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  1. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    I am sourceing cheap alternatives to mouser, for my projects, and for you dipcorei want to try for some of the parts. (some parts i already put in your dipcore wiki boom)   some questions: RESISTOR: do they need to be 1/4W or are there some where 1/10W is enough?   CRYSTAL: i dont know what Quarz you take... but when look at the footprint then it looks like it can only be "Reflowed" ? since the solder points are under the crystal? most of the Crystals i found have it under the Body... for example: 8MHZ 12pf how we solder them? C12-C13:20pf - had to be changed when using a other crystal.... so for the example above i would replace it with 12pf (or is there more i  have to think of?)
  2. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    4Midichannels @ each 512Steps X 32th X 128 CCs of course only a few of the 128CC should be used @ once - 4x128xCCs @ 32th is Midi Data MESS and µC Death maybe only 256Steps, will depend on RAM.... RealWorld will tell each TRACK has a shared Track length for all its 128 CCs, The Whole Track can be copied, or a single CC. There is no EDIT, you can erase a CC or Track and make it new/override CC-Looper need a Synth with LEDRINGs -otherwise you have no Feedback and Overview. --- for Synths without LEDRINGS i take MSQ-CC-LRE - it has 8x32CCs and can automate them, and Save and Dump/Recall-them -  CC-Maping is Hardcode.      
  3. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    boards arrive... now making a boom
  4. KongaTrigga

    Konga Trigga: i am on the PCB-Design right now... not finished, just at the start, but this is the UI-Arrangment i think (10x10cm PCB) has 3 Trigger-Mic Inputs (which are 0,5€ Elektret Capsulas), each for one Konga Drum. The 3 Pots are the preamp-Gain, they have to set only once... Konga Trigger then preamps the signal > the signal gets buffered mix - down to a Audio Sum - which can be use a other way (recording, efx...) how ever this is untested - and not part of the deal now... the preamped Signal then get rectified, and filtered, and go into a Schmitt Trigger, which transfair it to a 0 or 1 Logic Level > this goes into the Microprocessor: ---since dipcore has only 2 AIN > i decidet to mix down all 3 MIC and feed it into 1 AIN... maybe its not accurate Velocity then --- it has to be tested in real world, like many other functions in this shematic....   in the microprocessor (dipcore) - software functionalitys: step-sequencer (chooseable tacts 3/4 4/4 5/4 6/4 7/4 8/4...) whith just a few steps - lets say 16steps which one of the the triggers now Count the Step-Sequencer, and which one just retriggers the Sequencers Notes - is set in the Menu for this song (saved on SD) The Step Sequencer is a 2 Channel - bass and poly. they are counted equal, but we can decide which of the triggers trigger Poly or Mono Midichannel out.   a connected Keyboard on Midi-In1 is input for the Step-Record, - on the Menu i cand activate it as "REC-only" or "REC-&-Trigger" - so it just sets the Notes, or it also Triggers the Notes to Output to Midiout... There are differnt Modes for the 6 Buttons: one of it is the Perform Mode > where we can shift the Sequencer arround, have record buttons and so on.... The LCD is primary for the Routing-Setup, and a displays for different Modes - for example, it shown in Big Letters the Actual Step of Sequence     this is just a start -   (and NO its not the last 10x10cm Format Project ;) --- a Multiband-Distortion is also Planned - and then its enogh for a while)  
  5. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    did i connect the OLED-Display right?: i took this as blueprint: > it says CS0 to CS --- but on dipcore i see only CS1 --- doesnt matter?
  6. oled 1306 128x64 eagle/kicad library?

    thx - looks good - i converted it to kicad library:
  7. Midi Out not driving X0XB0X Midi In

    lpccore gives 3.3v on midi while stm32+midio gives 5v so xoxbox have problems with this non standard low voltage - try the stm core.
  8. i have this standard 7-pin OLED 1306 Displays:   and i want them to include it into a kicad project (i can translate eagle to kicad)   does anyobody have footprint and shematic file? i found in internet, some files but all of it are OLED-Foil-Connector to a PCB where all the Foil-Wires resulting into this 7-Pin Breakout - that i dont need. i have already a Display and the PCB where it sits on it - and from there i get a 7-Pin Connection to my Project PCB. short i need a Library for the complete Display shown in the Video above.   anyone? thx.
  9. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    thx! so PB6-J4A.SD PB7-J4B.SD for example? fine do i have to change anything in mios itself - or is it done in the main app/mios.config file? (i know J5 and J10 are GPIO labeled on standard core docu - but J4 is for IIC)
  10. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    hey i am working on a new project "Konga Trigga", and i want to reuse the DipCoreF4 for that again... since it is really handy i need 3 Digital Inputs (used as Trigger inputs  -  feedet with Schmitt-Trigger Digital Signals)   i dont want to connect them via a slow shift register - since it is trigger > it is time critical. As far as i can see i can use J5.A0(PA1)  +  J5 A1(PC5) > and set them in Mios as Digital Input, makes 2 so only one Digital input left - is there any other Pin i can use as DIN? (LED.1, LED.0 for example?)   User.Butt (PA0) > is for Bootloader Switch  - maybe that one?
  11. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    i addet the suggested DIN7 - thx. i ordert the prototype pcbs - should get it in 8-25days thing is mouser boom... at least 8days time for that. these is the final proto-design:
  12. [WTB] BLM 16x16+X PCB

    i have one, already assembled, only thing left is a case... but cant ship to US - yesterday i payed 83€... and the receiver will have to pay also import taxes. good look.
  13. Starting MB6582 build

    interesting - please upload some pictutes
  14. Organ1.jpg

    its a kongo trigga mic ( mount it in/under a konga drum . the drummer retriggers my on organ set notes ) the concept is working and i plan a 3 voice konga 10x10cm pcb for it (here it was a quick prototype)  
  15. Organ4.jpg