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  1. ...thanks for feedback. he solved it this way: solution was completely resetting all settings on the iPad as it only sticks to the configs of when you plug TM in for the first time, can change ports/names all you want after but it won't refresh them without a hard reset.
  2. thanks for the thip... he says he has a Ipad... but maybe there it is the same problem, but with a extrem more complicated way to do that solution...
  3. see title.... a friend of mine has a iOS device (apple), there it shows only 1 USB-Midiport, while on his Win-PC with the same STM32F4-Board it shows 4 Ports! any idea to fix this on iOS?
  4. still in the build... i addet a wiki, with the progress: Triggermatrix 4
  5. http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=dipcoref4
  6. i had bad expirience with cheap Solder-Lead - which FLUX has low resistance > better clean all up!
  7. i changed the post - with the requested/answered questions: 90+40USD(Fedex)=130USD = 110€ the import taxes gets % on the 90USD (76€) + a handling fee (cant remember exactly its about 25-40€ only for the toll-affort..) i suggest about 60€ for the import... so its arround max 170€ Maxim decidet to go for Frontpanels.de
  8. China: 90 USD Additonal Infos: Production time will be about 15 days for sample and 25 days for mass production. Yes the finish is black anodizing as your requirement. Shipping cost for 1 pcs will be 40 USD by FedEx. As for the import taxes of your country, i m not sure if there will be a cost or not. But we usually write the value very low to avoid the import taxes. estimate: 90+40USD(Fedex)=130USD = 110€ the import taxes gets % on the 90USD (76€) + a handling fee (cant remember exactly its about 25-40€ only for the toll-affort..) i
  9. frontpanels.de 260€ incl VAT incl Shipping https://shop.frontpanels.de/Frontpanels (additional print: 22€)
  10. placeholder for The Beast (julianf) - UK http://thebeast.co.uk/?page_id=1229 got feedback for technical details (1.1mm Radius on corners... have to change the CAD-Drawing - then resend the CAD) waiting for offer
  11. the prototype is built, and used by me to make electronic live music... now time for Serial Number 1, here some progress update - soon there will be a 2nd User in the world who uses a Triggermatrix ;) since the Old BLM of @latigid on is not produced anyone - this will be a Unikat..... A Render of the Anodized-Alu Color theme: or black... Made a PCB for the extra Buttons: the rest are MBHP Modules: 2x MidiIO, CoreSTM32F4, and DINX4 + BLM16x16+x from Latigid on... some wood, a CNC made Frontpanel, and Buttom+Back-D
  12. I have to order a big panel`(ca. 40x36cm...) ... for this i will get me some Quotes from different Services... And then make a price-comparison here... Do you Have some recomendations? Panel - for the quote: TM-V4-Dimensions.pdf
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