Reply to kicad footprint - switch - dtl 2 itt - anyone

By Phatline,
i downloadet a eagle trial,    opened  the   Library where the Switch was in it --- and in it i run the script: eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp   -  download: then just include the library inside kicad,and we have it... @Antichambre : quest: do you have seen this switch too anywhere? :: ITT D6   or also named   C&K D6   i have seen that the are used in seq_v4l MK2:[]=seq   made by antilog devices - @latigid on i think this is you?  can you please share your library/or export the footprint?   or @ilmenator do you have a footprint for it? and are willing to share?   thx for help