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  3. Once finished, post a photo in to claim your serial number! I would love to offer SN 111 but I don't think we're there yet :).
  4. Looks like I got it working! Will do more full testing later but all interface elements are working, and USB Midi is working. Using the JPA0 Jumper worked perfectly. Uploaded the correct file and popped the config file on the card. Thanks again Andy :) All the best, Jeremy
  5. Hi Jeremy: It happens :) That's right, pulling out the power/USB will do. Always restart MIOS Studio following a power cycle. Looks like the current one, yep! Yes, you need to jumper it, means opening up the case unfortunately. Also ensure that resistors R101/R102 are installed. Hope you can get back to the bootloader! If not, it's typically no biggie to reflash with ST-LINK or JTAG. Best, Andy
  6. Yes, I think it was the one for the STMF1 core. I did reboot the core (just pull the power/reset button, yes?) and I closed and reopened MIOS Studio. Is the correct firmware here? http://ucapps.de/mios32_download.html midibox_seq_v4_096.zip? JPA0 is on the core board? Best, Jeremy
  7. Might have been the one for an STMF1 core? Just checking, did you reboot the core and close/reopen MIOS Studio? If you did, see if you can use JPA0 to enter boot hold mode and try to upload the app again. If it doesn't help, it would need a JTAG programmer or even just an STM32 DISCOVERY board if you have one around. Note that there is only one SEQ app. The configuration is set by the HWCFG file that you upload onto the SD card. Best, Andy
  8. Hello, I got to the stage where the firmware was supposed to be uploaded. All tests (switches, buttons, LEDs) passed perfectly. Unfortunately, I think I uploaded the wrong firmware and "bricked" the core board - I can't seem to communicate with it via MIOS Studio. 2 questions: 1. If it is in fact bricked, how can I fix it? 2. When I do fix it, can someone link to the firmware for the RH MIDIbox SEQ V4? I've uploaded a picture showing the message from MIOS - the SEQ V4 has no lights, only the green light on the back pulses momentarily when I plug in power.
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  10. HI Everyone, Just a quick update, it's been a while since last one but Covid plus a child got in the way . I also had to rebuild my CNC router from scratch last winter in order to make the front panels. So, the front panels are slowly getting done, and i can finally add thing to the mock-up chassis i made a year ago. (Pictures attached) I hope all the front panels will be finished next week so i'll be able to start debugging the config files. I also still need to find a way to properly label my buttons caps. Cheers, Thomas
  11. For sale are 10pc PSM01-081A-103B2 Motorfaders. Never used. Brand new. Selling all of 100€ or make me an offer.
  12. Thank you Andy - I reflowed RN5 and IC20 - it works as expected now! I think the other two missing in the photo were probably cable related, as I had replaced the cable after taking that photo. All the best, Jeremy
  13. Hi Jeremy, The cables are the issue 90% of the time :) But what you see there is two columns not driving, so that could also be on the resistor networks (particularly RN5, pin12/13) and other shift registers (particularly IC20, pin 3/4). The other two LEDs on the first 16*8 row are not simple to explain as the other rows and columns are functional. Best, Andy
  14. Apologies - I just realised my above post is the same issue as the previous. However, I just reflowed IC17 and IC18 and made a new cable - same issue. Anywhere else to look? All the best, Jeremy
  15. Hello, I'm having some trouble with video 2, step 33, 'Building and testing JA Matrix LED cable'. MIDI CC 16 does move the LED dots, but some of them seem to be missing. Ive attached a picture - what are the likely culprits here? The matrix itself, the cable, or the shift registers? All the best, Jeremy
  16. Beste Twin-X,

    Weet u wat er met RS7000.org is gebeurd? Is er nog ergens een kopie van het forum/server om eventueel nieuw leven in te blazen?



  17. Here's a simple "cheat Sheet" I made up a while ago and keep handy. May be a good starting point for folks. I add notes to it, go experiment, and then revise the cheatsheet. . ~Steve Seq4+RefSheet.rtf
  18. Hey all, for the first time! I am currently thinking about building a "hardware scene switcher" to work with VST or AU Plugins (I use Logic). What do I mean by that? If anyone knows the Octatrack made by Elektron: what that can do is what I want to replicate. Another name for it might be something like morphing parameters between snapshots. How it works on the Octatrack: You can play that sampler/sequencer/... machine and tweak all kinds of parameters. And then you can go into another scene, and go on tweaking parameters. Now the cool thing is, that the Octatrack has a crossf
  19. As far as I know just the fpgasid
  20. 6040

    Sid Ch Select

    Thanks is the SwinSID Ultimate the only one to support this? It seems to be unavailable.
  21. Thank you for that. A bit of cable rework did the trick. It is all working now. :)
  22. Thx @dwestbury since i'm reading through your posts i'm realizing what i am up to do ...
  23. Feedback is based on SID Audio In and the SwinSID Ultimate is supporting that. It's a good point to mention this here SID Clone List so in future I will care about that.
  24. I don't think complete schematics were ever published for the MB6582 variant of the MIDIBox SID v2, but all of the schematics for the individual modules are available here: http://www.ucapps.de/midibox_sid_manual.html The MB6582 is a pretty faithfully merged combination of the original modules, so I was always able to refer to them when I ran into issues...
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