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  1. Witaj,

    chc? te? swojego plugiatora ASX zrobi? standalone; jakie on potrzebuje zasilanie?

    z twoich fotek widz? jak je pod??czy?;



  2. Quad Sid for sale.

    PM send :)
  3. The CHIPTUNE Thread!

    it is not a pure chiptune, but I really like it (like all the songs by Lukash):  
  4. MIOS Studio 2 released

    Hi, I do not know how it happened, but I missed the fact, thah MIOS Studio has implemented liblarian functionality. It would be great if you could also add a novation nova / supernova synth - unfortunately midi implementation of this synth was never documented, but there are java classes in jsynthlib, so this should not be difficult to make it.   I also have many ideas how you can to improve liblarian, but I realize that this is not the main functionality of the MIOS Studio, so I will not pollute the thread.   Regards, Przemek
  5. JSIDPlay2 - new (?) java based SID player

    Thanks, it works ! :frantics:
  6. Today I found SID player works, which previously did not know and decided to share with You: This player provides a convenient preview of what is happening in the SID registers, which may be useful for patch creating. Player is written in java, so it should be possible to adapt it to play SID tunes on MidiBox (I may be wrong, but I didnt find any way to play SIDS on midibox on Win7 64bit :( ). Regards, Przemek
  7. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    It is possible to use MB SEQ if someone needs advanced sequencer :) Best Regards, Przemek
  8. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    PS. Analog potentiometers to adjust cutoff and resonance may be vary usefull with filter.
  9. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Wow, this is really great news, I have to get on with soldering LPC17 :) Unfortunately I have no experience with modular synthesizers, so it is hard for me to refer your question about controll surface. The only thing that immediately comes to mind, is that full-controll surface may have modulation matrix similar to midibox SID. In the display mode led bars of the matrix may show output CV values (not shure if it will be usefull, but will look impressive ;)) Thinking about an external filter, I was planing a very simple interface (You called it a simple solution). Additionally, I thought about adding 'tap tempo' and 'manual envelope trigger' buttons, but I did not know how to implement it. Also envelope follower would be nice feature, but it requires additional hardware rather then software. Now i think I will build full MB CV V2, because it is future-proof solution. It will be possible to create simple synthesizer by adding only VCO + VCF ! Other features that I think may be useful: - Option to use 8 stage envelopes in Casio CZ style (possibly a lot of work) - Possibility of using a note/ CV value table instead of output curve - some SEQ V4 features (eg Note / LFO FX) - glide option - using all 8 CV outputs to controll polyphonic synth Best Regards, Przemek
  10. Some time ago I bought Seppemans DUAL ssm2044 PCB. Originally I wanted to connect them to mb6502, but in the meantime I made a sammichSID, and I'm very happy with it. Therefore, I thought of possibility of creating a standalone filterbox utilizing SSM filter. I would like to use it connected to simple monophonic synth, but of course it could be used in many other ways. Features that I would like to achieve: - envelopes triggered by midi (Note ON) - midi syncable LFO - extensive modulation matrix - stereo operation (optional 2 x mono mode may be also useful) - simple step sequencer It seems to me, that the easiest way to create such a filter is to use midiboxSID or midiboxFM application. As far as I understand I can use SID synthesis engine as a source of envelope generators, LFO and modulation matrix, but i have some questions: 1. Is it possible to run midibox SID application without connecting SID PCB to the core (using only core8, AOUT-NG DINX2 and SSM PCB) ? 2. Is it very hard to customize SID app to hide SID functionality (LCD menus etc.)? 3. Is there any way of connection AOUT-NG to sammichSID as a temporary solution ? 4. What is the time horizon of transfering SID application to a newer platform (LPC17) ? I will be grateful for information, Przemek
  11. gm5x5x5 - failure ?

    A strange thing, which I can not explain, but my midi interface works again ... almost OK. I did not changed anything, but today it just turned on the computer and all midi inputs and outputs started to operate properly (yesterday I did a few reboots, which did not help). This is good news. The bad news is that there are still serious problems with timing on drum tracks. I did a quick test and connected synthesizer to midi output of my Virus instead of gm5 output and there was no timing problem. So this problem must be connected with gm5 hardware, drivers, windows OS or cubase software. Tomorrow I'm going to try connecting gm5 to different USB sockets and another computer. Still I have no idea what may be the cause, but I have few questions: 1. What is the latest version of gm5 drivers (I have version 1.0.10 from 11/26/2009) ? 2. I did not built my gm5, but bought one second hand on flamemarket. My gm5x5x5 has installed eeprom (IC2) and I'm wonder if there is any way to check eeprom software version without eeprom reader ? Regards, Przemek
  12. gm5x5x5 - failure ?

    Yes, tomorrow I will take a laptop from my work and do the test. I will let You know the result. Regards, Przemek
  13. Hi, I have used gm5x5x5 more then year without problems. Todey something changed: - midi channel one 100% OK - midi channel two is working, but sometimes I may notice timing problems - midi channel three, four, five - not working (in fact sometimes it is possible to play one note, but on random channel and pitch) I didn't do any hardware or software changes, just switched on computer and noticed the failure. I'm using Windows7 64bit, all midi channels are visible in system. Do You have any suggestions what to do ? Regards, Przemek
  14. ASX based MidiBox Synth Project

    This connectors are also available in tme shop - there is also french language version, so they should send items to France :) Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.
  15. PLugiator ASX power connector

    From the album Maniac

    Could not find valid connector - here is temporary sollution