Reply to Question about expected behaviour in Song Mode

By TK.,
Your contribution to the documentation project is very welcome, you've my full attention to sort out some details! :) Some months ago Borfo started with a new Wiki page:
You could either try to integrate your manual there, or start with a separate one.
In any case I will link to the manual from the uCApps page once you feel that it's ready for broader publication. To your questions: The pattern synchronisation is a very cumbersome part of the firmware, and the behavior might change based on user requests in this or the other direction. So: the behavior without guide track isn't specified, it works "as is" ;-) 256/256 is the only option where we have 256 individual steps in the parameter layer, which is typically velocity.
128/128 and 64/64 are redundant, but they exist due to legacy reasons. It could be, that some users have patterns which use this configuration, by removing the configuration option the menu handler wouldn't be able to show it anymore. If RollG is not assigned to a trigger layer, it's always 1
The same "trick" is used when the Gate trigger is not assigned to a layer. It means >96. Since each step has 96 ticks, values >96 won't lead to an effect and therefore displayed as "++" "--" means that there is no effect at all.
Due to the way how parameters are stored in the parameter layer, I had to handle the first 16 values as dummy entries. Inc increments the step with each played note.
Since in poly mode multiple notes have to be entered into a single step, the Inc option is disabled in this case. Yes, this is intended: ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Called from SEQ_MIDI_IN_Receive() if MIDI event has been received on // matching IN port and channel ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// s32 SEQ_RECORD_Receive(mios32_midi_package_t midi_package, u8 track) { // step recording mode? // Note: if sequencer is not running, "Live Recording" will be handled like "Step Recording" u8 step_record_mode = seq_record_options.STEP_RECORD || !SEQ_BPM_IsRunning(); (as you can see, some answers are in the source code ;-) added to the wishlist for V4: ---------------------------------------------------------- Track Event page: CC message for GP ENC 11-13 only if CC is visible ---------------------------------------------------------- AStart: ensure that recording is started with first step ---------------------------------------------------------- Allow to delete presets ---------------------------------------------------------- Add option which avoids that each 4th gate will be turned on in the initialisation pattern. ---------------------------------------------------------- Song Page: add "Mute Pattern" (all 4 tracks) command ---------------------------------------------------------- Add command which copies the current pattern configurations into multiple pattern slots (e.g. current patterns -> A1/A2/A3/...) ---------------------------------------------------------- Check behaviour of "BUTTON_SAVE_ALL" and "BUTTON_TAP_TEMPO" - they are implemented, but it seems that they aren't working? ---------------------------------------------------------- Integrate revised F1..F4 assignments into mbseq_hw.v4 files: # Following button functions are usually assigned to Fx # buttons, or to dedicated (labeled) buttons # In Wilba's frontpanel layout: # F1 is located at SR M3 Pin 3; by default it is set for quick access to the Bookmark page. # F2 is located at SR M2 Pin 2; by default it is set for quick access to the Jam page. # F3 is located at SR M2 Pin 3; by default it is set for quick access to Tap tempo [if that can be made available] # F4 is located at SR M1 Pin 2; by default it is set for quick access to Save all patterns [if that can be made available] # and there are dedicated buttons for Copy/Paste/Clear/Utility/StepView # SR Pin BUTTON_BOOKMARK M3 3 BUTTON_RECORD M2 2 BUTTON_TAP_TEMPO M2 3 BUTTON_SAVE_ALL M1 2 ----------------------------------------------------------   Added to wish list for V4 Plus (since much more memory will be consumed, too much for the old cores, feasible with the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4): - allocate some memory to sort the directory view instead of loading directly from SD Card - allow to define delays based on ports & channels instead of only the port. Best Regards, Thorsten.