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  2. MB 6582 Final troubleshooting; encoders and presets

    Ah. So even if the menu goes from 0-FFF, FFF would represent 600 if I have set 600 as max? Because my filters only seem to react roughly in the 0-600 range (nothing changes between 600-FFF) even if max is set to 600. Does that indicate a defective filter then? Not completely confident about the health of my SID (ebay). Did you use the "standard" setup_mb6582.hex when you got your Bourns encoders working? Should I look into any settings or other firmware?
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  4. OPL3 made in China

    Hi and welcome to MIDIbox! :) I'd say there is a 50:50 chance, that they are original and will work. That ebay seller in german ebay seems to  generally have quite positive feedback, but there are also some "fake component" comments. How it could work from their side is that they pulled/desoldered the chips from old hardware, i.e. old sound cards. That's also what i would recommend, e.g. get an old soundblaster with the OPL chipset from ebay for cheap and desolder with a heat gun - that way you can be quite sure it is an original! Most of all: have fun! Many greets, Peter
  5. OPL3 made in China

    Hi, I found these chips. Are they real/good? What do you think? I can't imagine they are. Cheers, Mo
  6. MB 6582 Final troubleshooting; encoders and presets

    Are you sure your SID is at full health? I've got a 6581 with close symptomes but this shouldn't explain the encoders behavior...
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  8. MB 6582 Final troubleshooting; encoders and presets

    I used those same encoders and my MB-6582 is working fine, so I wouldn’t jump to desoldering just yet. The range shown in the filter menu will always be 0-FFF, this way you always have the same number of steps in the filter adjustment even if the internal parameter is set to a reduced range. Instead of relying on the default patches to determine whether things are working correctly, I suggest setting up some patches from scratch.
  9. MIDIbox as base for touch GUI music project

    I have yes, and I found some really cool projects. It's really crazy the stuff people come up with and build! Now, I haven't found any examples with an LCD touch screen interface, so I took a good look at the MIDIbox NG board and yeah, I guess that is going to be difficult. Parallel/RGB won't be possible just because of the lack of pins available. It probably would work via SPI/I2C but that seriously limits the choice in displays. Any ideas on how to do that are always welcome. And thank you for your link! Took quit a bit of reading through the MIOS code to get my head around it and find out how I would write my own code for it. But the link you provided already made things a lot clearer. Anyway, overall I think MIDIbox is really great. Already ordered the STM32F4 board while I'm checking out all the modules ;)
  10. MB 6582 Final troubleshooting; encoders and presets

    I'm using these Bourns encoders: Chose them since they are highly recommended in the MB6582 control surface BOM: But now I'm reading posts indicating that a lot of people have had trouble with the Bourns encoders. Maybe they shouldn't be listed as highly recommended in the BOM ... Been searching and reading a lot about this but there doesn't seem to be a solution other than de-soldering and buying other encoders. :(    Set my filters to the recommendations for 8580 found here (range 0-600 Log: on):  This didn't make any difference though; most of the patches are still really quiet. Notably whenever i tweak filter setting the range is still the full 0-FFF, and not the 0-600 that I set. Are there any other changes to be made when using 8580s?
  11. MB 6582 Final troubleshooting; encoders and presets

    I believe the standard patches are set up for 6581 SIDs. There are a few settings changes you’ll want to make in the ensemble menu before they’ll work well for 8580/6582s. (Also, I think some of the patches just have the filter closed by default.) As for the encoders... What encoders are you using? IIRC, some folks have had trouble with the “acceleration” code for the encoders. Try searching the forum for more info. Since you’re having problems with all of them, it points to either a problem with the part you’ve installed or the software.
  12. asm to hex

    Yes, I do understand this, it's no accusing, it's complaining ;) It's not easy to understand and research this in a few minutes, it does need a lot of research...and you don't get the answers easy. Sooner or later I must do this, just would be nice to have all the 4 rows of my LCD, now. There is just nothing atm I would change with the inputs.
  13. Nice. I tested the PSUs now in case of noise ratio. I can NOT recommend this cheap China PSU it makes a really loud high noise output but the JAZ PSU doesn't do this, it's pretty damn good, I couldn't recognize that the MbSID is powered with earplugs, just after sending some midi note. Next I will test the power consumption with 1Core LCD and CS stuff, a slave Core and 4 SIDs.
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  15. MIDIbox as base for touch GUI music project

    Have you looked at yet, or just the forums?  There are several midibox synths.  The Midibox SID is a commodore SID synth; there's an FM synth.  Midibox CV V2 isn't a synth, but it's also interesting:  If you look around the wiki and old forum threads, you can find a bunch of examples of people making custom synths and MIDI controllers with features that didn't previously exist in MIOS. You are not restricted to the API in MIOS - take a look at the app.c files in some of the projects (eg: - there are a bunch of hooks in that file that you can use to launch custom stuff.  
  16. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    you were right. SR10 (gates) , SR11 (trigger 1-8), SR 12 (trigger 9-16). thanks again, it's working now
  17. asm to hex

