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  1. very nice! will be my first invest in 2020.
  2. Hi, uygroove 1. This is not a Tascam Support Forum! I just wrote a tool, to handle Midi-sync with any Analog or Digital Mixer that have not a Midi-Port. 2. You may turn that "Mode"-Switch from "Card-Reader" to any of the other Modes, and restart. (Helps?) 3. You may turn off Class Compliant Modes 4. You may put a new Firmware-Update-File on the Root of your SD-Card - Root (already extractet when downloadet as zip file, of course). And read the manual about firmwareupdate-process.   have a nice day.
  3. Wilba Seq FPanel - 2x Button Caps needet

    thank you for the mouser link!!!
  4.   my first Art-Music-Video, the story goes round the hamsterwheel it sadness and the escaping off it... there are also english subtitles! and also german subtitles (Because i sing in austrian dialect)
  5. mongbox.jpg

    From the album C - Stuff

  6. SEQV4, Wilba PCB, Mongbox Case

    From the album C - Stuff

    phatlines built - made for User C4M - have fun.
  7. i have lost 2 pieces off this Black Buttons (dimensions: 12x6mm - height 11mm) does anybody have 2 of them -coming from austria or france (i built this mongbox for a france man...) or does anybody know where to get them from --- THX - mike.
  8. sell BLM16x16+X

      i have to mixdown 2 cds the next year.. i need a "elektron analog heat" for this i need money. you see in the pictures: - it is 32bit driven, has lots of midi IO, and a expansion port on the front (AIN, DIN), push-pull-sd-slot, and a bootloader switch. - i removed the built in faders, since i used the blm live on gigs, and i had the fear, the would damage the pcb while transport... also not needet it - i used the place to Label the matrix with a sticker... - you can connect it to a seqv4->32bit version for it is aviable, or you program your own sequencer. (like i did >[]=triggermatrix )   i have two of BLM16x16+X PCBs- already assembled> so i  deliever you a brandnew never used - device (new buttons - not used LEDs) - only core/midi-io and case is used - which itself is rock solid! leds are: blue-green-cyan   Price: 1100 here more detailed Calculation: (without the expansioport, additional midi IO) so you see where the cost is coming from... - i would sell it on - and i think i would find a buyer there - but i cant post there (not enough posts or +-points) -maybe someone can give them a wink...   
  9. How did i manage to fry my STM32 disco board?

    yes, 5v to pa0 and then reconnect usb and watch what mios studio should day "bootloader" as usb port instead mios32, in this mode upload s nother app...
  10. crimic-live-at-JET-Benefiz-Concert-2019-06-07

    i mixed our sound on stage with our own mixer (like always) with the crappiest crackiest paper monitors i ever heard (you may can send a voice on it, but bass? kick? a stereo summ of EDM > no way!) i sent the stereo-summ to the "sound manager" the sound manager was sent here from church  during his "social task year"... he hasent any clue, nor interest, he was sitting there doing "smart"-phone - no it was no "mixer" app ;) the sound manager - managed to get the thinnest silence sound on the floor ever.. and when he heard feedback from our mics, he quickley reduced our Stereo Summ on Main PA > well thank you - not! i drunk 2 beers...then it turned out that i had to build up the main pa, and helped other bands - because the sound manager havent any glue   --- what i learnt --- always - always -always  take your own Monitors with us, and sent the stereo-sum (if possible) directley to main PA --- hopefully my bandmate learnt this too -because i was the one that wantet to take the monitors with us in first feeling...
  11. How did i manage to fry my STM32 disco board?

    to cancel out a problem with your code: force your discoboard into "bootloader mode": then try to upload a simple test program.
  12. a outtake from our Benefiz-Concert - for a local youth-centrum...
  13. do you compile a standard app? or some own programmed? (> you get that message by every app you want to compile?) (i also use ubuntu - and for me its always pain in the ass - to get it running > all the librarys you have to install... luckely i dont have to fresh install my OS only once a few years...)
  14. what would your perfect control surface look like and do?

    control sourface for what? DAW? Synth? Record-Session? Ableton? ... it depends...   For in Depth Edit: Endless-Encoders with "end-break" + 2toRGB Color Ledrings with at leas 16 LEDs + LCD above it to show the parameter-name + CC-Automation + CC-Patch-Storage. or Normal Mouse and or Touchscreen if its for example Ableton   For Live Play: (all 8 or so most used Parameters for a gig) Potis and Faders for Liveact-Action well arangent and unique in feel look and size ---so you can drive it blind... i found out that there are only a few importent Parameters, to mouch of Parameters, make it to complicated...  
  15. midiphy SEQ v4+

    i had a fiew people that wanted me to make one... but when i wrote them a  realistic price the run away....  so i learned....if you send me all the parts i can assembly and solder the project for you...(sourcing parts isnt a big problem here with mouser parts list anyway - the project is really good documentaded) to shift hundrets of teuros from bank to bank is notca very good idea... i take 20€/h and can give you for that time a honorar note for it (as a free artist for a other artist for building a music device) thats the same ammount i charge for drawings and shooting photos or other arts. best mike.