the + symbol two times to match the updated name you posted in the output of mido.get_input_names(). Not sure how you tri
  3. Still available, talk to me :)
  4. Do you mean the original STM32F1 based core: http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32.html or the more recent STM32F4 based core? Compare: http://ucapps.de/mbhp_core_stm32f4.html I maybe have one of the STM32F1 boards, not stuffed, available. I can only confirm on Friday this week as I'm travelling....
  5. Hi there, no sorry, this is the stuff which is specific to building the MBSeq. If you would like to discuss maybe send me a direct message? Cheers, David
  6. @TK. thanks for the tip re: storing the values in the DEFAULT.CV2 file, yes that is much easier. My encoders thank you :) FWIW I tried this calibration stuff a bit more: something really seems weird with the way values are entered. For example, if I set cali to 5V and try to set the offset, I can scroll up to 255 and then it jumps down to -3840. I see the same with changing the value to 0xffff in the defaults file. Is that expected? If it helps, this is what MIOS_Studio shows during those 3 clicks of the encoder to the right: [1164.130] value=f000 (with x0=d800 x1=f000 y0=d800 y1=f
  7. Using a fresh compile of master from Github to try out that amazing v4.96 feature set, I tried to set a track to control an AOUT using the LFO as mentioned recently. Indeed assigning the extra out sends the LFO to the AOUT, excellent another source of modulation! But on my set up (unipolar original AOUT) the output seemed weird. For example, when I first turn on the LFO effect, and set the output to sine I get a triangle. Then changing through the waveforms gave me just lower volume versions of the wave, it seems to be a saw. Having seen this on the scope, this made me go back and check t
  8. Follow up having used the same hardware using MBSeq4 app: I'm not totally sure the calibration process will solve this. I tried the MBSeq outputting CC0 to 127 to an AOUT channel. That generates the expected voltage, without me changing the calibration of the AOUT at all. It feels to me more like I need a way to tell MBCV to double the final level of the CV output. In the process I also found something new, which I will post in the MBSeq main thread.
  9. Excellent TK! Many thanks for taking this on :) I have pulled from Gihub, compiled and had a bit of a play with it. So far I see some things which seem weird to me: the "Cali" list of options seems in the wrong order. For me it goes - Off, Min, Middle, Max, Wave, -4V, -3V, -1V, 3V, -5V (at this point offset becomes editable), -4V, -3V, -2V, -1V, 0V, 1V, 2V, 3V, 4V, 5V, Max: (with offset, unlike earlier Max value). Is that expected behaviour? When I select 5V from above list and try to change offset, as I scroll up it seems to jump down to -3840. Which is not within the range
  10. Hi there Thorsten, aha yes I remember the new calibration stuff, it'd would be great to have in MBCV as well..... If you would be able to do it that would be an amazing new year's present, I had a look last year and it seemed a bit complicated for my skills :) But I'd gladly do some testing on both apps! Cheers David
  11. Hi folks, I've been using MBCV2 for a while now and I always felt like it wasn't working quite right with my synth. I went back to it this weekend and think I understand the problem now, indeed MBCV is not outputting full range CVs for me. I'm running an STM34F4 based standard core with an AOUT. I'm not using the "Balanced output extension" as mentioned on ucapps.de because my synth runs unipolar CVs in a range of 0 to 10V. When I use this setup with MBSEQ4 to run CVs I can output CC 0-127 and get 0-10V, so I know my hardware is good. Now, when I run MBCV2 and say for example as
  12. Interesting to read that you have had problems based on the power. FWIW I have been running mine inside of a Buchla clone which is using a pretty nice PSU and I haven't noticed any big problems. But this does make me wonder if the AOUT would benefit from a better output stage, those fancy DACs deserve the best IMO! I would probably use something similar to the ornaments and crime: https://ornament-and-cri.me/schematic/ has anyone tried such a thing? Or any other suggestions? :)
  13. Still available, almost no effort required to build an MBseq with this stuff :)
  14. FWIW I use Lemur on an old iPad v1 and use it for the BLM of the sequencer, and with the MBSID. That communicates over OSC, is rock solid and make me think that going the SPI i2C route would be unnecessary. Only thing is that requires you using a computer to to go USB MIDI -> OSC -> Lemur. I might go computer free at some point using Midibox + an OSC interface, but so far things work so well and I given that I always end up having a computer on to capture MIDI and audio from my jams that it seemed like if it's working I'll get on with making some music :) Maybe before you complicate
  15. aha excellent, I agree that this should make collaboration easier.... Heheh, define easier ;) I'm no Git expert, but if it helps, here's how I'd imagine doing things: Make a directory for this repo i.e. cd ~ mkdir mios_stuff cd mios_stuff Clone the repo to your local dir: git clone https://github.com/midibox/mios32.git Let's check to see which branches are available in the new repo: cd mios32/ ~/mios_stuff/mios32$ git branch -av * master 79292db corrected comments in source_me_* files remotes/origin/HEAD
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