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  2. Nice! What are you planning on using for buttons/pads?
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  4. hei i am currently working on a BLM16x16+X. based on the improvements released here: blm16x16_build_guide Orginal-Circuit: Improved Circuit: The Kicad-Files for it: BLM-Scalar-einfach.zip All shematic Symbols have SMD-Parts (with 3D bodys) assigned, also MouserPart Numbers are assigned ---but: its not routed - since i will integrate this circuit (like LatigidON did) on the BLM-PCB itself. - I have no interest to Route the Scalar PCB itself - but its a good starting point - if somebody want to make a own PCB. based on that, i am currently working on a BLM16x16+X: I hope i made no mistakes in the shematic...
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  6. These are digital IO pins, I guess that they are only used to check for full left/full right turns. Good enough for DJ fake pots! Best Regards, Thorsten.
  7. Hi Thorsten, thanks for your answer. I have checked the PCB again and there are no multiplexers on the PCB , only ic's for digital inputs and outputs to drive LEDs. There are 13 analog pots there, all analog inputs of the pic are directly connected to 8 of these pots (all with a resistor AS pull up , or pull down, i don't know) the other pots are connected in the same way, but to the following signal pins of the pic: pin36 -pin40, rb3-rb7. Any ideas ? BR ranger930
  8. PIC18f452 has only 8 analog inputs as you can read in the data sheet: https://ww1.microchip.com/downloads/en/DeviceDoc/39564c.pdf Are you sure, that there is no chip such a 4051 multiplexer (which is not an ADC, such a "switch") between pots and analog inputs? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  9. Hi guys, i checked the inside of an old DJ controller called kdj500( Designed for Traktor DJ Software) and found 13 analog pots and fader, all connected directly to the pic controller 18f452. Within The desciption of pic based Core Here on ucapps Website i saw this: Analog sources (like pots) can be connected to this port (8 pots maximum). If multiplexed via AIN module, up to 64 pots can be scanned. Remember that All unused analog inputs must be conncted to ground. There are also some application which use this pin as digital in- or output (mostly described in REAMDE.txt or setup_*.asm file) is there in way that will work without additional ADC ic's? I cannot find More information and need your help. br ranger930
  10. Bumtibump... Still available
  11. rvlt

    Selling PCBs

    Is the LPC17 still available? I would like to take it
  12. I'm liking mine! Though I will admit I use the real SIDs more often. I still haven't sorted out why the right channel doesn't always work (only for real SIDs and it doesn't matter which ones) in half my MB6582 sockets. I have the real SIDs in channel 3. ARMSIDs are in 1. Side by side, I still notice a lot more interesting stereo affects using the real SIDs. But the ARMSIDs are certainly cleaner and clearer.
  13. Someone on YouTube recently posted a nice and detailed side-by-side sound comparison of an 8580R5 with an ARMSID. The ARMSID is running the latest firmware, so the tests should be accurate.
  14. Nice looking great! Congrats!
  15. i made a passive design, since the fan which came from mouser, was dead from the beginning... since it is a 6582, it was not going very hot anyway... but i drilled Holes into the pcb under the SID-Sockets, and cut aways some plastic from the socket too. i too drilled some holes in the plastic body under the Main-PCB too, the backside off the SID should be enough to get rid off the hot air...
  16. Hi Novski, sorry for my late reply, didnt get a notification ! i am located in Hamburg, Germany. do you habe some PICs or complete modules? i am interested in 4 modules/Pics thanks!
  17. Hello from Hamburg! I am just building a sammichSID "Hong Kong Clone" but there is too much troubleshooting /-: So I´m looking for a working device (-: Is your offer still up to date? best regards, Lupus
  18. Nice to be back in the forum after work life got in the way and things had to change! Bought my cnc machine from work along with the laster system, just finished re-wiring it and fitting new cable chains, new power chassis for the main drive system. I used to use it for making pcbs and enclosures and faceplates so good to have this for use now. Dug my projects out and looking forward to finishing them finally over the winter months, no questions from me, just time to get on with things!
  19. Dear MidiBox fanatics, I'm selling this unit, which is the fine work of forum member rvlt. I cannot explain it better than he did, so I'm going to refer to his original post: https://midibox.org/forums/topic/20815-sold-midi-daw-remote-control-logic-control-tascam/ I thought it would be great for a new project (still think so), but life got in the way, and it has been in the closet since I bought it more than 4 years a ago. It deserves a better home. I tested it back then, and everything worked fine. I cannot provide any more technical details or support for it, but I can provide you with all the files of the original development I received from the seller when I bought it. It would not be fair to expect rvlt to provide any support for this, so this is probably more for someone who feels at home in the MIDIBOX ecosystem It would be great to fetch around the same price that I paid myself (€180) but I'm certainly open to offers. I am located in Gent, Belgium, but shipping shouldn't be a problem. Kind regards, Olivier
  20. The SeqV4 is still available......
  21. Fixed this! Is was a dodgy sn74hc595! Swapped from a working core and tested, pow! Sprung to life! All 4 cores working now I cam seal it up and make some bangers!
  22. Where are you located? I think i have several to give away, but i am in Switzerland. Postal costs are high in our sweet island…
  23. Hi, is there any chance to buy the preprogrammed PIC for this project anymore? Most of the old links are dead. I saw the blank PCB in a shop, but not a kit or the PIC... I would also buy a used kit or populated PCB. Thank You! Best, koerschgen
  24. No worries. I also like it better the usual way. Just for this special usecase it would be nice having an optional representation of the global velocity value of the track. But of course I manage well without it and I think there are more interesting feature requests out there.
  25. Thank you for clearing this up. I suspected that the song mode and/or the guide track might work with a fixed divider. I also understand now why the track played back with the wrong division after I (allegedly) cleared all the song configuration. I didn´t deselect it as the guide track, so being a guide track in a song takes precedence over the regular divider settings. Just to be sure though: I then tried to use another (empty) track as a guide track, I left the divider at 16 and set the length to 64 steps which fit 48 steps with a division of 8T. I thought this way the guide track would give me the 64 16th steps (= 48 8T steps) I need for one loop of the 48 8T steps pattern. But when I select it as a guide track the length is automatically reset to 16. Am I doing something wrong or am I misunderstanding the idea of a guide track? I got it working another way: I set Option 1/33 and 2/33 both to 64 steps, so my song is working fine now.
  26. This could only be provided as an option, because other people (like me) would very likely prefer to display velocity the way it's implemented - yes, not great if LayerA doesn't play a note (but the velocity is still displayed at the right upper corner for the selected step) Best Regards, Thorsten.
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