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  2. Hi everyone, maybe someone can help me out. I dug out my old SEQ4 and updated to 4.097 (LPC17). Now I noticed that CCs are not coming out of it when CC is assigned to a parameter layer of a note track. Also the Mixer is not sending any CC messages (none are recognized by a midi monitor). When I create a dedicated CC track it is working. I am at it for hours now and I can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Any help appreciated.
  3. To prove that I have some PCBs here are the images of assembled sammichSIDs and sammichFM, and image of PCB of MB6582. Ideally, I would like to run a 10 pcs batch of MB6582 and for example donate 25% of revenue to Midibox project and to authors. If community and authors will approve it - I can make it. I made sammichSIDs so MB6582 would be better and more interesting. I'm just still curious if it is possible to buy originally expected enclosure. I think it is better to construct a new one using acrylic materials and probably just a PCB with a drawing for a front panel.
  4. If you made your own PCBs using the available schematics, then I think you may be free to sell them to others here, since they're your own derived work. However, you cannot sell the finished and fully assembled sammichSID or MB-6582 synths as commercial product without express permission. Someone else here may want to jump in and correct me if I got that wrong...
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  6. Yes, I have newly engineered PCBs from scratch, almost equal to original one. I do not have original files. Anyway, the synth is looking +- the same.
  7. As far as I know, Modular Addict is still the official source for MIDIBox PCBs... https://modularaddict.com/shop-by-brand/midibox-ucapps-de
  8. Hello everyone, I can make a new batch of sammichSIDs but as far as I know making replicas violates the rules of usage, because it will be a commercial project. Actually I have PCB Gerbers and project files of sammichSID, sammichFM and even MB6582. For sure I can make 10-20 of them each, and even 10 MB6582. I am located in Slovenia and I can ship them anywhere needed. So please guys deal with authors(niLS, Wilba?) that it will be completely legal. I do not need a lot of money for all of my job. But certainly I won't make it for free, just for something to eat, to drink, and to pay apartment rent. Anyway, I have a lot of experience in electronic manufacturing. Reading and writing all this while listening SID tunes from my sammichSID with ASID64 I can send photos and other information if needed. Hopes are not false. Best regards.
  9. i know it is a bit late but just in case you wanna know TRANSPOSER and ARP. --> Port and Chn. settings will determine port and channel that accepts midi data for Midi Remote Control bests
  10. Hi! Clearing out my stuff and therefore selling a GM5x5x5 USB to Midi adapter, populated, as is, most probably defective. Get yourself a piece of vintage Midibox stuff, most likely from around 2008. Asking price 15€. Shipping worldwide, Europe prefered. Shippment is extra. Regards, Michael Picture link: https://ibb.co/3cdhVW2
  11. i programmed a max for live patch for it to move a 12x16 Grid launchbox, mute,arm,solo,stop... plus a midiclip editor... which is work in progress... http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=triggermatrix5#software
  12. Hi, Does this panel works with motored encoder??? https://www.conrad.hu/hu/search.html?search=motoros alps&searchBarInput=motoros
  13. Is it possible to select each trigger layer in a track directly by assigning the corresponding function to a button in the hw configuration file? The default version of the configuration file (4.097 for Wilba frontpanel) has assignments only for trigger layers A, B and C (BUTTON_TRG_LAYER_A etc.). I'm not sure what it means but the ChangeLog entry for 4.090 could mean that it is possible: But perhaps I'm mistaken, because adding "BUTTON_TRG_LAYER_D" assignment in the hwcfg file produces this in MIOS Studio (2.4.9.): For what it's worth, I would be interested in making a small separate button panel (nowhere near the size of a BLM) to quickly navigate Drum Track trigger layers, which are now two button presses away (1. press Trigger Layer C button, 2. press a GPB to select a layer).
  14. Hi TK, It works for the latest post in the thread and the original post but none of the posts in between. It's a strange one!
