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    Sorry about the late reply. Yes, it's just for the AOUT_NG, so I only need one pair of caps. It makes it lower, so it won't get in the way of the front panel.
  4. Solved. My bad. Human error. I forgot that I had wired up output 1 and 3 for convenience, and was adjusting 1 and 2. So now I have DIN sync clock and start/stop, and it's working fine for syncing old Roland gear. Still haven't found J5C.....
  5. Does anybody know where the J5C port is? I can't find it on the Core board, or in the schematics, but the HW config file has a setting for J5_ENABLED where DIN sync and start/stop is forwarded to J5C.
  6. Hi, I have added a DIN SYNC out socket to my SEQ V4 It's connected to a SR on a DOUT board, Enabled and assigned SR in the MBSEQ_HW file, and configured in the CV page. It starts and stops my Roland TR-606, but the tempo is very uneven. I have tried adjusting the Width in ms, but it makes no difference. Anybody with a suggestion? Cheers, Hal
  7. Yo, this is absolutely amazing! How did you manage this??
  8. This is more MIdiBox adjacent since it's more chiptune. I've been very active working on my native tracker for the Commander X16 65C02 based modern 8-bit computer. Though it is still alpha (mostly because the file format may change still), it's quite usable. I've been working on a demo-tune to show at least some of the capabilities: Folks that want to know more can join the band this Friday at 8pm CST where I'll be doing a show and tell of DreamTracker and answering questions. I can even dig into the code if anyone is interested. We're doing it through Bandcamp which requires an RSVP (though the event is free) so folks can sign up here: https://victimcache.bandcamp.com/merch/dreamtracker-showcase-bandcamp-friday
  9. I am interested in the 2 white ones with push button
  10. No, the DWAM board is only compatible with the Ultra series samplers, not the classic ones.
  11. I'm trying to control a midibox sid v2 that i built years ago with ctrlr. My machine is a literal black box, it has no controls nor display, just a power switch and input/output connections. I would really like to be able to load ctrlr as a vst inside of my daw (reaper) and control the synth as any other virtual instrument, but, so far, no luck. Here's a list of what i've tried: -Latest version of ctrlr, running standalone, load the panel, set midi input, control, output -> everything seems to work. Specifically, activating the midi monitor in ctrlr i can see that for any knob or parameter that i tweak in the panel, a correspondig amount of midi data is sent to the machine, and obviously changing parameters affect the sound. -Latest version of ctrl loaded in reaper as either vst 86, vst 64 or vst 3, either allowing ctrlr to directly control midi in/out or routing them through the host -> no luck. Checking with the midi monitor, only the buttons on the left side of the panel, (init, receive, SID1-4, link osc, link stereo, play) generate a midi output, while all the knobs and buttons of the various engines generate nothing. I can play notes just fine, but no matter what i click or turn the sound doesn't change. run the same thest with the Ctrlr_ac6a3185 version, got pretty much the same result. So I'm curious, has anyone managed to run the panel in ctrlr as a vst and got it to work?
  12. Bonus Step D: Mounting the PCBs and Alluminium Front Panel to the case.
  13. Bonus Step C: Painting the Case <<<PlaceHolder>>>
  14. I sale them: 2x with wite SMD LEDS: (for Acrylic Panels without Thruhole) - these are the only two boards with ENCODERS with inbuilt pushbuttons 30€ the Pair SOLD to KSIR! 2x with RED 3mm LEDs - mounted flat to the pcb (for Acrylic Panels without Thruhole) 30€ the Pair 1x with Yellow 3mm LEDs - mounted flat to the pcb (for Acrylic Panels without Thruhole) 10€ 2x with RED 3mm LEDs for thruhole Mounting 20€ the pair I dont have Encoder-Nuts for them. Shipping only to the EU why i sell them? > i dont need them... if i am in need i would design my own pcb...
  15. new price 800€ -serviced yesterday.
  16. Will this work with the e6400 classic? If so I want one.
  17. two songs in this video sequenced with Triggermatrix 5 as drum-step-sequencer and note processor, feeded with melodys coming from the LoopA
  18. Ok. 3387 ist the one, which is used in 1st Waldorf 4-pole Revision.
  19. Thanks for your reply! It is in fact the 3387 that I am looking for, I had initially wrote 3378 in error. I am vigilantly keeping an eye out.
  20. Are you looking for CEM 3387 or CEM 3378? Both differ in certain functionality. Yes, it is rare, but not impossible to get. Wait and watch on ebay or second hand sellers, etc. the price should be double (or even higher) what it was 20 years ago. e.g. the cem3378 were rare even then. I got mine (3378) around ~2006 for 20 euros each. But those were already the last in stock. Greetings, rio
  21. Hello all, looking to purchase a pair of Curtis CEM 3387 ICs. They seem fairly impossible to find, so I would appreciate any and all leads! Thank you!
  22. Zam

    Modul Box NG V2

    IIRC this is a global definition, not an event definition ! You have to put it only once at the beginning of your .NGC config file, it will set all SRIO to the specified value. Check to be sure but probably max value (65535) is way to much, like 30sec for 32 shift register ! that's a long time before being able to push a button again. You should be able to monitor the bouncing time of the button (via midi or debug), maybe there is more than one bounce actually, you'll see. Set the debounce time about twice that to be safe, or whatever higher possible value without feeling some requested fast push don't work.
  23. Thanks so much Henk, in the meantime I already got one and forgot to erase this thread. Sorry and all the best
  24. i got one, also some other stuff.
  25. Очень красиво и профессионально! А еще я хочу представить окончательную версию вашего гениального устройства в моей одноплатной версии. Very nice and professional! I also want to present the final version of your ingenious device in my single board version.
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