    Hey! This is 20 years thing! TK did it like that for the people who don't know how to program and flash on the PIC. So he created a MIDI bootloader.(Yes there's a bootloader ;) During some times the PIC was sold with the BL already flashed, then there was no need of a programmer, only a MIDI interface was necessary cause the MIOS8 and the App layer are uploadable with the MIOS Studio, the .hex file! Which is sent as SysEx to the PIC. I was a bit lost too at the beginning, without any ASM knowledge. But I tried, failed, succeed, and finally learnt a lot more than I expected. Most of the people don't want to change a line in the code, they just want a working machine after have building it. Conclusion if you want to change some lines in the code, you must be interested in mios8 and what it is. Follow the procedures, try, after a few steps, you will see everything lights up. ;) BR Bruno
  18. So I finally got around to finishing my MB6582. Just some final troubleshooting left (I hope): All the encoders have some random behavior to them. They will be working fine and then suddenly the value will jump a couple of steps in a random direction, even when I'm just making a small adjustment. As I said this goes for all of them, including the one where I didn't remove the detent. Uploaded the standard patches but some of them are acting weird. Some are fine, some wont make any sound and some are very quiet so that I have to crank the volume to hear them. I only have one 8580 installed and I did change the setting to mono in the ensemble menu. Suggestions are highly appreciated :)
  19. asm to hex

    I'm at the point now to have to change some stuff, too. The official procedure looks very complex and I can't really understand why there is a mplab and there is source code in asm, and can't just edit and compile an asm file, and I think it's because I have to include the files in the project and the question is where...and I don't know why this should be so hard. I don't want to reprogram mios, I just want to change some lines in the code...
  20. well, problem-solution: problem: the providet file "MIOS_Studio" is marked as Type "gemeinsame Bibliothek", while "mios_msi" (see screenswhot filebrowser) is marked as Type "Programm", "Programm" is executable with double click, while "Gemeinsame Bibliothek" is not. --- booth "MIOS_Studio" (which i got from ucapps) and "mios_msi" (Built from src on my machine) are marked as "als Programm ausführen" in the Preferencys.   solution: create a program-folder, (in for example your home folder), and add its path to your environment variables (root/etc/environment) (PATH="/home/t/program" for example) put the MIOS_Studio File (from ucapps), into the program-folder then restart system. after that its still not possible to start Mios_Studio with double click, but you can start it with a console by Typing "MIOS_Studio" @Antichambre i like your Midnight theme...
  21. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    I'll try that tomorrow. thank you for the quick reply  
  22. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    SRs: JA: 1,2; lemec_L: 3,4; lemec_R: 5,6,7,8,9, so try starting at SR10 for the gates.
  23. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    hello all, could anyone please help me with the breakout box for my seqv4+? after first testing the AOUT NG is working fine but i don't get any gates/clocks/triggers from the DOUT. in the hwcfg i have enabled SR 3 for gates, 4 for clock signals, and 5-6 for drum triggers also the setting for the 1ms pulses is enabled. when shift register nr4 is enabled all the leds on the left LEMEC board lighting up so i'm guesing it's maybe the wrong shift register. thanks  
  24. midiphy SEQ v4+

    In white 2800mcd 2600mcd was enough for me, but it's a question of taste. Note: there's a dedicated thread for this subject ;) BR Bruno
  25. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Merci @Antichambre !, did you use specific led with your mec ? i was about to choose standard 3mm 3.3v led rated for 5000mcd, is it enough bright for this kind of caps ? sorry for my my noob questions ;)
  26. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Smithy thanks for the info, but i don't use facebook anymore.. :) need to check the forum more often.  
  27. Out-of-stock parts for midiphy BOM tool

    Found a really cheap source for the 19mm transparent Multimec caps / 1S11-19.0: 35 pcs = €13.00 Including VAT Plenty of Stock, and free Shipping to the UK and Ireland, not sure about other European countries.  RS Online would have cost me  €41.38 with delivery for 40, (multiples of 10) Found them via , which figured out that farnell had the .0 missing from the part number, never trust google alone!
  28. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    having just finished my mb6582 in December, I can say without a shadow of a doubt "I wish you could get them for less than $20 now"   ;)
  29. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    Wow, brings back memories of the old SID Haul on here, where almost 10,000 (iirc) NOS 6582A chips were tested and sold by Wilba.  He sold them for less than 20 euro each too.
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