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  2. picked up an old mb_lc

    the boards are well made, plenty of connection identifiers in the silkscreen, some led connections are missing and they are soldered to pads under the pcb and wired around it which i will sort out in work by adding some connect pins.   There is no info on these boards on the server, i did notice that Dan D2K used them in his mblc units but there is no info there in the forum thread, its old and any links are long gone, they are easy to understand the circuit paths etc but more info would be good as well as placement and position etc from a new front panel, I am hoping the Holt who did the original case still have some details.
  3. picked up an old mb_lc

    Fancy! If these are custom PCBs they would've been very expensive back in the day!
  4. picked up an old mb_lc

    i picked up a pickit 3 programmer and made a pic socket link pcb in work. uploaded the bootloader to the pic then mios and all was good ;)  its been a while since i was here and its all coming back!! hurrah! just have to wait for my bits to arrive from modular addict which is always the bit that is annoying, i remember waiting for kits from smashtv!! the picture above was from an old core and wasnt displaying properly on the new lcd, a quick bit of code and all is well again, no spaces etc. I am trying to find out the details on the pcbs that were inside the unit and also details on the layout on the Holt case that it came in. If anyone has any details on the boards let me know!.        
  5. Sharing: Adding capacitive touchsensor to midiBox

    Any knob made from metal will do. Even a plastic knob should do. But you'd need to increase the cap between SNS and SNSK to make it more sensible.  I use knobs from Kobler here in Germany. 
  6. Sharing: Adding capacitive touchsensor to midiBox

    Great! Did you look for and find some knob to go with it? Best Bruno
  7. Hey people, I was looking for a way to detect, if an encoder (with metal shaft of course) is touched. Since NG itself doesn't support such touchsensors I was searching for an IC. And I found it: I've added a 22nF cap between SNS and SNSK and put a 10k resistor right before the encoder. It works great! As soon as I touch the encoder, the "OUT" goes high and if I release it it goes back low. You just have to connect that to an inputpin of an HC165 and you are done. Best, Chris
  8. picked up an old mb_lc

    The new displays turned up today, all is good. Working first time, the old ones will be used for something else. I have a load of stuff on order from modular addict.  Need to build a few controller's for the studio.  
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  10. picked up an old mb_lc

    I used the original core from the mblc it's the v0 pin it wants a neg 0.3v link. This old lc had a separate power link board that gave it that. Had a dig around it last night. They are very old displays now, much better options are available now. Replacements arrive tomorrow I am just playing with this until my other parts arrive from modular addict. Making a newer controller with the new mf board etc. I just wanted to have a fudge with this old mblc   
  11. picked up an old mb_lc

    What LCD driver is set in the Core bootloader? Maybe check that?
  12. picked up an old mb_lc

    there is no datasheet for this model anywhere however, looking at close variants the v0 needs 0.3v negative feed.  Seeing as these are old lcds anyway I am going to change them out for a pair of new winstars
  13. Hi Phat, I am facing a problem with Zoom LiveTrak L-12. Maybe you may help me. I have bought Zoom LiveTrak L-12 from Thomann online. I have not used it actively. Just checked if it is working at home a few times and without SD card. It was working. I bought SD card and I put it in. When I open the unit I saw just empty white light on pad screen on right.. The unit doesn't started up. It stucked like that. And there was nothing. I pull out SD card and I tried to make the unit on. But it also didn't worked. I have shocked. Not possible. Because this machine never used or carried somewhere, or dropped, hitted. Than after a few times I test it to work with SD card and without. But nothing happened. The unit is not working with or without SD card. When I plugged and turn on what I see is just this recording Pad digital LED light is white. You may see from the photos. When I turn of the unit it still shows these lights. No matter on or off. This is also strange. I am sending photos of the unit situation with this post. If you have any idea what it can be please help. Unit is not working now. Thank You
  14. picked up an old mb_lc

    Same core my test lcd
  15. picked up an old mb_lc

    OK this is weird if I turn the core on and off I randomly get the display graphics come up for a fraction of a second then go back to being really faint. Contrast makes everything dissappear still. 
  16. Happy birthday to...

    Thank you! :) I'm too busy at this moment, but will have much more time for MIDIbox in December :) Best Regardsm Thorsten.
  17. picked up an old mb_lc

    bit of a head pickle here,  i have one of the 40x2 lcds connected to a good core that i use for build tests. With my usual lcd attached all is fine in backlight and contrast. I have connected the 40x2 and the backlight is good however the lettering is very very faint, contrast seems to have no effect when i turn the pot other than it dissapears. my core has the 7805 vreg on, i am just wondering if its not getting enough voltage, it displayed good on the old core board from the unit, but it was covered in really bad soldering. there are new connection pins on the lcd and i have measured the voltage from both pots p1 and p2 and i get the correct voltages. checked the link cables which are pushon with the multimeter and all is good.   bit strange this one.   The lcds are the TM402cd from tianma   connection is standard.   any ideas? thanks    
  18. Happy birthday to...

    Ohhh! Happy birthday Thorsten! As promised, the perfect gift is on a production line somewhere in China, assembly takes time so it will be a gift for Xmas too ;) Hope you're well!!! Best regards Bruno
  19. Happy birthday to...

    Happy Birthday, TK.! Hope you enjoy the day and find some time for a few nice bavarian beverages! :)   Many greets! Peter
  20. Taster TL1100 gesucht

    Hallo Hat zufällig noch jemand 2 Taster TL1100 + Tastkappen von Mouser über? Ich bekomme leider nicht genug zusammen, dass sich eine Bestellung lohnt.   Gruß Tom71  
  21. picked up an old mb_lc

    All is good i have managed to dig up all the old information scattered over the forum pages and other places. There are two professionally produced pcbs in this thing that i still have not found out any information about yet, i will put up some pics incase someone may be able to help, other than that im fine, it all came flooding back and im already working on the casework and upgrades.   Thanks
  22. Thanks for the hint! It caused me to look at the size of another queue in my app which made a difference. However it did not come fully good until I disabled debug messages as you suggested. I had been using #define MIOS32_MIDI_DEBUG_PORT UART0  which I didn't would be a problem but it clearly is/was. I'm now thinking about how I increase the (data buffer) capacity for debug messages. My app is not resource heavy and I'm using an F4 core, so there should be plenty available. 
  23. 8580R5 for midibox sid

    Definitely a scam web shop! All fictional prices and pictures stolen from Ebay! New iPad for 20€ instead of 40€! Ha, ha!
  24. 8580R5 for midibox sid

    Take care, picture is from an old ebay auction and it's the same designation exactly, price is too much good!
  25. Hello Don't know if it's related but I remember having app issue (MB_NG) when in debug mode combined with large "regular" data transfer or config file update from/to computer. So maybe as a start just be sure debug mod is off as soon as you don't need it and send lot of data. Best Zam  
  26. 8580R5 for midibox sid

    hello,  Looking for sid 8580 R5 for my synth I fall on the following site   " " that offers 788 pieces at 12 € each. Has anyone tried to order on this site? What do you think about this site ? Thank you for the answer. Pierre
  27. My MIO32 application is failing when the host computer sends too much USB sysex to my F4 core at application startup.  I have tried to increase MIOS32_USB_MIDI_RX_BUFFER_SIZE to 0x400 and MIOS32_USB_MIDI_DATA_IN_SIZE to 128 (256 and the USB of the core basically stops working) This has not changed the behaviour... I'm not sure what I'm doing but I would like to increase the USB midi data rx buffer. Thanks for any help. 
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