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  1. does anybody know a box, that converts 0-3.3V Analog Control Voltages, to all common CV-Voltage-Ranges? a box, where i connect a powersupply... a cv-input, and the box, outputs the CV on several outputs - or decided wich a switch between the ranges....? else - has anybody have builts such a thing? or have a shematic? Thx 4 input.
  2. well lets try... I saw on the LPC17 shematic: That on J5A - A3 a DAC is aviable @ I assume 0-3.3V? for CV I need a level shifter to get 0-5V (Analog) >>> I assume OP-AMP will do the job I will use some pins from the DIO-MATRIX as GATES, so i need no Logical Level-Shift - (0V and 5V) Most of UI and the GATES is done by DIO-Matrix: Features (very minimalistic) a ADR and a midiclock-synced-LFO mixed to one CV-Output, 5 Real Encoders (4 Menue Encoders, 1 Menue-Encoder
  3. we checkt some songs... which are working... which are fitting for the next gig...
  4. ok since i am not a seqV4 user... i also come in trouble by creating a working sdcard... i needet also the bootloader "switch" because of a not reacting machine (because of not connected Hardware/Front-PCB ;) ) my workflow below... i send the sd-card tomorrow, before the lockdown: (maybe the user got the error because no session filestructure was on the card... (like on my situation) strange is that the mios-studio-ports says that "seqV4+" (its a seq v4 wilba FP without tpd)
  5. i send him a correct formated card tommorrow. if that doesnt work - where i can find the old versions of the sequencer V4? where are they listed?... maybe its something that only happens on the wilba hwcnfg.... and nobody updateted till today...
  6. i realiesd that this is the wrong forum. can someone pleadr move this to the troubleshoot forum. thx.
  7. @latigid onbut can it be a hardware error, when the seq itself make folders and files on the card, and when it comes to the user "hitting save" it makes that error? what do i miss in this logic?
  8. Can anybody comfirm the logic that this is a software-bug rather then a hardware error if it is a hardware error, he have to send the device back to me ( i want to avoid postage costs)
  9. mixed with my beyerdynamics... so in reality it needs some master-EQing - how ever. have fun!
  10. yes sounds good: transmit PC after Load a Patch from Disk - Disabled by Default, Enabled in Setup... @ PC 2 all 6 Tracks, consider one thing: you have a Synth with for example 6 independend parts/Engines, each a midichannel, how do manage your synth-savings (maybe you dont save - you just jam, beside doing midiphy, programming, and beeing hit by the nudelholz...) For example, Part1 is running on Midichannel 1, Part2 on 2, 3-3, 4-15, 5-16, 6-whatever. when you send a PC32 on Midichannel 1 2 3... -. then depending on the synth you have - on mine (nordrackIII) it load
  11. I built a SEQV4 for @C4M, now he has troubles with saving on the SD-Card... the sequencer itself makes Files and Folders on the SD, but when it comes to the user who press "STORE" he get an Error --- it could be Software-Bug... why i come to that conclusion, please read our PM-Traffic: (RED: C4M, GREEN: ME) I can select the track I want to save (Track 1- 4) but when i try to select a target it says "Bank #0 not available" , I tried to save anyway, choosed a name for my project, pressed save but there is a message " SD CARD ERROR / E131 (FatFs: D 5)
  12. possible to add a Midi PC TX option in the settings? i know there are more then 128 Sessions on a loopa ;) .... so maybe send a "Bank 0, Bank 1" in addition if you go over 127 Presets. If the Bank is a problem, just transmit Session 0-127 (minimal midi compatible to most synths or sequencers, that would be enough) @ the moment the looper is my masterclock, and it also should send a programchange - after loading a session, in a live situation on stage it would make live much easyier...
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