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  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    yes i suppose is just minor thing to straight out in code if you go to Menu -> Midi ->Transpose and Arp ,there yes you can set CHANNEL to AUTO BUT if you go to Utility -> Jam -> MIDI ,there you CAN'T set Midi channel to AUTO,instead is showing Channel #18 but as i said i suppose is little thing to straight out we just need to wait and give careful and precise feedback and as always THANK YOU TK for your time i feel if this works out correctly it will be huge upgrade for live perfomance capabilities of MBSEQ v4.       thanks for your time   Kazik  
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  4. midibox 18f4685 LOAD software

    hi. you don't really need to burn if you still have a bootloader on the pic. the upgrades also go through midi .. PS: But if you really want to "burn", several things are crucial. I would recommend that you take a new PIC for testing and not this one that's already baked.. in any case then do not use the file in the "midi" folder. Greetings,
  5. midibox 18f4685 LOAD software

    I am going to start the process from the beginning, the pic will be deleted with the programmer, I have the pic and the programmer to burn the file you tell me. I am lost in this. What should I do first? Thanks and best regards friend!
  6. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I was just wondering because in the "MIDI" config on the Jam Page, it has not yet been updated. Greetings.
  7. midibox 18f4685 LOAD software

    hi and welcome, Do you want to drive an update? Is there already firmware on it? Then it is possible to upload the firmware (newer bootloader or newer mbsidv2) via midi. What response do you get when you use mios studio 2, connect and set "midi in" and "midi out" for your device and you press the "query" button for example for "device ID:" 0? But please don't load a hex file for it yet ... first you need to look at which ID and version the PIC is responding. Greetings!  
  8. midibox 18f4685 LOAD software

    Hello friends, I am new and this is my first project, I bought midibox sid2, the small version. My odyssey is to load the necessary software inside the pic, I have a USB charger that supports this IC. I would like to know what HEX file I have to load into the PIC or if I have to load several. I've been reading something about a bootloader (bootloader_v1_2b_pic18f4685.hex.) I also have a file inside a folder called midi. Please, if someone can explain the loading sequence of the software, it would make me a father.
  9. multiple Clcd's

    just got the ainser 64 running set it to a single pot for now to test. and here we go!!.. EOL
  10. Someone left the door open and the light was on... So I had a quick look at the artwork.....  This is like getting a lapdance from your favourite movie star but you can't touch.!!  You sir are a tease, but I like you :).....     Queing patiently 
  11. The HAARP, an Hardware Advanced Arpeggiator.

    Hello, Unfortunately, this project is again delayed, this time the reason is the corona virus :( I still wait for the boards... And I leave the country this night and during 6 weeks Grrrrrrr :/ But to cure your impatience here is final artwork for the desktop(midi only) version. Best regards Bruno
  12. HAARP desktop version

    From the album The HAARP

  13. Looking for a core stm32

    Hello,    I may be interested into. can you let me know please? thanks, best regards, francois
  14. Last week
  15. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    I've just picked up 3 of these board, so I have 2 extra in EU, if there is anyone interested please contact me. Also, does anyone know where to source these pots in Europe?
  16. multiple Clcd's

    Working just got the 3 digit displays running after some advice and help from Thorsten. Just doing the dance, code to follow.   
  17. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten, hab jetzt den MB9090 Sequencer an der TR9090 mußte natürlich die 40174 +4051 Chips entfernen um das umzusetzen Läuft auch soweit :-) dabei ist mir aufgefallen das es einen Direkten Anschluß für diese Trigger Velo Matrix gibt J30 Data J31Ctrl damit werden die trigger und die Velo erzeugt jetzt habe ich mir gedacht ob man diese Matrix nicht benutzen kann und die Pins der software darauf hin anpassen könnte so das man die IC ´s 40174 + 4051 drin lassen könnte habe die Schematic mal angehängt    
  18. multiple Clcd's

    Just put the Ainser64 together only to realise I hadn't ordered the Ic's... gutting..  now ordered for delivery tomorrow. whats one night waiting for parts...
  19. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Auto channel works! only thing is when i send on Midi channel #5 is switching to Track #1 seems it do not switch to the next group   Morph works good so far!   Kind Regards
  20. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    that was quick... amazing! running tests!   THANK YOU TK!
  21. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten , Hammer super das du dir die Zeit genommen hast vielen Dank StormB
  22. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Das kann ich Dir reinkonfigurieren :) db "CH ", 4, 7, 1, 0 ; Track 8 // shared with OH, Switch via 4.6 (see DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED) db "OH ", 4, 7, 1, 0 ; Track 9 // shared with CH, Switch via 4.6 (see DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED) ;; Optional 909-like OH/CH selection pin. ;; In order to use this feature, set DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED to 1, and ;; select the tracks to which the OH and CH are assigned in DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_OH/CH. ;; Change the DEFAULT_TRKINFO table in the header of this file, so that both track triggers share the same pin! ;; Then define the DOUT pin which should select OH/CH in DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_SR/PIN below #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED 1 ; 0 to disable, 1 to enable #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_OH 9 ; OH track number - this track will set the SWITCH pin to 0 #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_CH 8 ; CH track number - will set the SWITCH pin to 1 #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_SR 4 ; DOUT shift register of the SWITCH (1..16, 0 disables the assignment) #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_PIN 6 ; switch pin (0..7 for D0..D7) Somit: Trigger auf 4.7, Switch auf 4.6 .hex File an bekannter Stelle. Gruss, Thorsten.
  23. MB8080 zu MB9090

    HIdiho, ist doch nicht so einfach wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe, zwar kann ich alle Instrumente antiggern und es klappt mit dem global Accent aber leider kann ich nicht zwischen Open und Closed Hat wechseln , da gibts ein pin (HiHatSelect)an dem ausgewählt wird welches  HiHat gespielt wird,0:OpenHat 1:Closed Hat.. dachte ich mach an den Pin den anderen Hihat Trigger aber das geht leider nicht StormB  
  24. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Andy, The part number is NANOSMDC075F-2 made by Littelfuse Inc. It's available from both Mouser and Digi-Key here in the USA so it should be easy to get in Europe also.
  25. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Adam, Nice work, thanks for investigating! Could you share the exact part that you used? Best, Andy
  26. multiple Clcd's

    With a nudge in the right direction from thorsten i managed to get this working today to a certain extent. Using senders and maps i have got it working however the 128bit for encoders is the problem. I did see that there is a resolution setting for pots, so perhaps i can edit this to my advantage, I am just going to build my ainser64 board and give it a try. using this section of the manual MAP<n>/HWORDI  Applies linear interpolation between data points. Up to 64 datapoints can be specified, the value range is -16384..16383 (16bit). Example: # pot is working at 12bit resolution (0..4095) # 0..2048 should send CC value 127..0 downwards, # and 2049..4095 (the second half) should send 0..127 upwards. MAP1/HWORDI 0:127 2048:0 4095:127
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