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  1. build timelapse:  
  2. thx... have more detail to the problem i think: the Bootloader switch was in "bootload" position everytime... i did because, in this position it booted up normal - so i guessed... now after i give it that 330ohm resistors R102 R101, --- it dont boots up in the same position because it is in "real" bootload position.... after switching it to the other side the problem is gone! ---good to have a functional bootloadswitch in this time... because in some month when i need it in real (hacking into code maybe) - i would come in some serios trouble - because of thinking the switch do its job - and the MCU which is fix soldered - is gone or something   THX
  3. interesting, i tested the loopa, without case & with that without the SWITCH i now soldered in the two 330OHM resistors... now it is working  --- maybe this changes when the device is assembled again... i will report (also i will destroy usb cable to see the power draw :)   )
  4. i dissambled the thing now to get to the  core pcb --- it is set to  3.3V' yes.
  5. in about 24 minutes the video with the problem showing is up here:  
  6. It doestn matter if a midi IN is Connected or not... so focus the Topic on this without connecting anything on MIDI IN: When there is a Midiconnection from any Loopa MidiOut (DInSocket)  --- to a synthesizer  --- then it dont boots up   >>> no Midiloops because no Input Connected on the Loopa. Its not hardwarestress on the sockets or some Hair-Cut PCB Failure ... because - if the Midiconnection is pluged out on the Synth-side ... and the cable is still plugged into the loopa --- the loopa boots up!   Ground loop: i rotated the 230V power 180° of my synth - doesnt matter I powered the loopa via a 2A USB PSU - doesnt matter I powerd the loopa via a Lenovo T440P laptop on Battery without connected a PSU (so its isolated from any loop!) - doesnt matter so no ground loop here.   when connected to my laptop - and the loopa is not booting up - i dont see the loopa in mios studio (no bootloader mode or mios32 entry here)   & it is not the cable itself: i have tested 3 different ones (one bought from thoman), and 2 i made myself (thick sommer cable, neutrik connectors...)   & when i trickked the loopa to boot up (hot plug Midiout after booting) - it is running normal  - it receives notes, and it sends notes . ( as far as i can say, since it is a new device for me)  
  7. what can that be?: * the loopa is totally unconnected... then plugin usb cable --- loopa and display boot up - normal * the loopa is tottaly unconnectet... then plug in midiIN1 or 2 ---then plugin in usb cable --- all ok * the loopa is totally unconnectet... then plug in MidiIN1 or 2 ---then plugin in MidiOUT1 or 2 or 3 - but without connecting a synth on the other end --- plugin in usb &  loopa boots up - all ok * the loopa is totally unconnected... then plugin midi''IN1 or 2 --- then plugin in MidiOUT1 or 2 or 3 - connected to a NordRackII or Dipcore - plugin in usb & loopa dont boot up (power led blinks 7 times i think, then it stays on power)   when i then disconnect the Midiout plug after a time it boots up   the last case, isnt pysical stressed --- i connect on one of the midi outs with a loose cable (without a synth on the other end...) --- then it boots up normally. i tested it with a Nordrack III   and   DipCoreV2 (cc-looper)   workaround for now is to connect the Midiouts every time new before booting up the LoopA   ---- but i dont want to stress the MidiSockets for ever....
  8. it took me a long night ---but --- i finished my loopa now:   some notes to the video, and build up: on  the start of the video i saw on your video footage that you had stuffed PD11 --- i think on later video minutes it isnt stuffed anymore (and thats is correct, since with the jumper cable stuffed you are in bootloader mode forever) on the lcd capter - a bit confusing - it came to my mind - i saw that you solder the package together without removeable female headers... or at least it looked like it... i nearly did that... i hadnt that tiny m2 toax screwdriver at home... lukely i had fitting flat one... the fix solderd lcd i dont like (specially i got headaches when the lcd dident come up - because of bad PSU - i thought i had to de-solder the thing ) its much  easy to put the white button caps into the button, when the button already sits in the pcbs! ( i scratched my finger with one of the Button-legs...) a good place for a Bootloader-switch is above the Reset Switch... the display has sharp edges that scraped my plexy window while mounting it and position it... so stick the plexi with tape on the top case bevore (i dont think the plexi part was in the video)   most of the times the displays dont startup (stay black) when the loopa is connectet to my lenovo  t440p --- on 2A usb wall Supplys it starts everytime... Missing parts: 8x Beilagscheiben (only 8 deliverd) - so i only stuffed them in the inside of the case (base pcb mount on metal case) 3x Nuts, where 1 was my fault (gone to floor...) so i think 2 where missing (to bad that i have thousends of m3 but not one m2 nut) its ease to destroy the winding of those m2 standoffs-outside windings... when you suddenly found a m2 nut - and its a stainles one....   i must say its not the easyest project... specialy this clever sandwitch... i had to assambly and disambly the things  many times... next time it will be easyer...   the video method i like, but on some points - i whish i had normal website and still pictures (aka assambly manual) --- specially when my internet connection is bad again...   I like the look and feel of the device! i made a timelapse while building... so there will be a video some time...
  9. bevore starting a external jamsession - its time to integrate new hardware, check devices health status, and check: are all cables in the case....   --- short timelapse.  
  10. Komet2020-BloodMoon2018-Funkeln2010

    thx me too... feels like there are too much possible projects sometimes... ---luckely finally all loopa parts (mouser delayed) are arrived - and i can begin to integrate it to a Guitar-Synth --- some kind of Footboard to remote it. so me and my guitarist can jam together more better...
  11. 10year old track, and some stop motion night sky videos....    
  12. ok when height dont matter than this is the only replacement at the moment: (2,54mm, 2Row, 10 Pins, Female, Thruhole, without cutting a more pinned header...) i phone mouser now.... to change my order... want to start solder ;) not to wait. EDIT: mouser munich - nice - ok will get it soon ;) thx
  13. is there a alternative for   this part bis delaying most of my parts.... 21 weeks leadtime
  14. CC-Looper (4ch controlchange looper)

    prototype is running... with some modwires... so the pcb has to be changed a bit.   i made a video on: how to upload bootloader, app, and buil app and so on for the DIPCORE: