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  1. Berlin Trip, System Checkup

    Hi you all!   Doing some gear setup checking before traveling to berlin came out with this little 5 minutes jam.   This Jam was recorded using Midibox SeqV4 using 8 tracks, Inversed Shuffle for all tracks with 16% of intensity for all of them. 1 pattern loop only.   Gears list: 8 Channels Virtual Analog Mixer Harrison Mixbus (Running on a miniitx PC headless and armless, controlled via MIDI used as main mixer, effects and emulations). MIDI Sequencer MIDIBOX Seqv4 4 voice analog synthesizer Davesmith Tetr4 Emulated 303 and 808 - VB303 and TS808 2 Channel Sampler loop machine Controllers - UC33 and Nanocontrol