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  1. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @TK: oh my, did Christmas just come early :) Excellent to see some updates, thank you! Will test over the coming days. re: the AOUT extended calibration, is there a chance to merge this into MBCV2.0 at some point? I would find it really useful in that app as well..... Just a thought! Warm and festive regards David
  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    @TK wow this works really quite nicely. FYI I tried v4_095_pre14 on my STM32F4 based MBSeq. I observed the following: - when scrolling through the options using ENC #7 it seems to go min/middle/max/wave. When set to wave there's a full voltage range triangle type wave coming out of CV, is that intended? - once I scroll through to the end of possible values using 7, the last value is Max:. That seems a bit weird over here. When I initially scroll to Max I get almost 0 volts out of the CV channel, then if I touch ENC #8 the offset value on screen jumps to -3700 ish! At that point I get the full voltage out of CV. I guess this might weird out the interpolation a bit? And I started to scroll ENC #8 to get it back to around 0 but it was taking ages and I gave up :) Otherwise, this change seems great. I have used it to play a couple of basic patches from MBSeq to my modular and it seems really accurate, excellent work, as usual! Tiny feature idea: could presses of GP8 cycle through min/0/max offset? for quick changes? Cheers David
  3. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Not sure which type of MIDI control you mean. The Lemur interface is using NRPNs from memory, so any other interface could use that I guess. I'm not sure of the status of CC control, I've not got things hooked up at the moment, otherwise I'd check for you. Prob best to check the code if you want to be 100% sure...
  4. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    FWIW I use MBCV2 regularly on an STM32F4 core and an AOUT using MAX525s, and I have some DOUTs doing gates. It works great in my DIY modular synth. Everything you described in your post sounds like it is doable in my experience. Whether you even need the second core running NG is debatable, that'll depend on how you want to connect to the Behinger (which I'm not familiar with, so can't comment). I wouldn't say it's a dead project myself, super usable and the interfacing with Lemur is amazing. Good luck with your project!  
  5. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Great thanks for confirming. Now I know all about Micro-match :) I've added some value versions and luxury versions to my Mouser order for testing.
  6. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Hooray for rain! Looking good, the only thing I see in there which I don't recognise are these "micromatch" connectors. I guess any male 1.27 pitch connector with the right number of pins is suitable for making ribbon cables. I was thinking of using something like these, what do you think?
  7. mnmlCore

    Yeah, and the feature list makes me go whoa! Looking forward to this one 
  8. [FS] MBSeq4 kit - incl. Heindrich case

    Adding some photos. As you can see, PCB is still in airtight shrink wrap, all kit components in sealed bags (packed by smashtv himself!!), Heindrich case sealed in plastic, LCD windows in nice tissue paper and unscratched! So everything is basically as new and ready to build, just add LCDs and your CORE and MIDI PCBs and you have a complete unit :)
  9. I've had this hoarded as a back up in case my seq went down. Now I want a V4+, so here's a good time for you to get an entire kit to build a seq V4.... Includes: MBSeq4 CS PCB + SmashTV full parts kit (PM me for exact contents) Beast panel (with minor defect, hence cheaper PM for details) Plastic LCD windows x 2 (super handy) Heindrich case (rare as hen's teeth ;))   Not willing to separate I'm afraid. Asking price = 400 euros, buyer pays shipping. Also available: OPL3 and 2x DAC chip set 15 euro MBCV 1 from sonicwarrior 10 euro PIC Burner + cable - 15 euro I'm located in Prague, the Czech Republic. Prefer bank transfer, but can do Paypal if you pay fees. IM me if you're interested in anything.
  10. OLRE16 with Lattice CPLD as Clocking/Addressing interface

    Looking great!
  11. Thanks for all the info on how to adapt pyBLM, that pretty much seals it for me!  
  12. Wow excellent news, thanks for taking the time to do this and contribute it. I was contemplating whether to go the Launchpad route or not and this encourages me to go shopping soon :) I was wondering if it would be possible to use the extra row of buttons to send some MIDI messages, and if so I would suggest something like Program Change messages, which could then be used to control the phrase/song, assuming the MBSeq is configured to respond to them in the Ext. Ctrl page. This is the one thing I find myself missing from using the Lemur BLM extensively. Just a suggestion....  Cheers!
  13. CV setup help

    I know you mentioned the testaoutpin to check connections, but have you tried caliaout? That might be worth a try when the Seq app is running, you can measure the exact voltages on each output. Otherwise could you provide details on the type of track etc that you are configuring in MBSeq to try and test your AOUT_NG? Is it a note track, what is the output set to, and so on. Good luck
  14. MB-OLRE16CS-a_v2b_eC_active view.jpg

    Great stuff! Lovely routing :)
  15. OLRE16, in colors.

    Great work, I really hope there will be a way to get our hands on these. I'd love a few strips of this!