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About this blog

A little blog on my seq v4 build 2016


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Alasdair Moon

The Sequencer is finally up an running in his new Acrylic case ...

Todo's ... adding a 5 Volt external PS for the STM32F4 instead of USB-cable and building the Frontpanel for the Line-Driverstuff




Alasdair Moon

I ran out of 15k resistors for the AOUT but still ...

Line Drivers connected and all works fine ... well all sockets get 5 V where they should ..

still a bit confused with the ribboncables .. hope S0 and S1 are not switched ..  



Alasdair Moon

After some configbattle with the Pickit2 clone (Vdd has to be 3 or 4 volt instead of standard 5) all 4 PICs for the of the Quad IIC are programmed.

But I had to notice that at my 2 Midi IOs only 2 LEDs do blink on startup :( although 4 days ago all worked fine.

I think it might be my SD card (I took a very old one from my ) or the the slot, so the hexfile is not read completely ... mor debughing soon ..



Alasdair Moon
I always wanted to say this too ...
Still some troubles with the MBSEQ_HW.V4 file
Some functions are not supported by the MIOS .. at least that is what zhe MIOS Studio tells me.
Like LED_move, LED_JAM_LIVE, LED_LIVE and some more, plus the BUTTON too ...

Alasdair Moon
The TLV for the AOUT_NG arrived some weeks ago
Today the electronic parts for the first pcbs came ... still have to get the parts for the wilba panel and the AOUT ...
hope to find some soldering time in the weekend

Alasdair Moon
Anogher little step further to my baby ....
had a bit of panic cause the boards didn't work at first, but the only problem was, that I connected J11E to J2 of one board instead of J1 .. had one connection cable cramped wrong ..

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