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  1. Hi, i have some MBHP for MIOS8 and i will use like clockbox. But i missing TAP button for setting BPM. Im looking for solution. I have idea, for best measure accuracy between pushes, i will use pin 15 (RC0) with timer capture function. For clockbox is not necessary hardware and its free to use. But, i dont know, and i cant find, is that timer free to use in capture mode for calculating BPM? Im trying study C and ASM code and i cant find anything. I thing, is not used and i can use it, but. Please give me some advice first, if you have idea how to solve it clearly, or im on a good way to do it. Mabe is not necessary to use something like external interruption in pin 15. I will use standart DIN pin with 74HC595 just for start and stop measure of BPM.