ENC28J60 disabled when SD inserted in STM32F4

By sneakthief in Testing/Troubleshooting,
I have an STM32F4 that refuses to work with both SD & ENC28J60 ethernet modules using MIDIbox NG & CV V2.   Working: Ethernet and no SD   When I boot it without an SD inserted, the ethernet works fine:   Ethernet cable connected: yes Ethernet MAC address: 00:39:36:30:39:31 Ethernet services running: yes DHCP: enabled IP address: Netmask: Default Router (Gateway):   Not Working: SD and ethernet together (ethernet gets disabled)   However, the moment I insert an SD card, I get various errors and the ethernet disconnects:   [MIOS32_ENC28J60_PackageReceive] glitch detected - Ptr: ff09, Status: 7fb8 (max: 05ee) cd7f   or   [MIOS32_ENC28J60_PackageReceive] glitch detected - Ptr: ffff, Status: ffff (max: 05ee) ffff     Working: SD and no ethernet   If I boot with the SD card inserted, the MAC address is recognized but the plugged-in ethernet cable isn't detected (which could be due to another error):   Ethernet cable connected: no Ethernet MAC address: 00:39:36:30:39:31 Ethernet services running: no DHCP: enabled IP address: not available yet Netmask: not available yet Default Router (Gateway): not available yet   When this happens, my router actually recognizes the ENC28J60 and assigns it an IP address.   Here's my cheap-o eBay ethernet adapter:  
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