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  1. Custom Keycap for the SeqV4+[CLOSED]

    THIS BULK IS CLOSED Hello, I contacted Signature Plastic to know if produce a custom keycap for the SeqV4+ might be interesting, if it's not too  much expensive. It seems we can get some for a correct price, but I need 10 people interested to reach an order of 320 keys(10 Sets). This is what I asked for: DSA with ALPS mount (of course) PBT material, ABS because the lens is made with the double shot method which is only ABS. White WFK. Large rounded rectangle LED window.   and  10 people is a minimum. Price will be something like 35-40$ for a set of 32 keys. Price will be 40$ for a set of 35 keycap. Some of you already noticed me that small round window is too much small for their taste and use(in smokey and flashing light club context ;) ) So I asked SP if it's possible to make that instead, and if it changes the price. I keep you in touch. Their answer: No additional cost for this shape! Tell me if you're interested, it will be better than trying to paint the transparent keys ;) People who joined the bulk:   @secrethero303 @niles @Dimduj x2 @slo @jojjelito @otropom @u-link @thresholdpeople @Antichambre   Best regards Bruno