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  1. Looking for 4x PIC18F452 pre-programmed

    mine are used... so they dont look new and you have to be carefull by plucking them in.... 20 eur i would say... what i s arremex in a few words? and what i have to do to calculate shipping costs for them... i dont have a clue
  2. Looking for 4x PIC18F452 pre-programmed

    i think i have 4 of them... where you are from? i am from austria...
  3. [FS] mb6582 w 8x SID 9V

    with original c64 220v psu 8x 9v chips (4x 8580 4x6582) 3 pairs with 18nf caps 1 pair with 22nf  -  replaceable plug with pinheader test video: 950 incl postage in eu
  4. is this normal that the Sync-Mode LED (not the sync on OSC -  i mean the BPM Sync) dont light up -- in which situation it should light up?    -  just testing my device thru... and want just check that everything is ok.
  5. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    PCB-Design: i want to to save space and money by combining core +midi io  + ui   on one pcb   /// or and Sandwitch Made with Kicad: on the Backside of PCB there have to plug in a STM32 Discovery Board... + 4x Midi Sockets/Cables which are not on PCB --- they have to be mounted on Housing. The Downer - Left Mount hole is a error this section has to moved a bit - at the moment, it looks in the pin header of the discovery... Also the µC-USB-Port hast to get free, i think one of the Midi-Connector-Pin-Headers is directly bevore the plug...  
  6. WTB: MB-6582

    you may look for a9vac + 5vac   usa c64 original psu with original connector...ebay for example.   if you dont think you can handle that . i could modify the circuit but that would need more time and additional shipping costs for the parts . and digital money. which i need to pay my bills...i have more cash and alternativ currents... (exchange groups. time current and so on )... anyway if you still want it: i today drilled the frontpanel... but before making a video . i want to upload the newest firmware... but before i need to know from you: quest: what ENGINE do you want - for that inform yourself the posibilities:   i preefer the poly engine instead of multiple parts... would be other when having ledrings....   best mike   
  7. thx guys... i took the push pull variant.    
  8. a  is there is there a footprint aviable for this?
  9. thx for connection!   yes interested! for eagle file. its cheap and available here in austria.
  10. hei   searching for a supllier (EU/Austria) for a SD-Slot   -  like on STM32F4 Core, or even better would be a micro-SD  -  slot  - because i have a size & price topic!   i also need a Footprint/lib for it   -  Eagle or Kicad   - or any other Format which can be easy converted to KICAD (thats what i use)   --- so anything that is in the standart library of these programs - and is available in EU   i found @reichelt and its looks pretty much like the STM32F4 cores socket... (happy that they have a slot now!)   Then the interconnection to the core for me is not clear, @latigid on i think you can help - since you have expierience whith your wcore,    i have this pin-out: dont know if it is right up to now, and one -i- not connected yet - the CS maybe --- maybe total wrong what i have done... the datasheet from reichelts socket is: qest: are the pinout-Numbers of a Slot Normed? (like on a XLR-Plug, or a Midi-Connector?)  
  11. kicad footprint - switch - dtl 2 itt - anyone

    @latigid on whoho - thx!
  12. kicad schematic files for MB modules?

    i think: the files you see on ucapps, are made by tk, by not using Kicad.   i by me do it this way: open the pdf, and draw it new... dont ask for it - i dont have rebuilt the modules - when i need exact the modules - i buy them... but for example, i am drawing this shematic right now: the bad side, is finding the footprints, since there is a lack of wiki use - a few have to taken from eagle using this script: or from different websites   ... the footprint for the discovery module can also be found in the net....   i will try to combine the searched stuff in a lib... but i am not that profi to do so at the moment, - its a little bit a mess... hope to find out how to merge different things...
  13. kicad footprint - switch - dtl 2 itt - anyone

    i downloadet a eagle trial,    opened  the   Library where the Switch was in it --- and in it i run the script: eagle-lbr2kicad-1.0.ulp   -  download: then just include the library inside kicad,and we have it... @Antichambre : quest: do you have seen this switch too anywhere? :: ITT D6   or also named   C&K D6   i have seen that the are used in seq_v4l MK2:[]=seq   made by antilog devices - @latigid on i think this is you?  can you please share your library/or export the footprint?   or @ilmenator do you have a footprint for it? and are willing to share?   thx for help
  14. WTB: MB-6582

    well then you have to search for a nother SID seller (scottsover or what was his name? is selling his for 1100 and he is US i think), because i am not willing to change the circuit, by desoldering parts on double sidet pcbs· ....invest in new part and so on...
  15. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    what stuff you mean they have a lot. what midi? cc clock? a plugin? (asking as intrest cause still use ableton and max some time)