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  2. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    Yes, all PCBs are final, filming of the tutorial video is starting and we are waiting for a final case from Adrian for validation! :) If there are no delays, we hope to be able to have it in shop for the christmas season :) Many greets, Peter
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  4. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    Is there any news about the status of the new BLM?  
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  6. MB808 not saving drum patterns

    Yep! Seems to be that one! lol
  7. MB808 not saving drum patterns

    Thanks Burno... Now... I wonder if it's that chip in the picture... this happened years ago during shipping.  Perhaps it's popped out again.   cheers Steve
  8. MB808 not saving drum patterns

    Hi, It should be a 'Bankstick' issue, the EEPROM(24LC256/512) which are inside your machine. check their connection or replace it. Best regards Bruno
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I have noticed on version .096 an previous versions as well that, when I implement the "note limit FX" on my AOUT_NG, CV1, CH1, it makes the gate output get stuck on. The only way to unstick the note that I have found so far is to shutdown the midibox and restart. :( Otherwise the note limit  works fine as far as pitch information. The feature just seems to have a glitch in the gate department.   Thanks for any insights.
  10. MB808 not saving drum patterns

    Hello beautiful people... my MB808 is not saving the programming. Am I doing something wrong with regard to inputting or saving the patterns?  I used to just program the beats and they'd stay until I removed them.   Do I need to replace a component inside?   Any tips would be appreciated <3   Steve  
  11. Modular Addict Back Online

    Modular Addict is Back Online.  Just ordered some PCBs yesterday. 2ish week delay for international orders  
  12.   Ahhhhh.... Now I can finally satisfy my solder fume addiction with some new MB6582 PCBs :-)
  13. Threshold calibration for Ainser64 module

    Hello Can't say for MIDIO128... but for MB_NG it's in the .ngc parameter file. Best Zam
  14. Just noticed that the MA website - with a new shiny look - is back up. Appears that everything MIDIbox is in stock. Happy building!
  15. Threshold calibration for Ainser64 module

    Thanks ! How can I deal with pinrange option ? I use MIDIO 128 for midifing instruments... Best
  16. MidiBox DAW Controller

    Hello Thomas Look promising ! Best Zam
  17. MidiBox DAW Controller

    HI! It's time for a quick update! I'm in the process of building the console frame right now. Mostly because 90% of the pcb assemblies are done and because i need a way to wire everything together without becoming too messy (I fried 2 stm32 Discovery so far due to bad wiring). So I assembled a model today and it came out great!   I'm really pleased with the dimensions and the sloping of the frame right now, but some dimensions are too tight to fit everything together, so i'll have to redo everything (thankfully it's made out of scrap wood). To give an idea of the finished console, the bottom will hold 24 faders on the left plus a master section (transport, jog, switches, surround panner) on the right. the middle will be 24 encoders plus Oleds, and a few switches. and the top will be a 19" 4U Rack on the left, a 15" Touchscreen on the centre, and 12 Encoders plus monitoring controls on the right.   Cheers, Thomas
  18. Special characters in Label

    Well, there's nothing in the doc about using ASCII code with MidiBox NG, so i'm not sure you can do that. Unfortunately my STM32F4 board fried last time i plugged it (messy wiring) so i can't try anything right now. Sorry I couldn't help,   Thomas
  19. Special characters in Label

    Thanks Thomas, but I already found that page. As @antichambre stated, I only want to use interrnal characters. There must be a simple way to achieve this I hoped (without having to us 2 character postions like ->). Cheers Kees
  20. Dout r5 wanted

    hello SSP, I sent you a PM ;)    
  21. The FPGASID Project

    +1 Good to know, wondering if this was ever tested as it looks fun to build.
  22. MB 6582 PCBs

    Anyone having any luck finding a new source for MB6582 PCBs? I've been scouring the forums here, eBay and other for sale / auction sites, to no avail... Appreciate any insight - Cheers   EDIT: ModularAddict is back online and they have inventory of MB6583 PCBs  
  23. Dout r5 wanted

    Hello SSP, I'll look at the price + postage tomorrow in the morning, but what do you think if the price for the 3 boards is 15€ , is it ok for you ? I imagine that the price for the postage should be around 5€, but I will be sure tomorrow ;)  
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  25. Armed mode at startup

    @Synthfox currently ARM is automatically enabled after booting the LoopA - but this can be added as a configuration option for the next release, should be no problem, i've added it to the ToDo-List. Best regards, Peter
  26. Armed mode at startup

    Is there a a way to avoid Loopa starting up in armed mode?  I forget permanently to turn it off and it records and records....  
  27. Special characters in Label

    Using - and >?
  28. Dout r5 wanted

    yes let me know a price with postage to the uk.  thanks
  29. Dout r5 wanted

    Hello, I have 3 DOUT R5 pcbs, never soldered. I'm in France. Let me know if you're still interested ;)  
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