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Goom synthesizer build on NUCLEO-F411RE


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I understand there is a build of the Goom synthesizer for the MBHP_CORE_STM32F4  that was put together a while ago by TK at the request of tffshtt.   I'm wondering if anyone would have any insight as to how I can get this onto my Nucleo-F411RE?

I'm am fairly new to this sort of thing, with limited experience related to Arduino boards so far.   

I've tried uploading the mios32 bootloader via the ST-LINK utility, but have not been able to connect to the Nulceo via MIOS Studio.  I am able to upload the project.hex for the compiled Goom release via ST- LINK  but as my board has no peripherals, I have no clue where to build midi input, or audio output circuits to potentially interact with the program and see if it is functioning.

Your help and patience is very much appreciated,


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Welcome Andre :)

 I'm afraid you won't be able to use the Midibox code with the F411 board, it's not supported. Your best bet is to just get a STM32F4 Discovery board. You will save yourself a lot of problems, as the F411 is a less advanced chip that lacks features that are used on the F407. The MIOS libs that support the Goom port are specific to the F407 and will not run on the F411. Nothing short of rewriting the MIOS package will be required. From my point of view, the manhours need to port to a different board far outweighs the $25 for a Discovery board.


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