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  1. I ultimately would like to integrate Penny and Giles 3200 faders into my system as the servo control and adapt them to run the wiper on the existing audio track on my API faders. Either that or add a motor to the API faders and attach a servo track. I might also order a TKD MF-9101 A to see how I like it.

    One thing that I don’t understand yet- will I have to write my own code for HUI handling of mutes and automation read-write and run that with MB_NG on a separate core? MF_NG and it’s application are strictly for motor control of faders, correct?


  2. I am working on a “flying faders” type retrofit for my MCI 416A console to use with Protools. So far I have an Alps dual track fader working with the MF NG module, and I have nice two-way fader communication with Protools but have not tried to pass audio through the fader yet. I understand my biggest challenges will be noise in the audio from the fader control system and the implementation of mutes and automation read/write from the hardware fader. I thought your system might work for me, but I realize you are not using Protools...

    Feel free to email me at pgpieper@yahoo.com

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