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  1. openMaster Masterkeyboard

    openMaster Masterkeyboard Today, i start the development of the openMaster master keyboard. It should be a kind of clone of the "openLabs Neko". Let's bring up some features: 61-key master keyboard computer with an VST host 64 pots (MIDI controller) 16 faders (MIDI controller) built-in hardware sequencer and an audio interface for high quality output If you want to see more of it, stay tuned 
  2. For the longest time I have used step rec to create all my sequences but just hooked up a keyboard to do real time rec and wow what a difference not sure why I have been doing step rec...   Thing that seems weird or maybe I do not have the right parameters set is the following for a 16 step sequence...   I will enter my notes to record but they do not play real time instead they play after the 16 steps have cycled thru after the initial note input...    Any ideas or where to look in the manual?   Thx...   bri.