Standalone Filter Box using seppomans SSM 2044 PCB

By maniac in Design Concepts,
Some time ago I bought Seppemans DUAL ssm2044 PCB. Originally I wanted to connect them to mb6502, but in the meantime I made a sammichSID, and I'm very happy with it. Therefore, I thought of possibility of creating a standalone filterbox utilizing SSM filter. I would like to use it connected to simple monophonic synth, but of course it could be used in many other ways. Features that I would like to achieve: - envelopes triggered by midi (Note ON) - midi syncable LFO - extensive modulation matrix - stereo operation (optional 2 x mono mode may be also useful) - simple step sequencer It seems to me, that the easiest way to create such a filter is to use midiboxSID or midiboxFM application. As far as I understand I can use SID synthesis engine as a source of envelope generators, LFO and modulation matrix, but i have some questions: 1. Is it possible to run midibox SID application without connecting SID PCB to the core (using only core8, AOUT-NG DINX2 and SSM PCB) ? 2. Is it very hard to customize SID app to hide SID functionality (LCD menus etc.)? 3. Is there any way of connection AOUT-NG to sammichSID as a temporary solution ? 4. What is the time horizon of transfering SID application to a newer platform (LPC17) ? I will be grateful for information, Przemek
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