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  1. First MIDIBox project, do I have all the necessary modules?

    The 7 segment leds should be connected in the fashion of this document I will need some help configuring the state of the leds to change according to the use of "up/down" switches. So if anyone is following this thread, I hope to hear at least tips to where to go from here.   K
  2. Hello all,   this ismy first MIDIBox project. I bought themodules and needed components off from another builder that had these lying around without any use. I recently disassembled a broken Viscount home organ and took out the foot pedals. I am planning to build me a bas pedals midi controller to play synths on stage.  The two main  features in addition to the 13 keys for feet would be an octave selection via up and down buttons and a midi channel selection with up and down buttons as well. I suppose these are pretty easily executed, but I would like to have two 7 segment numeric LEDs to show the state of both of those paramets. So here is an image of what modules I have. Are these workable? I ope the link works! Thanks to eveyone already contributing! -K
  3. First MIDIBox project, do I have all the necessary modules?

    Yeah, so I now got the connections working and I have MIDIBOX putting out noteon/noteoff like t should. it is now time to start figuring out the 7 segment leds and buttons to work with them.   K
  4. First MIDIBox project, do I have all the necessary modules?

    Hello again, after a long time of aquiring the parts for this project I have now started the actual process. I have hookd up the organ foot pedals as in the document mbhp_dinx4_32buttons.pdf I have hooked up the LCD referrig to the document mbhp_lcd_4bit_mios8.pdf   and it seems to work fine. I hve the MIOS 1.9V opening as the chip seemed to have MIOS preinstalled. Also, Hello World! Now to the task itself. I am a complete newbie to coding. My goal is pretty straight forward and simple but I really just can´t pick up on anything that I have read on the documentation. I´m getting really confused as all the projects here seem to be a lot more abitious than my plans so most of the stuff just goes over my head. I hope I would get someone to help me with this relatively simple design. I have tested MIOS and the chip compatibility by uploading the ain64_din128_dout128_v2c project hex onto the chip. I have grounded all AINpins on the core board and the screen now says: AIN     DIN    DOUT 1:   0     1o        1o DIN R5 board terminal J1 is hooked up to core terminal J9 and the keys of the pedals are attached to the J4 and J5 as I wasn´t sure if the first, J3 would be for the utility buttons. The keys themselves should act just as triggers, no dynamics or anything. Just a note on as long as the key is held down and then note off after release. Simple. But right now I get no activity from the DIN pins. I have checdked that the shift registers The next step would be to have two buttons (momentary foot switches) to transpose oct up/oct down. And then another pair of foot switches for MIDI Ch up/down. And I would like two 7-segment leds for each pair of foot switches to indicate the current status of that parameter. I hope to get some feedback at least. Best regards, K