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  1. This is the first time I see this here - seems like an easy pairing with MIDIbox:     This seems to be the only place to buy it:
  2. FS: 1x Alientek SSD1306 OLED

    I have 1x unused blue Alientek OLED (as chosen by TK). The protective plastic is still on the front. These 16-pin I2S/I2C/Parallel OLEDs are now very difficult to find! 9€ for the last one. (2€ shipping to DE, 4€ for the rest of the EU)      
  3. MIDIbox Live MIDI Quantiser?

    Hi Roel, check your PM's from 5 years ago - we had this whole discussion and I helped you setup your compiling environment to get 0.5 up and running :)
  4. MIDIbox Live MIDI Quantiser?

    Audio Commander's AC Sensorizer on the PIC18f quantizes incoming notes and note-timing based on the internal or external midi clock: - harmonizer with 20 scales (minor, major, blues, spanish…) ? harmonizes generated or received (by MIDI!) note-signals - syncronizer: master/slave mode (autodetect clock input switches to slave) and selectable BPM - quantized events: 1/2/3/4/6/8/12/16/24/32/48, selectable per sensor Although this was made primarily to read and interpret incoming analog voltage signals via an AIN module, it's great for midi too. If you're interested, I have version 0.5 which isn't listed on that page.      
  5. mb808 - pro's and con's of building with a LCD?

    Just get the screen. You can easily ignore if it's a subtle colour like orange on black.
  6. Nextion HMI displays for designing UI's

    It's a resistive touch screen, so no multi-touch. BTW there are supposedly authorized sellers of this on eBay. Search for Nextion. Also, the enhanced version has more flash, an RTC and some simple GPIOs. 
  7. Most MIDIbox displays are quite utilitarian. You have to admit, CLCD's have their useful limits when designing user interfaces. The tiny OLED's also have limited value, and there hasn't been any touchscreen developments. Imagine you could quickly design the graphics & interface for a touchscreen display on your PC, download it to a custom standalone LCD - and simply communicate commands over a MIDIbox serial UART, eg. button presses, page changes, sliders, gauges, etc. That's what Nextion LCD's do - they cost about $15 USD (2.4" 320x240) to $80 USD (7" 800x480) and have an STM32 on-board with flash to store graphics and commands.       I bought a 2.4" to connect with a little custom sequencer I'm building. I'll write about my progress here.
  8. MB808 Seq Help. Not saving patterns

    The from mb808 page: Song: restore pattern chain A1..H8. Up to 64 chains can be stored in a separate "Song" BankStick), same selection method as in pattern page. If no "Song" BankStick is connected, all LEDs will flash to inform you about this state (no Chain store/restore possible). The CS configuration of this BankStick can be changed in the setup_*.asm file. By default it's CS=3
  9. MB808 Seq Help. Not saving patterns

    You need multiple eeproms.
  10. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    I was just looking at this problem again last week with a new Ethernet board I bought.   My results are exactly the same as Rowan's above. Must be a bug somewhere!
  11. FS: 4x SSD1306 OLEDs

    ...and sold
  12. FS: 4x SSD1306 OLEDs

    I bought 4 blue Alientek OLEDs (as chosen by TK) for 8 euro each and never used them. The protective plastic is still on the front. 4x for 20€ (2€ shipping to DE, 4€ for the rest of the EU)      
  13. Mongrol's MidiboxSEQv4 Build

    I used Inkscape on Windows extensively to make my MBCV2 case and never encountered any problems like you mentioned. Very strange!
  14. Does this theoretically have double the polyphony seeing as the stm32f4 has twice the CPU power?
  15. Need a LCD Display 240x64 for Yamaha RS 7000

    spange187 - why don't you ask Yamaha to sell you a replacement LCD? It's also the same screen as the RM1x and the Portatone PSR-740.   jojjelito - that link you sent is for a Yamaha SY77/TG77.   I already confirmed that it has an EL foil ;)   FWIW, I've had two RS7000's for 12 years, and before that an RM1x for just as long - the EL foils get slightly dimmer with time but not drastically so. But as I said, none of the coils have ever made any noticeable noise.     btw, here are my crazy RS7000 mods: