Problems running app on new STM32F407G-DISC1 pcb

By illogik in Testing/Troubleshooting,
Hi, i replied to this discussion: but i guess the board is a better place for it? Maybe someone could move it here. In short, the original poster and me both have similar problems with the new stm32f4 discovery pcb (STM32F407G-DISC1). The app will not run if only powered from micro usb; i think it has to do with a new ST-Link (ST-LINK V2A compared to the old ST-LINKV2)  that is on the newer boards. According to the datasheet the new ST-Link has a know limitation; Activating the readout protection on ST-LINK/V2-A target, prevents the targetapplication from running afterwards. The target readout protection must be kept disabled on ST-LINK/V2-A boards.   See the original thread for more details. So is this an issue or are we doing something wrong? thanks in advance, marcel  
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