  15. MGodar

    MIDIO128 V3

    Hi all, Recently I could finish my first Midibox project, but I faced a small issue. I need your help - if somebody had already similar - or the same problem. My setup is quite simple: MIDIO128 V3 project using the latest V3_009 version. 1 MBHP_CORE_LPC17 core, 1 MBHP_DIO_MATRIX module. I created 2 input matrices according to http://ucapps.de/midio128/midio128_v3_dio_scanmatrix.pdf. 1st matrix: channel 1, DIN 1, DOUT 1 2nd matrix: channel 5, DIN 2, DOUT 2 Everything is working fine - anyway many thanks for that, I am quite thankful about this project. Working like charm! The problem is the following: If I keep pressed 1 button on the 2nd matrix, and I press a button on the 1st matrix -> I get extra 3 events on the 1st channel that do not belong to the key pressed. The 3 extra events come with same note, with off-on-off states. If I press a different key, different extra note values are sent. If no button is kept pressed everything is ok. I am quite confused with this behavior. It is strange as I think there are many people who could already try it out in the last 10 years. But on the meanwhile my matrices are working separately, and physically "far" from each other. Please help - if anybody has an idea! Thanks in advance!
  16. Hi Smithy, I was able to edit your post with my account, see bottom of first posting: http://midibox.org/forums/topic/20619-build-guide-midibox-quad-genesis/ However, I noticed that the "Default" theme was selected in your account preferences, while others (like me) have an automatic selection. I changed this for your account, does it work now? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  17. Hi @TK., there appears to be an issue with the forum when editing an existing post. I tried editing a post in my "Build Guide: MIDIbox Quad Genesis" thread in the MIDIbox FM forum. This is the error that came up: [[Template core/front/forms/popupTemplate is throwing an error. This theme may be out of date. Run the support tool in the AdminCP to restore the default theme.]] I tried uploading a screenshot of the above error message in this post also but it said: Sorry, an unknown server error occurred when uploading this file. (Error code: -200) Thanks for your time, Smithy. d o
  18. You're welcome! :) Access should work now. You got an email with login credentials - please change your password Best Regards, Thorsten.
  19. Can I have access to edit the wiki? I would like to complete this page: http://wiki.midibox.org/doku.php?id=mb-modulbox-ng THANKS
  20. new price 650€
  21. I am quoting myself, but just to confirm that it is possible to compile & run on a Mac M2. Thank you for the concise instructions two answers ago. However, there are a few visual glitches and a few crashes (but unrelated for working playback), probably due to using outdated classes. Crashes occur with sidplay by midi device list detection due to previously connected midi device, by window resizing and sometimes midipatch bay crashes when exiting.
  22. My power supply failed and took the sammichFM out with it. I replaced the rectifier and VREG and am getting proper voltages across the board except some of the digital 5V spots. Mem banks 2 on right all have digi 5v, but the PIC, midi chip, 3 left mem banks, and upper board socket are onpy getting 1.76V. Nothing looks burned and diodes check out. Wondering what could be shorting that line and not affecting the mem banks. Thinking it's either IC caps or a transistor. Any ideas welcome. Gotta bring this back to life. The failed supply spiked voltage up to 15V+
  23. I've identified the issues. Initially, I forgot to install a resistor, potentiometer, and capacitor. I was too hasty after checking the voltage to bother verifying if anything was missing. However, even after installing the missing components, I still encountered the same error: "SID(x) not available (CAN disabled)". I then tried using a different LCD screen, which resolved the issue. I was previously using an Adafruit 499 LCD screen, which I believe operates in 8-bit mode. https://www.adafruit.com/product/499 I'm now using a very cheap LCD screen from Aliexpress, although the display quality is poor. I know I can modify it to use the 8-bit mode but I would prefer for now to go with a plug and play solution. If anyone has a recommendation for a good LCD screen, please let me know (mouser / digikey).
  24. OK apologies, that took a little while. 6 years and 3 children later, I'm back. So Voltages match the build guide, with the exception that 12V reads as 10.86. the guide suggested this would be ok. Any ideas? Thank you!
  25. @dwestbury Vice/vsid runs stable and well on Windows (also as a x64 build). Do you currently have a Sidplay build for the mac version with ASID support at hand, which will also run on the latest macOS versions (maybe Arm64 Silikon support)? I can try to compile it according to your description...
  26. I now have to manage to turn off and on the rgbled under the switches. I succeeded with something like:
  27. I understood I have to use set_active . I managed to make it work on encoder and push button set_active (id)ENC:10 1 set_active (id)BUTTON:117 1 I didn't succeed on Ainser, I tried: set_active (id)AINSER:133 1 #EDIT: There were errors in my code. It works now. The code below works
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