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  1. Pre-programmed PIC18F4685

    Hi, I'm want to buy 4 pre-programmed PIC18F4685  for my new SID synth. Is there still any place online or anyone in the community interested in selling? Best Frank
  2. MB6582: what's wrong with PICs?

    Hello all,   I almost completed my MB6582 and I am stuck at testing the main board. My idea is testing the PICs are running before inserting the precious SIDs.   I flashed all 4 chips with "setup_mb6582.hex", but nothing happen on the LCD...   I also flashed the 1kHz test FW --> nothing... :no:   Supply voltage is OK on all pins and MCLR (pin 1) is high as expected.   Cannot see any waveform at the oscillator's pins (10MHz XTAL and 33pF caps are OK). I would say the internal oscillator is not set for external xtal...   Anyone got a similar problem starting from blank PICs?   Thank you,   Walter