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  1. i am working on @Antichambre dipcore... on other platforms (OSX) its working... on Linux from my side - i always have problems to set it up.... i remember: my environment variables and path is:   Antichambre & Me teamviewd half yesterday but didnt find out... ...maybe someone can lead me in the right direction. thx  
  2. The HAARP Desktop proto.

    what a toy - in a positiv way...

    can underline this... a big SMD make less work then THT (when thinking on the BLM 4148 leg bending actions...)
  4. MBHP CORE V3 & DIN & DOUT boards

    dont matter - there are IN and OUT Lines, and they are connected thru the PCB... but put the DIN first, since it senses - and therefore it is more "sensible" 
  5. i also like rackmount more... you can port eagle to kicad ... search for the script "Eagle2Kicad-master" from the readme: i have sucessfully made pcb, sent the gerbers to china, and got them without failures... kicad is cool
  6. Fractal Floater

    beeing creative in the garden ... machete me and urzeitcode.... you are flying here? and the wing in front is this also human or visa versa?
  7. The HAARP Desktop case prototyping.

    how do you bent that? (special machine?)
  8. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    @Antichambre : @Dipcore thx... @Case: I have UI-LEDs specially to lighten up the PCB - to Read the Labeling on it, so the Frontpanel will be Transluent. And i will make a DIY Wooden Case for the prototype - and document the Measurements, after that i have more an Idea how a Alu-Case could look... but looking on the size it would be more logical  to use IRON --- heavyness... so not a real plan @ the moment @english: mine too... if i have spoken German or more Austrian, than the video hasent take 19 minutes  ;)  . maybe Subtitels next time ;)
  9. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    First Prototype, First Working Firmware ( a lot of bugs, and not all features implemented) --- but enough for a teaser ;)
  10. inverse 595 pinset (code)

    i understand, i will implement your PIN_REVERT Function THX!
  11. 595                DoutX4                                            c-code Pin1-7 = O0-O7 = D0-D7       but     react on "MIOS32_DOUT_PinSet( 7-0,  1);"   ?is there a switch that inverses that?   i just for info: have a fabricated pcb here, and it would be nice i dont have to redoo the hardware, its a led-matrix >
  12. dipCoreF4 Ver.2

  13. dipCoreF4 Ver.2

    if you have one spare... i need one for my cc-looper project... the first revisions you sent me - i couldnt get to work (maybe because of the crystal) --- you may can sell me a assembled one? (when things in europe are easyer)
  14. das orginal video kenn ich die haben ca 2-5 und mebr cm abstAnd feldplatten ca 10*10cm und dazwischen eine petrischale mit deckel.   aber wie gesagt ich möchte sagen können das stimnt, deswegen muss ichs probieren, weil ist seeeeehr i tressant    
  15. I made this Voltage Regulator to have a variable Voltage from 1,25 to 12V.... music is from my tekkno-project "GreatFullTekk", i have different names for different genres and bands i am involved...(phatline, crimic, greatfulltekk, mjsigl, mms...) i always take own music creations for my videos... lukkely i have hundrets of it ;)   i use it to drive a Hi-Voltage Generator - to field some plant seeds ( a expirment which i really want to check if there is anything true on it! - dont belivie it until you confirmed it ;)  )   -  music by Crimic