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  1. [FS] BLM 16x4 PCB v2.0

    I have redesigned my BLM 16x4 board to fit other buttons than the Marquardts 6425 series. These have an excellent tactile feedback, but they are somewhat on the expensive side (at least if you need 64 of them like on this board). So, in terms of functionality, the new v2 version is exactly as its predecessor, see the Wiki. However, it now fits the following switches: - Marquardt 6425 series - ITT Schadow D6 series - E-Switch 612-TL1100 series (The latter are the exact same ones as used by Wilba on the SEQ v4 board, or on the TPD board.) Unfortunately, I don't have a picture with the TL1100 on the PCB. PM me if interested in a BLM 16x4 v2 PCB, selling price is 25€ plus shipping. I can also make complete kits available should there be any interest. I am located in Germany, shipping this board should be reasonably cheap - I can check if you send me your location. Best regards ilmenator