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  2. Midi forwarding with modification

    6. I think It should be easier if the author of KB could tell the possibilities of Midibox KB. 
  3. Another MIDIbox core

    Since I just received the PnP machine last week I don't have enough experience yet to give you informations about prices. But yes: The PnP machine places all SMD parts which are not too high f.e. electrolytic capacitors. I didn't try double-side-partmounting yet.  Regarding your comments: I use external optocoupler for MIDI I/O Micro-SD Slot is on the back of that PCB J6 & J7: I made some pcbs with faders which I connect directly to that connectors.  There is no "current" version. It's a proof of concept, which worked. So I used the circuit around the STM provided in this design here in my other projects.
  4. Another MIDIbox core

    download the files (if you have eagle) and see: Size V0: 98,5mm x 48,5mm ? Features, Legacy ports: see screenshot, (there is the SD-Slot Missing, since @FantomXR said, he changed something?... and for me it is NOT necessery, in this picture, because i need only the Pin-Headers for a Sandwitch- Footage-Kicad-Part to import.)   PURPOSE: (by looking @ shematic) J8/9 SRIO (for normal shiftregisters) Midi A+B (+HiSpeed? )(need external Optocoppler), J30 Displays(need external HC595), Bootloader-Switch(for program-alphas...debug), onboard-Voltage-Regulator (5V input regulated to 3,3V), Micro-SD-Slot(flat on board), USB over Pinheader (no onboard-socket), USB-Power-Jumper J6+J7 - Pedals+Fader are a bit J19-ish (AOUT-SPI) but thru a MCP3208? used as: "for an AINSER64-like-analog-scanning" (connect there a AIN64? dont know) SWD-Header (to program BOOTLOADER into board by using for a example a Discovery-Board), Reset-Header ... @FantomXR are the Connectors and Mount Holes still the same in current Version?    
  5. Line driver PCBs for sale

    Hi beautyofdecay, i want buy a set of line driver (Rx / Tx) boards. I am from Germany. Please contact me via PM :) Greetings, rio
  6. Another MIDIbox core

    @Antichambre I could provide such service. The most time consuming thing is to set up the pick and place machine with the necessary parts. So prototyping (= only one PCB) will be a a lot of work. But for small series I would be open. 
  7. Another MIDIbox core

    The sense behind this layout is just a proof of concept. My goal was to have an alternative to the discovery board. This design shows the minimal circuit which is necessary to get the STM running. This is why I left out almost all connectors from the original Core-Board. My goal was not to recreate a replacement because for my usecases the original board has tons of features I don’t need.  With that said: you are invited to take the layout and adapt it to your needs. To be honest most of the connectors should be straight forward pin-to-pin routing from the STM. 
  8. Another MIDIbox core

    Hi, Finally?.. What is the features of this board? Which legacy ports are available? What is the size of the board? For which purpose did you think it for? Did you make some specific changes in the MIOS32? Did you adapt it  properly? I'm opinion is that it should be fine to get the same features/ports/possibilities as the Core8 but with a core32... Could we help you to improve it? @FantomXR Your soldering of the stm seems clean, perfect on the picture... I will be interested in an oven soldering, can you provide this service to people here? For prototyping or small series. Best Bruno
  9. Another MIDIbox core

    @FantomXRI made a stencil for a solder mask from the files you provided, then just hand placed components and then it went into a reflow oven @Phatline With Midi I/O module connected you get 2 in and 2 out midi connections 
  10. Last week
  11. Another MIDIbox core

    na i think i cant use - i need midi a and b. you have only one midi port when looking at your shematic and board? it has 2 midiports yes!
  12. Another MIDIbox core

    hei. is the rest of layout the same as the files you released here? (specially the j89 10 11... and the mounting holes?) i ask because i would then project around this- to simple plug your core into my UI... i would then if i get it fit - need some of those cores. if you make a run how many is minimum. and what is priceing. do the place machine pick all smd parts on top?   mike.  
  13. Another MIDIbox core

    Great!!!  How did you mount ge STM? This was a tough part....  now with my pick and place machine it’s easy. 
  14. Another MIDIbox core

    @FantomXR Thanks for info and the files....:) was a fun little build and I’m thinking of a number of small scale projects for it. Hooked up Midi I/O today, working well and tested USB host mode with a controller connected too.
  15. Another MIDIbox core

    By the way: I meanwhile have a pick and place machine and improved the design which I populated here.  So if there is interest I could produce some of those boards .... 
  16. Another MIDIbox core

    Great to hear that it works!  I’m not at my computer at the moment. I’m not sure what kind of SD connector I used in that layout. I can look it up tomorrow.  Either it is one that is called TF01 and I bought a bunch of them from Seeed-Studio but as far as I know they are not available anymore. That’s why I changed the connector to a Molex-Connector which is available at Mouser. I’ll look it up for you.  Anyway: since the pinout is straight forward it is very easy to replace the connector in the design! 
  17. sammichFM

    Still longing for another batch for getting a second unit built - so very interested in buying if new pcb prints get made.
  18. Another MIDIbox core

    very cool! post the suiting sd card socket... and all other usefull expirience...
  19. Another MIDIbox core

    I had some of these boards made and soldered one up and I'm happy to report it works. I have to finish populating the PCB, but all looks good, bootloader flashed and the small USB 2x2 app loaded, no problems so far. I have yet to located a suitable SD card holder for the PCB, I have a few coming in the mail though.  
  20. Problems uploading images

    That worked...thanks!
  21. Mini-Core.jpg

    From the album Mini Core

    A successful build of the STM32F4 mini core designed by FantomXR.
  22. Problems uploading images

    Are you using JPGs? Can you try to reduce the file size (say < 1mb, e.g. by reducing jpg quality). This might help. Many greets, Peter
  23. I cannot upload an image to the members gallery, tried with an iPad, a Win10 computer using Edge and IE12, I always get this message. "There was a problem processing the uploaded file. -200"  Also get the same message when trying to load a photo into a thread. Ideas anyone?
  24. [FS] 2x SID PCB with components

    huuuuge cap
  25. Hello, I sell two SID midibox boards with their components (except the SID module). I built four and used two in the end. See pictures below: Can be sent to Switzerland, France, or just about anywhere in the EU. 50€ requested for the whole.  
  26. Excellent job and good video documentation! Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter
  27. Standalone_TPD.jpeg

    Yes, really well done! It is always great to see a new TPD in the wild and this one is a beauty! :) Many greets and have a great weekend! Peter
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